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by Trystsandturns
07 Sep 2021, 18:24
Forum: Mummification
Topic: Her first mummification
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Her first mummification

Yesterday I mummified my brat for the very first time. I used about 16 roles of nude, 2 inch vet wrap for it.

What’s your favorite kind of wrap to mummify with?
by Trystsandturns
07 Sep 2021, 16:49
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Start with bondage
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Re: Start with bondage

I would echo what others have said that 12 hours is a long time for a first session. There are a lot of factors including position that would have to be considered; just being bound kneeling for 2 hours can wreck your knees, so consider your range of motion. I would also like to agree with those who...
by Trystsandturns
07 Sep 2021, 15:28
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hello from a brat and her owner in NYC
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Hello from a brat and her owner in NYC

Hello there, We are a brat/owner couple who live together in NYC. Our power dynamic is a bit unusual in that she likes to fight back and be overcome. Most of the time you hear about brats in adult content it’s more in the femdom context, so We are curious to hear from any real life submissive brats,...
by Trystsandturns
07 Sep 2021, 15:15
Forum: Chastity
Topic: Female chastity
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Re: Female chastity

I’ve been shopping for one for my brat, Roxy. Anyone have any experience with Fancy Steel. Anyone have experience with their belts?