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Unread postby Fantazmaster » Thu Jun 10, 2010 1:59 pm

Several years back I was one of several writers that worked with a M-F couple who had a very strong fantasy with both of them being captured and compelled to do things well beyond their normal limits.This writing  project was ongoing for several months and after the story was written,this couple elected to keep it private.

While we collaborators were somewhat disappointed in this story by the couple being kept private,we all pretty much realized our reward was in the fact we had broken a lot of creative ground in developing this story.Indeed we learned quite a bit as this story developed with the theme of "divide and conquer" being one of the more powerful and prominent themes that developed throughout this story.

I mention this story subject as I have,on very rare occasions,seen pictures regarding this captured couple theme.Recently it was brought to my attention by one of my fellow correspondents,that a website has been developed devoted to this theme:
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