Nicole and Rachel credited to Achast DeviantArt

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Nicole and Rachel credited to Achast DeviantArt

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It was not more than three minutes past 6:30, when 16-year-old Nicole Green went downstairs to go get breakfast. Her mother was already down in the kitchen fixing her own breakfast. That wasn't surprising. Both mother and daughter were morning people by nature, and despite the summer break, were up before 7 AM most mornings.

"Nicole," Nicole's mother said, as the teenage girl got out the milk and cereal to make her own breakfast. "I was wondering if you noticed yesterday, someone's finally moved into the house on the street."

Nicole had. About two months ago, the "For-Sale" sign on the house had been replaced with one saying "Sold", but nobody had moved in, and the house had remained empty since the old owners had moved out.

However, yesterday, a moving van had stopped in front of the house. Nicole has seen the movers unloading boxes as she was walking down to the community pool that morning.

"Edith went and visited yesterday." Nicole's mother said, "She says they're a nice family called the Morgan's. They've got a girl about your age."

"Oh, so that's what this is all about." Nicole thought to herself.

A couple months ago, before school had let out for the summer, Nicole's best friend, Samantha, had moved away. Nicole was shy and had always had trouble making friends. She'd had a couple other, sort-of-friends, but with the summer vacation started, they hadn't stayed in touch.
Nicole's mom had, none too subtly, been trying to play matchmaker and get her daughter to make some new friends, but without any success.

"I was thinking of going over there this morning myself…" Nicole's mom continued, unaware of what her daughter was thinking. "I was wondering if you'd like to come along."
Nicole sighed, silently. Though she'd never admit it, Nicole was actually sort of glad of her mother's matchmaking. She was far too shy to ever make any friends, at least not without someone giving her a shove.

"Well..." Nicole began. "I didn't have anything planned today…" She shrugged. "Why not? I'll come along."

After finishing breakfast, and getting dressed, the two walked over to the Morgan's new house. It was still morning and was cool; it hadn't yet reached the baking temperatures it got to in the summertime.

The Morgan's daughter, the middle daughter actually, it turned out, was an energetic girl named Rachel, with fiery red hair cut short. Nicole's shyness turned out to be less a problem than she'd thought, as Rachel was open and outgoing enough for the both of them, striking up a conversation the minute they'd been introduced.

The two girls went up to the room Rachel shared with her older sister, home for the break from college. It was empty save for a pair of beds, an empty bookshelf and half a dozen, so far unopened, boxes. Nicole found herself opening up to the new girl, and pretty soon they were talking freely.

Nicole discovered she and Rachel actually shared quite a few likes and dislikes. They listen to similar music, read the same books, and they both like to draw the spare time.

By the time the two parents had finished with their visit, and Nicole had to leave; if she and Rachel weren't friends, then they were already on the fast track to becoming that. Before parting, they made plans to meet again tomorrow at Nicole's house.

There was however, one thing Nicole didn't tell Rachel, something she hadn't told her best friend Samantha, or any of her friends for that matter.

Nicole didn't know when she'd first realized she was into bondage. For as long as she could remember, Nicole had been excited by, even the simply at the idea of being tied up; being made into a helpless captive and put into some horrible peril.

In a binder hidden in her desk, Nicole had sketched countless drawings and written numerous short stories with girls, who in no way resembled her of course, getting tied up and menaced by the bad guys, escape, or rescue coming only at the very end.

In addition to this, Nicole had occasionally tried tying herself up in various ways, with varying degrees of success. The problem was, with every self-bondage tie she used, Nicole always knew that release was as simple as a twist of rope or a knife place nearby.

It was one thing to tie yourself up and pretend to be kidnapped by masked men for some unknown, nefarious purpose, trying desperately to get free before they returned for you, when all along, you knew you were just playing in your room and could get free any moment you chose.

It would be something else entirely, Nicole thought, to be completely helpless, a prisoner, totally dependent on another person, begging for release that might not come anytime soon, if ever.
Nicole had wondered if she should try and tell this to Rachel. She hoped that her new friend might understand, might even share Nicole's strange joy, but fear held her back. She didn't want her friend to think she was weird, to leave just when they'd become friends.

Then, something strange happened…

It was about a week after they'd first met and Nicole was over at Rachel's house again. Rachel led Nicole upstairs to her room. "Have fun!" Rachel's mom called from the living room where she was reading a book, as the two teenagers passed by her.

The two had to step over a couple of boxes to get in Rachel's room. The Morgan's still hadn't finished unpacking. Never-the-less, Rachel's room was better furnished then the first time Nicole had seen it; the shelf was full of books, a few posters adorned the walls which had a fresh coat of bright paint.

"So," Nicole said, sitting back in a comfortable chair in one corner of the room. "What do you want to do today?"

Rachel, sitting on the bed, glanced back towards the door, conspiritally. "I've got an idea for a game we could play." Rachel paused, enjoying Nicole's look of curiosity and confusion. "One of us will tie the other up. If the she can't get free in time, then she has to do whatever the winner tells her to do. But if she can get loose, she gets to tie the other girl up. And we go until one of us can't escape."

Nicole felt her heart skip a beat. "Act natural." Nicole thought to herself. "This doesn't necessarily mean anything. It could just be an innocent game.

"So, who gets tied up first?" Nicole asked, hoping she didn't sound nearly as eager as she really was.

"We'll flip a coin." Rachel said.

"Well…ok." Nicole said. Rachel grinned and walked over to one of the cardboard boxes still scattered around the house. She opened it. From inside, to Nicole's surprise, Rachel pulled out a couple lengths of rope, all neatly coiled up. Before Nicole could ask why her friend had a box full of rope, and more importantly, why she had it where she could easily get at it; Rachel pulled out a coin and flipped it, crying "Call it!"

