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Re: Looking for a Story? *Post Here*

Unread postby weechlo » Wed Nov 14, 2018 10:42 pm


There's this actual story SERIES that I've been looking for forever; I reread it over and over again and then one day it just... wasn't on gagged utopia anymore? I'm hoping someone here knows where I can find it again because it was amazingly well written.

As I recall, the pen name was Dom. It was a four part series, as I recall: The Ride, Wonderland, the Cabin, and Dom, I think? There may have been another one after Dom.

The first one, I think, was listed as non-con and Dom was definitely non-con. The Cabin may have been as well. But the bulk of the story proper was technically consensual between a woman named Alice and a man named Stefan. It was incredible.

If anyone knows where this story went, I would greatly appreciate reading it again.
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Re: Looking for a Story? *Post Here*

Unread postby mrocker » Sun Nov 18, 2018 3:24 am

I found the Mystique story.

https://web.archive.org/web/20100611214 ... 90291.html

mrocker wrote:Hi,

I'm looking for two stories.

1) Man goes on a date with a woman. I think she drugs him. In any case, she kidnaps him so she can make him an involuntary donor for her fertility clinic or sperm bank (or just for sale to women in the city, not sure if there is an actual clinic). She plans to keep him a long term or permanent prisoner. There is a similar story called "the donor" on gagged utopia (I put a link below in case anyone wants it), but that starts with a guy in the hospital and the nurses set it up.

2) Mystique from the X-men gets hired to infiltrate or break into a company to steal something. It is a trap with knockout gas, all a setup by the man who hired her. He wants her as a slave in her blue form and doesn't make her look like anyone else. He has no powers, just a human. I think his normal business is selling sex slaves, but he wants her for himself. Eventually he breaks her. I think there was a sequel where she captures Storm for him.

The donor:
http://www.utopiastories.com/code/show_ ... ecid/13010
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