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by WoolyMammoth
08 Aug 2020, 03:59
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Topic: Cleaning Chasity Cage
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Cleaning Chasity Cage

Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to chasity and would like to know if there are any tips or tricks to cleaning myself very well while still locked inside of the chasity cage? I have a plastic CBT3000 for reference. Thank you!
by WoolyMammoth
08 Aug 2020, 02:10
Forum: Chastity
Topic: Cock Cage Advice
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Re: Cock Cage Advice

I am a fan of the solid plastic over metal cages myself. Easy on and off is subjective as we are all shaped a little differently but the cbt 3000 and 6000 seem to be the most popular choices. I have also seen a lot of nice looking cages on Etsy too.
by WoolyMammoth
08 Aug 2020, 02:08
Forum: Chastity
Topic: New to Male Chastity
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Re: New to Male Chastity

Hi Wildcard. My wife and I have a similar story to yours. As someone who works in the healthcare field if a patient was stripped down and wearing a chasity cage it would be a bit of a surprise but other than having a story to tell we wouldn’t really care. We/I see and hear all sorts of crazy things ...