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I have a woman come round once a week to tidy up. But mostly I do as much as I can.

Housework is BORING to say the least. So, to make it as pleasurable as possible, I am fitting my bedroom door with the magnetic lock. My normal clothes and keys to any locks will be in my bedroom.

I will be gagged with a short (3 inches) pipe sticking through a female latex mask. The pipe will be impossible to push out as it has a large part (a washing machine pipe) that fits between my lips and teeth. Tape will hold it in place and the mask will ensure I can't push the pipe out by pressing the tape onto my face. I have trouble getting plasters and duct tape sticking to me.

I thought of wearing my work dress with a chain for a belt, and my hands chained to that chain, or get a denim miniskirt and chain my hands to the belt loops and the chain used for the belt. All scissors and knives will be in my bedroom. Once the door is shut, I'm there until the timer releases the magnet. It might be fun to just have short opening periods to make me keep trying until I find when the lock is released. The only way I could open it is by tripping the consumer unit circuit breakers and as I won't be able to reach them...… :shock:

Have you any ideas.? Maybe a 10 inch chain between my ankles perhaps. With a chain from the middle of that to my wrists.

But in the meantime, I'd have to do the housework. I will put everything in the lounge and then have to put them back into the larder. I would have to use a 3 step ladder to get to the upper shelves in the larder.
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