A gap year.

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A gap year.

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Traci and Gemma were studying at College when one day they spoke about having a gap year and working their way around the UK.

So they sorted things out and on the day, left for Gatwick where they got a job in a café and a reasonable rent to pay for their flat. But it didn’t give them much money left to go out and enjoy themselves. So for a laugh they decided to try the escape challenge. One would tie the other up and she would have to escape in a certain time. Both thought it would be a laugh so Traci went out to buy some rope.

It was the first time Traci had been tied up but for Gemma, it aroused old sensations. Once Traci had her hands tied behind her back and her feet tied together, she was at Gemma’s mercy. Gemma sat there drinking wine laughing at Traci’s attempts to escape. Traci had cot counted for the crotch rope. Although her jeans softened the sensation on her body, it still put pressure on it and soon Traci was starting to get a wonderful feeling because of it. However, she was not able to have an orgasm as the rope was not putting enough pressure on her pussy.

Soon Traci started to moan. Gemma realised what was happening. Traci asked if Gemma would release her so she could finish the job off. Gemma looked at her and said sharply, “Slave, you have no right to speak unless spoken to. I don’t what to hear more from you”. With that she scrunched up a handkerchief and shoved it in Traci’s mouth before wrapping a bandage round her head to hold the hanky in place. All Traci could do now is murmur. Gemma laughed and said she was going out for more wine. Traci watched as Gemma left.

With all her struggling, Traci was no further towards escaping when Gemma got back. “My oh my; you must love being incapacitated. I would have thought you would be free by now”. Gemma turned the TV on and watched her favourite program completely ignoring Traci.

After Traci had been stuck for three hours, she needed to use the toilet so Gemma released her and when Traci had relieved herself, she gave her some wine. Gemma asked if Traci enjoyed it. Traci admitted she did, but it would have been better had she had an orgasm.

“Next time, I tie you, you will be naked. That way you will be too exhausted to argue with me” Gemma explained. Traci said she was looking forward to it.

Saturday night found Gemma naked, bound hand and foot on the bed. Traci stripped off and lay on the bed with her. She pulled Gemma to her side so they were facing each other. Traci began kissing Gemma on her nose. Gradually she worked around her face and even very gently nibbled her ear.

Once her Traci had kissed Gemma all over the head, she moved to Gemma’s neck. From there to the breasts and then slowly moving down, until after an hour Traci was sucking Gemma’s toes. Gemma loved it and it showed, so Traci stopped it and stared to tickle the soles of her feet. Gemma was kicking like a pony to stop her. Traci had to gag her to stop anyone hearing them.

Traci grabbed the crotch rope behind Gemma and tugged it hard. Gemma let out a sharp deep breathe. So Traci let go of the rope and tugged it at the front. Gemma took a long deep breathe. Traci could see where this was going so she stopped it. Gemma started to plead to be released, but Traci said she would have to wait until she was in the mood. After an hour Traci started to finger Gemma and Gemma screamed into the gag as she had a violent orgasm. Once Gemma settled down Traci untied her. But now the seeds had been sewn that they would have to tie each other up and be really rotten to each other. So, not only did they have to tie each other up, they had to improve it by given the captive something to think about. They would have to take all week to think about what to do to each other.

Soon they had to move on. They came to Basingstoke where they got a job in a hotel as a couple of maids. It was only because a couple of staff were off sick that they found the jobs. However, instead of being paid, they would get food and lodging free. In the evenings, they worked in the bar and got quite a few tips which gave them spending money. They were enjoying it when they were told the proper staff were coming back Monday so the following Sunday would be their last night. The girls were saddened, but decided to have a great night with Traci being tied up. Without hesitation, Traci stripped off.

Gemma told Traci to get on the bed and spread her arms and legs out. It did not take long for Gemma to do her work and Traci found herself immobilised and vulnerable to Gemma’s advances. Gemma slipped a plastic sheet under Traci to stop the bed “getting wet t” she said. Traci opened her mouth to accept the ball gag. Now she was unable to make anyone outside of the room from hearing her. Gemma told her she was going to the bar for a few hours and Traci should enjoy herself, but before she went, she closed her lips around Traci’s nipples and sucked. Every so often she would flick the nipples with her tongue. Tracie let out soft moans of pleasure. That’s when Gemma left Traci trying to pull the ropes undone. “If you think I’m going to untie you, forget it. You have to figure a way out yourself”.

Traci watched in horror as Gemma left the room, leaving her there to try to escape. However, Gemma had made too good a job of it. The ropes had not given one inch.

