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by vm1971
13 May 2022, 15:41
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: Whats your fav?
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Re: Whats your fav?

My two favorites are the Hitachi Magic Wand and a mini-winch that my wife uses to torment me while I'm hogtied. It lets her tighten my hogtie as she sees fit without having to retie it. The clicking sound adds to the feeling of doom.
by vm1971
12 May 2022, 07:47
Forum: Self-Bondage
Topic: type of ball gag
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Re: type of ball gag

I have basic ballgags in 1.5" and 1.75" sizes. I have a 1.75" with a chin strap. I also have a 1.75" full head harness. I wouldn't really call any of them my favorite as I don't use them by themselves. For the last long while, after strapping the ballgag in, I'd add a tape gag ov...
by vm1971
31 Mar 2022, 18:46
Forum: Author's Corner
Topic: The Mystical Adventures of CAT
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The Mystical Adventures of CAT

Just something new I've been trying...fleshing out and combining random fantasies through writing. I'll probably edit this story a few times before I deem it "complete". ---- Cheryl had found two old ornate boxes in an antique shop in town. They were made of solid wood with brass edges an...
by vm1971
03 Feb 2022, 22:53
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: Bondage bucket list.
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Re: Bondage bucket list.

I don't know that I could have a specific bucket list but there are things that I've done, things that I've always wanted to do and things that I fantasize about that are not really in the realm of possibility for either practicality or safety reasons. In no particular order or grouping: Selfbondage...
by vm1971
06 Jan 2022, 23:26
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: Permanent bondage?
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Re: Permanent bondage?

I've fantasized about being an immortal (like in Highlander) and being captured, strictly hogtied in a way that I'd barely be able to move and left in a secured underground bunker by another immortal. I'd eventually get free because the ropes would decompose enough to break after many years but I wo...
by vm1971
24 Nov 2021, 19:07
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: Rope or Tape?
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Re: Rope or Tape?

Why not both?

I like rope around joints, tape otherwise...

So, tape arches, rope ankles, tape calves, rope knees, tape thighs, rope wrists, tape chest, rope elbows, tape mouth (after packing). It's like a bondage candy cane.

But if you had to choose one or the other, then it's rope.
by vm1971
18 Feb 2021, 08:22
Forum: Crossdressing
Topic: Searching for silicone prosthetic adhesive
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Re: Searching for silicone prosthetic adhesive

FYI, skin cells shed approximately every 6 weeks so that is your maximum time limit.
by vm1971
01 Jan 2021, 23:24
Forum: Crossdressing
Topic: What to do when bound
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Re: What to do when bound

When my wife has me bound, there's almost always a Hitachi wand secured in place to keep me entertained. There's also all the roleplaying. Sometimes there's tickling. Sometimes there's flogging/spanking. There's always tugging on ropes, tightening of straps etc. Also, if you're mummified, there's no...
by vm1971
26 Dec 2020, 21:09
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: Tips to get my girlfriend to tie me up more often?
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Re: Tips to get my girlfriend to tie me up more often?

If you haven't, you should probably ask her why she's not up for doing this more often. Maybe she finds it distasteful. Maybe she loses her mojo by the time you're done up and ready because it's not exactly spontaneous. Maybe you're not servicing her needs in an equally proportionate fashion. Relati...
by vm1971
12 Nov 2020, 19:04
Forum: Mummification
Topic: Blanket mummification
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Re: Blanket mummification

Years ago I tried a blanket wrap. I laid a blanket on the floor. I laid 8 10' parallel strips of duct tape face up on the floor. Tied my ankles, knees, thighs, wrists and chest. Ballgagged myself. Positioned myself onto the blanket, rolled myself up. Rolled into the duct tape to secure the blanket. ...
by vm1971
04 Nov 2020, 21:02
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: Cartoons and Bondage
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Re: Cartoons and Bondage

Some other shows that had some nice scenes...

Penelope Pitstop
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
GI Joe
by vm1971
29 Oct 2020, 23:55
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: gag advice
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Re: gag advice

There are a number of different panel gags that may or may not suit you. The problem is that they usually don't have a particularly great fit because many times the plug is on a post which means the panel may or may not seal your lips properly.... and likely will not. Best thing is to use 2 separate...
by vm1971
09 Oct 2020, 18:45
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: First time in an armbinder
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Re: First time in an armbinder

A great story in every way. I, too, like the idea of sensory deprivation, so your description of earplugs resonates with me. And I like the idea of being left alone to struggle while she leaves the room. When I have been in this position (blindfold, earplugs, left alone) I sometime fantasize that s...
by vm1971
27 Sep 2020, 23:08
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: First time in an armbinder
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First time in an armbinder

My wife and I got a new armbinder that I really wanted to try on and my wife was happy to oblige. I've previously tried on other armbinders but could never get into them properly to do a session. So, I got all dressed up in my black minidress, black pantyhose and 4" black dorsay stiletto heels....
by vm1971
13 Sep 2020, 06:24
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: POLL - Hypothetical question, based on an ad I saw...
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Re: POLL - Hypothetical question, based on an ad I saw...

I'm an untrusting person so I don't think I could ever let a stranger tie me up.... not even if they were reading my mind and knew exactly what turned my gears. It took 2 years for me to tell my wife (gf at the time) that I was into bondage, another 3 (still gf) to tell her I liked to play the damse...
by vm1971
31 Aug 2020, 21:03
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: What outfit on the opposite sex does it for you?
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Re: What outfit on the opposite sext does it for you?

Short skirts, pantyhose, stiletto heels. It's not exactly an uncommon thing to get turned on by. I especially like it when the weather starts to turn a little cooler because women who wear short skirts all summer want to keep doing that except they're forced to wear pantyhose for that bit of warmth ...
by vm1971
26 Aug 2020, 00:02
Forum: Self-Bondage
Topic: Looking for some self bondage dares !!!
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Re: Looking for some self bondage dares !!!

Years ago, not on a dare, just my own desire to do riskier things, I did a bound-hobble up and down the alleyway at around 3am behind my house. Fully crossdressed in 5" heels and very tightly bound. Hobbled with my thighs tied together, knees tied together and a 6" ropebar connecting my an...
by vm1971
03 Aug 2020, 22:42
Forum: Crossdressing
Topic: Pantyhose
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Re: Pantyhose

Prefer nude/beige but black is nice too. If I shaved my legs, I would go for a more sheer pantyhose but as it is, opaque it is.
by vm1971
03 Aug 2020, 21:18
Forum: Self-Bondage
Topic: Selbondage after bondage
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Re: Selbondage after bondage

My wife and I engage in bondage games but I'm definitely the damsel in this relationship. :) I will sometimes tie myself up and have her come and "discover" me. She'll taunt me, add to my bondage etc. I will also sometimes tie myself up and have my phone send a delayed text message to her ...
by vm1971
30 Jun 2020, 17:45
Forum: Crossdressing
Topic: A girl wanted to know why men cross dress.
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Re: A girl wanted to know why men cross dress.

Crossdressing is a form of role play, particularly when it comes to bondage. I role play the helpless damsel. Back then, helpless damsels in TV shows and movies were the only things I had access to growing up even if the bondage itself was pretty poor. You should have seen my reaction the very first...