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by dsteve
01 Aug 2022, 20:11
Forum: Self-Bondage
Topic: hood vs. blindfold/gag
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hood vs. blindfold/gag

I love the image of a slave snuggly hooded in a leather helmet. I would like to hear anyone else's take on the advantages and disadvantages of the hood vs. the gag, or the blindfold, or both. With a hood, properly fitted and laced, buckled, or zipped, you are not going to be able to get it off by ru...
by dsteve
27 Jul 2022, 16:54
Forum: Self-Bondage
Topic: type of ball gag
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Re: type of ball gag

I like the idea of a panel gag with an integral ball or penis. The panel, in agreement with some of the above posters, should be padded so as to seal tightly over the lips. And, I like the imagery of the trainer style, with straps completely securing the gag to the head. I have yet to find one that ...
by dsteve
23 Mar 2022, 21:10
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: Whats your fav?
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Re: Whats your fav?

Favorite that I actually have is my collection of rope.
Favorite that I would like to have is a personally tailored straitjacket with an integral hood. Black leather, of course.
by dsteve
23 Mar 2022, 21:06
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: Bondage bucket list.
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Re: Bondage bucket list.

to be kidnapped by several women who keep me tied or chained and torment me without mercy. They would be in a variety of fetish outfits with lots of leather. I would be in a forced cross dressing outfit, including stockings, heels, corset, long gloves, posture collar. They would use chains, shackles...
by dsteve
26 Nov 2021, 06:14
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: New Things in Bondage Videos
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Re: New Things in Bondage Videos

Three number things:
1. If it is just a model getting tied, I like it when she is talking about how it feels.
2. I like a story, where there is a plausible reason for getting tied.
3. I'd like to see more "love bandage".
by dsteve
29 Aug 2021, 17:59
Forum: Media Share
Topic: bdsm and tall girls . public bdsm fetish. very hot and uniqe
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Re: bdsm and tall girls . public bdsm fetish. very hot and uniqe

not only tall. Tall and strong. Very nice set of pix.
by dsteve
25 Jul 2021, 17:29
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: Are there any Bondage "Switches?" I think I might be one.
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Re: Are there any Bondage "Switches?" I think I might be one.

definitely a switch. I would like to know what the proportions are in the general population. That is: what proportion of males fantasize about being a dom, sub, switch what proportion of females do the same. My believe, from being in chat sites, is that most men are doms and a few are subs and also...
by dsteve
24 Jul 2021, 15:58
Forum: Self-Bondage
Topic: nervous
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Re: nervous

But, don't get too comfortable. Isn't being nervous part of the excitement of self bondage? I want to be able to pretend that I am totally helpless, even if I can get free. There is that moment, when all of the other restraints are in place, and you start to close the last lock or handcuff. click . ...
by dsteve
24 Jul 2021, 15:43
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: Premium Total Sensory Deprivation Leather Hood
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Re: Premium Total Sensory Deprivation Leather Hood

No experience here, but sounds amazing. Locked in the hood, even with hands free you would be pretty helpless. How is the sensory deprivation working in your hood. White noise, or just earplugs?
by dsteve
24 Jul 2021, 15:39
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: How would you recommend making a Padded Cell
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Re: How would you recommend making a Padded Cell

there is a sound deadening product used in high rise condos and apartments. It is meant to go between the concrete and the wood flooring so the downstairs neighbor is not driven mad by upstairs neighbor walking around. Ab...
by dsteve
16 May 2021, 17:22
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: public bondage, discretely
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Re: public bondage, discretely

Once in college, I took my girlfriend out for a walk with hands handcuffed in rear. It was after midnight and I put her coat on over her shoulders so cuffs were not visible. We walked around campus for a while, pausing in dark corners to kiss and neck, then walked back to the apartment. Must have be...
by dsteve
16 May 2021, 17:14
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: help me find this
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help me find this

I recently saw a device for quick bondage. It was fabric sewn in such a way that there were 4 holes (think of two highway tunnels intersecting at right angles). then there were two straps sewn in diagonal to the openings. The idea was wrists go into the holes crossed and then the straps could be pul...
by dsteve
24 Apr 2021, 18:10
Forum: Chastity
Topic: Cock Cage Advice
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Re: Cock Cage Advice

Anyone have experience with ? I am looking at two possibilities for a cage. and
by dsteve
10 Mar 2021, 18:57
Forum: Self-Bondage
Topic: Anyone else walk around their house in leg irons?
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Re: Anyone else walk around their house in leg irons?

I am pretty sure you can find links in different weights that can be closed and riveted for permanence.
by dsteve
15 Jan 2021, 21:46
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: How to deal with frustration?
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Re: How to deal with frustration?

hello Andino, First, don't worry about language. I personally know how hard it is to work in a second language. I envy those who learn languages easily. Second, I don't have any perfect solution. I can only tell you that you are not alone. I would love to have a relationship with a serious Domme. Se...
by dsteve
11 Jan 2021, 21:42
Forum: Self-Bondage
Topic: planning
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I find that planning and anticipating a session is almost as much fun as the session itself. Once I know I am going to have some private time I always start thinking. What am I going to wear, what am I going to use, what position will I be in, and what kind of release? So, does anyone just grab a pi...
by dsteve
26 Dec 2020, 18:37
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: Tips to get my girlfriend to tie me up more often?
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Re: Tips to get my girlfriend to tie me up more often?

tell her you would like to be tied then forced to give her oral.
by dsteve
09 Dec 2020, 00:06
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: Single leg
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Re: Single leg

very nice story. I envy your writing ability. I liked the sensory deprivation (earplugs, hood) and the anonymity of the 'handler'. If you have more you should post them here for all to read.
by dsteve
02 Dec 2020, 22:06
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: Single leg
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Re: Single leg

I bet that feels nice. Specially when doubled. But, can you not just wiggle your legs a little and get them off? How do you make sure they stay in place?