Down in the bar, Gemma was scheming. They had agreed to be horrible to each other and there were no limits so she had to think. Leaving her for a few hours was not going to be horrible enough. She asked the receptionist for some paper, an envelope and a pen. A wicked thought had come into her head. Having met with some of their friends, Gemma said what she intended to do which gave all the girls a laugh. Traci is a size ten. She will be needing clothes, can anyone get a size eight uniform dress. One girl said she had one spare. Gemma thanked her.

She asked the receptionist if there was any work going in nearby towns. The receptionist phoned up and handed Gemma the phone. There was a vacancy for two girls for a week in a pub. One could start straight away and the other would start two days later. Gemma was happy with that, got the address and wrote it down.

When she got back upstairs Traci was still spread-eagle on the bed but fast asleep. She decided not to leave the address but would run out early only leaving clues to where she would be.

“If you have been to a wedding, you need to look for descent bedding, for the direction you should take, it’s North you should be heading. But this animal is no longer red; the sign is from times of olden”

Then she decided to go there and then. Although it was late, she could be there by 11.30 that night. She left the clues in the envelope, packed her clothes and then Traci’s as well and took the lot with her. She put the “Do not disturb” sign on the door and closed it quietly behind her telling the receptionist she would be back to pick up Traci in an hour when she was ready. However, Gemma had no intention of returning and handed the key to the receptionist. She was lucky as someone was going her way and gave her a lift. She was there by 11.00 p.m. and got the job and the room ready for when Traci turned up.
At 5, Traci woke up and found she was alone. The light came through the window and grew brighter by the minute. Eventually the door opened and one of the cleaners came into the room. It was now midday. She grinned as she saw Traci and told her Gemma had checked out. Traci had a quick shower and then realised all her clothes had gone.

After a few minutes the other cleaners joined her and sorted out a cleaners’ uniform dress for her. As she stepped into it, she noticed how cold it was. She pulled the zip up and found it to be tight, but that was better than nothing. Her nipples reacted to the cold material and stuck out like organ stops.

It was obvious and wasn’t wearing any underwear, but she had to suffer it. She would get even with Gemma in a horrible way. She opened the envelope and between her and the cleaners, they worked out she had to go to the Golden Lion, Reading.
However, poor Traci had no money and had to thumb a lift. She did get some lifts. It took three lifts to get there, but they were only from men. Women didn’t want to know. “So much for us girls sticking together” she thought. Obviously the men realised she was commando under the tight uniform dress, but so did the women. That’s why they would not stop and hear her tell them the story of how her clothes had been stolen.

When she confronted Gemma, Gemma just grinned. “I’ll get even if it kills me” Traci told her. Traci had to outdo Gemma for this one. That night, Gemma was bound and gagged and left in the bath. Just when Gemma got used to the cold water, Traci filled it with ice cubes. Gemma screamed against the gag. Traci laughed but told her she was staying there for the night. A half hour later, Traci pulled Gemma out of the bath and got a rough towel. She paid attention to the important places and could see Gemma loved it. She purred with contentment as the warmth from the rubbing of the towel spread through her body. That’s when she got a wet towel slapped hard on her bum. Gemma jumped and Traci grinned. “Want more of that?” Gemma shook her head no.

The week went by with one or the other being tied up. The one Traci didn’t like was when she was wearing a pair of short shorts and was cling film taped to the post in the bar. Duct tape over that held her fast. All the customers laughed at her predicament, but no one helped the poor damsel in distress. It was arranged for that night as it was a quiet night. Well, it would have been, but once the customers saw the entertainment, they were straight on the phone and the pub soon filled up.
The landlord was worried that they could not cope, but the staff on duty, including Traci, managed to keep the customers
happy. They took more money that night than on their normal busy nights. He asked if the girls would like a full time job there but on certain night’s one or the other would be taped to the post. The girls said they did not want it and they would leave in a couple of days.

Traci saw the landlord and told him of her plans. She had found a farm that required help near Oxford. She would tape Gemma to the bar at dinner time and go on her way leaving Gemma to escape and find her. The landlord agreed. That dinner time, Traci said to Gemma that she should put her bikini on to see how many customers came in to see her. It was the least she could do to repay the landlord. Gemma agreed to do it but found herself taped to the post. Struggle as she might, she was stuck. As all the men came in they said they loved the new ornament. There were a few girls who agreed with them. One even asked if they would do it to her as well.

