The Straitjacket Megathread

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The Straitjacket Megathread

Unread postby JacketMaster » Sun Feb 21, 2021 12:32 pm

Hello! I wanted this to be a thread all about and for fans of straitjackets.

For one reason or another, I love straitjackets. The way they fold and wrap around a girl, how they aren't "hard restraints" that could be uncomfortable like metal cuffs or chains, even rope in some ways, the fantasies you can play out with a woman locked away in a padded cell, they are awesome.

I myself want a canvas jacket, and this one looks to be the perfect one- ... ck=1&frs=1

It's got everything. A main chest loop, twin crotch straps, bicep straps that are connected so they can be tightened, and small loops near the hands so that they can't raise their hands above their heads. Utterly inescapable. It also appeals to my sense of minimalism and form, I don't need a jacket with 50 straps and buckles and rings hanging off it to do it for me, usually less is more. It is- quite possibly- the perfect restraint. I swear this isn't an advertisement, please don't flag me.

Of course, I have no experience with restraints at all. I am a live-at-home college student with little in the way of income for my own place to make as sexy a place for me as possible. I'd like to hear your thoughts on straitjackets, which types seems to work the best for you and what you enjoy about 'em.
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Re: The Straitjacket Megathread

Unread postby Jimdini » Sun Feb 21, 2021 8:07 pm

I own a couple of Straitjackets. One I can use solo and one that requires someone to strap me in.

The one I can use solo is canvas with zip and leather strap and buckle closure at the back, a leather buckle strap on the chest, the arms and crotch straps are secured by offset rings. Once the jacket is on you can, with difficulty, secure the crotch straps with your canvas encumbered hands and secure the straps from the ends of the sleeves together, cross your arms and flip the strap over your head and work this down your back until your arms are crossed on your chest where the front strap is. Next using a chair back I need to manoeuvre the front strap into its buckle and get the tang to engage as tightly as possible. Finally I trap the loose end of the strap holding the sleeves behind my back between a door and its jamb and pull to tighten this as much as I can. Finally I am securely strapped in a strait jacket to struggle happily. To escape you have to work the chest strap free (reverse of tightening) and then try and work your crossed arms up over your shoulders and head (if I have tightened the joining strap to tightly I might need help), and release the crotch straps and straps and zips. ... nline.html

I also have a leather SJ that zips up the back with straps to tighten it and secure the collar this has loops at the sides and two steps at the crotch and a buckling strap on the chest to secure the arms. Once the arms are buckled together you are not getting out , just have to struggle helplessly, getting sweaty, until you collapse exhausted as you hug yourself with your useless arms and hands and surrender yourself to your captor. ... adjustable.
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Re: The Straitjacket Megathread

Unread postby ColonelShuffle » Wed Feb 24, 2021 8:08 pm

I’ve recently been very interested in being bound and gagged in a straight jacket. I’ve got my eye on some from Straightjacket Shop on Etsy. They look both extremely comfortable and restrictive at the same time. They’ve also got sleep sacks and mummification bandages, and I’m getting off track haha
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Re: The Straitjacket Megathread

Unread postby ruru67 » Wed Feb 24, 2021 11:30 pm

JacketMaster wrote:I myself want a canvas jacket, and this one looks to be the perfect one- ... -play-with

I have the earlier version of that same jacket, but all light coloured, more like this one, with the turtle neck option. It's nice - it's not too heavy, but still feels pretty strong. It's well made; there's no sense that anything is going to come apart.

When I got mine, he was using some rather nasty friction sliders for buckles (the sort of thing you'd use on a bag strap to adjust the size), and non-welded D-rings. It looked a lot like the jackets from StraitJacketShop, e.g. this one = if you look carefully at the pics on that listing, you can see the "buckles". They're not nice at all - very hard to tighten, and you have to feed the strap back through the slider and pull tight after positioning, because if you don't, they come loosen very quickly.

I (and presumably others) told Silent Teddy Bear how badly the hardware let the product down, and he's since changed sliders for proper way buckles that you can properly pull tight, and gone to welded D-rings that you actually could suspend from safely. Given those changes, I'd happily recommend his jackets. (And I'd stay away from the StraitJacketShop ones unless they start using better hardware.)
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