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by WoolyMammoth
26 Aug 2021, 15:52
Forum: Mummification
Topic: Mummy Sleeping Bag Bondage
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Re: Mummy Sleeping Bag Bondage

I have seen some sleep sacks with a zipper leash that you screw into the headboard. In theory with the other end attached to the zipper of the sleep sack you should be able to scooch down in bed to zip it up and then when you are done spin around and slide down the bed again to unzip it. I have not ...
by WoolyMammoth
26 Aug 2021, 15:47
Forum: Chastity
Topic: There is chastity , then?
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Re: There is chastity , then?

Maybe applying some lidocaine cream in addition to the ice would make this last longer. I am not 100% sure though. Good luck!
by WoolyMammoth
08 Aug 2020, 03:59
Forum: Chastity
Topic: Cleaning Chasity Cage
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Cleaning Chasity Cage

Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to chasity and would like to know if there are any tips or tricks to cleaning myself very well while still locked inside of the chasity cage? I have a plastic CBT3000 for reference. Thank you!
by WoolyMammoth
08 Aug 2020, 02:10
Forum: Chastity
Topic: Cock Cage Advice
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Re: Cock Cage Advice

I am a fan of the solid plastic over metal cages myself. Easy on and off is subjective as we are all shaped a little differently but the cbt 3000 and 6000 seem to be the most popular choices. I have also seen a lot of nice looking cages on Etsy too.
by WoolyMammoth
08 Aug 2020, 02:08
Forum: Chastity
Topic: New to Male Chastity
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Re: New to Male Chastity

Hi Wildcard. My wife and I have a similar story to yours. As someone who works in the healthcare field if a patient was stripped down and wearing a chasity cage it would be a bit of a surprise but other than having a story to tell we wouldn’t really care. We/I see and hear all sorts of crazy things ...