Traci went shopping in the meantime and in a charity shop found a tennis dress one size smaller than Gemma size. She had to get it. She washed and dried it in a launderette and took it back carefully folded up in a bag so Gemma did not see it. Traci was surprised to see Gemma still stick to the post. But there was a lot of money shoved into her bra and briefs. Traci said she would take that. Apparently a firm had won a contract so the boss took all the staff out for a pub lunch.

Gemma was released by Traci only one condition that she would allow her to tie her up again I their bedroom as it was Gemma’s day of bondage. Up in their room, Traci old Gemma to remove the bikini and promptly hogtied her. Gemma could not scream through the gag that Traci had tied in a cleave gag but with a huge knot in Gemma’s mouth. She left the address of that farm on a piece of paper and packed all their clothes, Gemma’s included, and went to say goodbye. Gemma grunted and screamed through her gag, but Traci just smiled and left.

Traci found the address of the farm and knocked on the door. A woman answered it and invited her in. Traci explained how Gemma would be joining them the next day. “You are in time for dinner. Would you care for some?” Traci said she would love it. Traci told the woman about their escapades and the woman laughed. “By the way, my name is Jessica. Call me Jess” Traci smiled and finished her dinner. A couple of glasses of wine to finish it off and Jessica showed her the room her and Gemma would be sharing. A short time later, Traci started to feel tired so Jess told her to go and lie down. Traci went up to her room, laid on the bed and fell fast asleep.

Then Jess got to work stripping Traci off. The drug worked quicker than she thought. Still, Traci was well out of it. Jess worked quickly and dragged her body to the barn outside. It took all her strength and she was praying Traci didn’t wake up. All in all, twenty minutes went by before Traci was laid in a mattress in a box. Jess strapped her hands and feet to the sides of the box. Then she left her, exposed to anyone who came in. Jess left a wireless baby alarm with Traci and sat in her lounge. An hour later, Traci screaming told her that Traci had woken up. Jess went out to the barn and shoved a gag in her mouth strapping it tightly behind her head. The gag had a small tube that went into her mouth with a flange that fitted inside her lips. The strap was enlarged to cover her chin and up to the sides of her nose. Straps went over the top of her head which Jess adjusted to make them fit tightly. The tube from her mouth went just through the hole in the gag by a half inch. Traci glared at her with fiery eyes.

“That’s better, now you will be quiet. Your friend Gemma is coming tomorrow. I hope you are looking forward to seeing her”
Traci thought that somehow Gemma had escaped and told the pub and they had phoned up and arranged for Traci to be kidnapped. Still, tomorrow she will be released.

Jess picked up the lid of the box and lowered it onto Traci’s box. She could see the look of horror on Traci’s face. “It’s only for tonight. Just to make sure you stay here. But there is something I forgot’ With that she put the lid down and went off returning with a disposable nappy. Traci felt ashamed as she put it around her body. “Just in case you wet yourself”

Finally she picked up the lid. “There are plenty of air holes in the box so you won’t suffocate” The lid had a few holes in it as well. But Traci was horrified and the lid came down covering her up and she heard the screwdriver tightening the screws up. Struggle as she might. Escape was impossible. The only thing that kept her sane that she knew Gemma would be there tomorrow to rescue her.

The next day the cleaners found Gemma and untied her, but she was stiff with being tied up all night in that position. It took her quite a bit of time in the bath to soak her aches away. It wasn’t until an hour later that she found all she had to wear was the short tennis dress with no bra or panties. Of course the landlord told his staff not to help her out. There was a fair breeze blowing when she stepped outside of the pub. The dress was often lifted revealing her bum and she spent a lot of time holding it down. All the pub staff were laughing as she walked away.

Gemma was aware how windy it was and had to spend a lot of time holding the light flared skirt part of the dress down. Lots of motorists blew their hooters when the wind caught her unaware and revealed her naked bum. Gemma was going red with embarrassment.

Eventually some woman took pity on her and stopped to ask what was going on. Gemma explained she had been robbed and only let with this dress. The woman asked where she was going and Gemma told her. “I’m going there, hop in and I’ll drop you off.” Gemma climbed into the car and told the woman she was grateful.

30 minutes later, they were at the address and the woman told her that is where she lived. “I’m Jessica. Please call me Jess. Your friend told me you were coming but had to nip into town to buy something” She invited Gemma to have some lunch which Gemma ate heartily and drank a glass of sherry to wash it down. Twenty minutes later and Gemma was feeling drowsy. Jess told her to go to their bedroom and have a lie down. “It must have been all that walking” Gemma soon fell fast asleep. In the meantime, Jess took the lid off of Traci’s box. Traci had wet herself, so Jess washed her and cleaned her up leaving her there naked trying to talk. Then she went back for Gemma.

