My first night with man from BDSM site

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My first night with man from BDSM site

Unread postby lindaral77 » Wed Feb 17, 2021 3:49 pm

I recently broke up with a guy and was in a depressed mood for a few weeks. A friend advised registering on a dating site. I don't know much about them, so I found a site with an analysis of different sites, and already on his recommendations I chose one. Different men wrote to me on the site, but not everyone suited me because I have fetishes that my partner must like. I corresponded with a sexy brunette for a few days. We met for coffee in a neutral place, and a couple of hours later had sex at his house. I didn't wear underwear for the date. I knew it would end in sex. He wrapped a belt around my neck and, when I was in the dog pose, pulled it over so that I could suffocate. I haven't had such great sex in a long time as I did that night. Today I go on a date with him again. I want to wear a chic latex dress under my coat. As I have said in BDSM dating sites I have bad versed, so here looked. I plan to sign up for a few more from the list to realize my other fantasies. I hope to have sex with several men at the same time soon.
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