"Heads!" Nicole said without thinking, watching the coin arc through the air. The coin landed; tails.

Rachel grinned evilly, and picked up a coil of rope. "Stand up, then turn around and cross your hands behind your back." The way she said that made Nicole think she had done this before.
Nicole grinned as well, turning to present her hands for tying. A familiar tingle ran through her as Rachel began binding her wrists. She hoped her captor didn't notice just how excited she was.

Rachel knotted the rope now binding her friend's hands. Nicole flexed her wrists, trying her bonds out. Nicole suddenly realized Rachel was good at this. Very good at this, actually. The rope had been pulled snugly against her wrists, not tight enough that it hurt, but secure enough to let Nicole know for a fact, she wasn't going anywhere soon.

With her captive's hands bound, Rachel moved up, wrapping a coil of rope around Nicole's chest, running above and below her breasts, pinning Nicole's already bound arms to her sides. Again, the rope was pulled snuggly across Nicole's chest, each knot pulled tight and secure.
"You're pretty good at this." Nicole commented, off-handedly. Rachel was too good at this for this to be a coincidence.

"Really…" Rachel said. Nicole thought she could detect the slightest of hesitations. "What gave you that idea?"

Nicole shrugged, at least as best she could with her arms secured. When Rachel had propped tying her up, Nicole had figured Rachel meant a bandana or maybe some tape used to tie her hands behind her back in a granny knot. Maybe a blindfold if she was feeling creative.

Instead, Rachel had a supply of good rope, ready on hand when she'd made the suggestion, and she'd shown she knew how to use it. Nicole wondered what other surprises her friend had in store for her.

Instead of saying all that though, Nicole shrugged. "I don't know. You seem like you've done this before."

Rachel chuckled to herself. "Me and my sisters used to tie each other up all the time. Then, my older sister went to college and my younger sister doesn't want to play to often anymore." She said with a laugh.

"I can see why…" Nicole. "Interesting." She thought to herself.

Rachel had Nicole get up and lie on the bed so she could tie Nicole's ankles, then her knees. When she was done, Rachel stood back to admire her handiwork. On the bed, Nicole struggled to roll over and sit up. She didn't think she'd ever been tied up as tight as this. A thrill of excitement rushed through her as she realized she couldn't get free. She was totally at the mercy of her friend.

"Well?" Nicole asked. "Aren't you going to finish?" When Rachel looked puzzled, Nicole continued. "You haven't gagged or blindfolded me."

Now it was Rachel's turn to glance at Nicole confusedly. "Are you sure?" Rachel asked, hesitantly. When Nicole nodded, a huge grin spread across Rachel's face. At that moment, both girls recognized the common interest they both shared, though neither of them had ever said anything, not directly, at least.

Rachel went back to her box and produced a couple of bandanas. She took one and folded it into a long, narrow band and knotted it in the middle. Rachel stepped up behind her captive.
Nicole opened her mouth to accept her gag. A shiver ran through her as Rachel slipped the knot between the girl's teeth and tied the free ends off tightly behind the girls head. Now Nicole couldn't even beg for mercy. Her bondage was complete.

"Let's test your gag, shall we?" Rachel said, from behind Nicole. She reached under Nicole's bound arms to begin tickling Nicole's sides.

Gag-muffled laughter spilled out of Nicole. Bound as she was, she couldn't escape Rachel's attack. The teenage girl was helpless under the expert fingers of her friend. In seconds, Nicole was rolling with laughter, squirming in her bonds on the bed, face red, tears streaming down.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Rachel's mom! Before Nicole could struggle to sit up, Rachel rolled her over the side of the bed.

Fortunately, the carpet was thick and soft, and the bed was low enough Nicole wasn't hurt and her fall didn't make a thump. Nicole was about to sit up, when she heard the door open. Lying beside the bed, with it between her and the door, Nicole was hidden from view.

She lay down flat on the ground and was as still and quiet as she could be. Her face flushed red with embarrassment at the thought of Rachel's mother finding her a trussed up captive in her daughter's room.

"Hi mom!" Nicole heard Rachel say.

"Hi dear," her mom said. "Is Nicole around here? I thought I heard you two talking."

"No," Rachel lied. "I think she just went to the bathroom a second ago." Nicole suppressed a groan. Despite her other skills, it was evident Rachel was a terrible liar.

Amazingly, Rachel's mother seemed to buy it. "Ok," She said. "Well if you see her, could you tell Nicole her mom just called, asking her to come home as soon as she can."

"Ok, mom." Rachel said. Nicole heard the door color.

Rachel got down beside Nicole and helped her sit up. "Sorry about that." Rachel apologized. "Mom doesn't like it when I tie up guests. Are you ok?"

Nicole nodded.

"I think she probably realized you were back there." Rachel said, as she began to untie her friend. "She must have figured I found some way of conning you into letting me truss you up and was polite enough to try and not embarrass you by finding you like that."

Nicole felt her face flush bright scarlet. Rachel giggled seeing her friend's embarrassment. She finished untying Nicole's hands and moved down to her legs. "A pity we didn't have time to finish our game. You'd never have gotten free…"

"Well, we'll just have to do this again sometime, when we've got more time." Nicole said, standing up. Both girls grinned. At that moment, they were the best of friends.

"Well, my mom and sisters will be gone this Saturday; we'll have the whole house to ourselves…" Rachel said.

Nicole agreed. "Sounds like fun…"
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