Jess got busy and deftly removed the tennis dress. She rolled Gemma onto her stomach and strapped her hands to her thighs. A small chain between the two thigh straps prevented the wrists from being moved around to allow the straps to be undone. Jess then used manacles on Gemma’s ankles to allow a ten inch step.

Finally as Gemma started to come round an hour later, Jess shoved a bit gag in her mouth. “Finally awake; well, it’s time to meet your friend.” She pulled Gemma to her feet and ordered her to start walking. Gemma refused so jess smacked her bum. Gemma still refused so jess showed her the cattle prod. “That’s one advantage of living in a farm. You can legally buy these shock machines without arousing suspicion”. Gemma started to walk slowly thanks to the manacles around her ankle. At the top of the stairs, Jess realised Gemma would not be able to get down them so she got a chain, locked it around Gemma’s neck and left a yard of chain hanging down behind her back. Then she removed the ankle chains but before Gemma could react, Jess had grabbed the chain and gave it a sharp tug. Gemma stopped dead.

“You forget Gemma that I only have to touch the chain with the cattle prod and you would get the shock through your body” Gemma walked slowly so she did not upset jess. They walked into the barn where Gemma saw Traci lying there.

“Your rescuer is her Traci. Like you, she is my slave. Now who is going to recue you two? No one I think.” She ordered Gemma to step into the other box. Undoing one thigh strap, she strapped the free wrist to the side of the box. Then she fastened her ankle before repeating the operation on the other side. Finally Jess removed the chain from Gemma’s neck.

Jess left them there try to talk to each other in a language that no one would be able to understand thanks to the gags. Soon she returned with a glass of wine in her hand and stood there looking at them.

“Now what do I do with you two. You look so sweet lying there side by side but unable to see each other. Still I suppose that is comforting for you both. Now do I turn you into sex slaves? I can get sixty men a day here to service you. Oh, I know you are lesbians, but I’m not worried about that. Just imagine some man’s hot throbbing cock inside you sliding backwards and forwards. It’s making me damp thinking about it. If I charge fifty pounds a time, I make three hundred a day. A fare profit but I have to provide food and drink for you both. Or do I auction you both off on line to a brothel? I would start at one thousand and I dare say that as you are both beautiful I could get a thousand for each of you, if not two thousand. That makes an interesting choice. Then again, I think you two would make lovely ponies and you could pull my cart around the farm. I have got the cart and the straps I need, but I would have to get you some boots of course. I love the thought of that. Me in the cart watching your bottoms bobbing up and down in unison as you make the required high steps. Whipping them when you fail to respond to my commands. Then again, I could do with a couple of Rottweilers. It means strapping your wrists to your upper arms and your ankles to your thighs. I can get come covers for them to make them look lik dog paws. A nice doggy mask would complete it with a fake tail covering your anus up. That would have to remain clear in case I find a dog that need servicing. I can cover you in a bitch in heat scent to help him. A nice shock collar toy stop you from talking. You would only be allowed to woof of course. I could lead you around the farm on leads for company, but after a while, your limbs will be stuck like that so I could remove the straps and put the covers back”

Jess took a swig of her wine and watched as the two girls lay there wide eyed at the horror that they had found themselves in. Jess carried on talking, “I’m glad I found you together as last time one girl was in the box for a month until I captured a second one. I sold them off to an Arab who shipped them out as a delight for his guests. I’ll have to screw the lids on the boxes later”
Jess laughed as the girls shook in fear. Jess left them again but returned with some sacks. She put the down. “Okay girls you have had your fun. It’s time up for you”. The girls screamed against their gags until Jess laughed and told them it was time to untie them. She told them there were some clothes in the sacks for them.

Clothes there were, but they consisted of T-shirts, satin shorts and G-stings. By the time they got them on, they realised how tight they were. Sitting in Jess’s dining room they were treated to a luxurious dinner. Jess told them the first hotel had phone along and the manager was her brother, as was the landlord of the pub. “Once we found out what you two were up to, we decided upon this plan to give you a treat. No harm done I hope?”

The girls agreed now they knew it was just a harmless joke, they calmed down. But at the time, they really thought she meant it. Jess said she needed help on the farm. If they would like to stay and help she would put them up and pay them. The girls told her they had no old clothes to wear. Jess said they were wearing them. Gemma and Traci looked at each other and agreed to stay on conditions. “What conditions are they?” Jess asked.

Traci answered, “One that you wear the same as us and two, you let us tie you up” Jess responded by holding her hands out together. All three laughed. That summer was to be the best break they could have had.
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