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by noneleft
25 Nov 2015, 01:34
Forum: Mummification
Topic: bondage sack challenge
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Re: bondage sack challenge

He never came back huh? I've got that sleep sack and there's no way I can get out. Hopefully getting that gay bj want too much for him lol
by noneleft
29 Apr 2015, 01:31
Forum: Mummification
Topic: darlex or spandex sleepsack?
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Re: darlex or spandex sleepsack?

I've been considering the winterfetish darlex sleepsack for several months now. I became interested in it and bought some pallet wrap as a low cost trial too make sure I actually enjoyed the concept. I like the method of restraint but I'm not big on getting all wrapped up and the noise it makes whil...