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by lycratec
02 Jul 2017, 16:56
Forum: Mummification
Topic: Darlex Sleepsack
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Re: Darlex Sleepsack

Hi. I got my Darlex Mummy sack from eBay (UK). It was a chance listing I came across from a Dominatrix. She has got it for a client that changed there mind and it was never used. Got it half price. It was from Winter Fettish in the US. They appear to be the only ones making good quality ones. Some r...
by lycratec
02 Jul 2017, 16:49
Forum: Mummification
Topic: Wish I had done something like this for Halloween...
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Re: Wish I had done something like this for Halloween...

Being wrapped up as a proper mummy at the door for Halloween would be cool.

Great way to scare people when they come to the door.
Could be a good way to cut down on the amount of candy you need to get as most you run off. :)
by lycratec
02 Jul 2017, 16:46
Forum: Mummification
Topic: Zentai/Spandex Bags
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Re: Zentai/Spandex Bags

Hi. From my experience, the Zentai Bags are good from basic self play and fuel your fantasy. But they are not very confining. If you are tied up or handcuffs or other wise restrained, then they are secure and get for playing in. Depends on the setup you are looking for. Also the more you spend the b...
by lycratec
02 Jul 2017, 16:40
Forum: Mummification
Topic: bondage sack challenge
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Re: bondage sack challenge

Hi. I have a Darlex Mummy Sack. Got it a while ago and used it for for some self play. This was with out using the internal sleeve. So left it was fairly easy to get in and out off. So about a year ago, met up with a friend, to play with some of the sacks I have. I had commented while chatting onlin...
by lycratec
23 Oct 2015, 22:56
Forum: Story Discussion
Topic: Stories about Sex Shops
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Re: Stories about Sex Shops

It's a scenario I have thought about a few times, but with all the best gear now on-line it's a dying setup. As an alternative situation, I have always love the idea of being locked in a Trunk or some sort of wooden box. So have often thought about the fantasy visiting some old antique shop or secon...