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by KinkyTim
18 Jan 2023, 14:06
Forum: Media Share
Topic: Selfgags Pics & Gifs
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Re: Selfgags Pics & Gifs

..very erotic Photos!
by KinkyTim
05 Jan 2023, 14:22
Forum: Self-Bondage
Topic: permanent cuffs
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Re: permanent cuffs

Wow, thanks for writing..for me personally that's the most exciting and erotic Idea! At the Age of about 12 I saw the movie : " Die seltsame Lebensgeschichte des Friedrich Freiherr von der Trenck ". I was same amount shocked and sexually excited, when the Main Actor was brought to a deep a...
by KinkyTim
23 Oct 2022, 00:17
Forum: Self-Bondage
Topic: Foot Bondage
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Re: Foot Bondage

Thanks for the taking Care..but I untied when Toes got to dark red or blue..i paid Attention..have Fun..
by KinkyTim
21 Oct 2022, 01:44
Forum: Self-Bondage
Topic: Foot Bondage
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Foot Bondage

From about 12years on I started to tie my Ankles. Similarly I tried to bondage my Toes.. First I wrapped ropes of all kind around each toe,also running forth and back from ankle cuff to each separate toe and in the space between the Toes..I loved the intense Feeling when masturbating. I tried also s...
by KinkyTim
20 Oct 2022, 08:31
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Topic: Hello
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Hi, I am a 57 old Male from Germany and I am just having Fun on reading and writing about one of my big Hobbys: Sex.. It' s good to have Contact with over BDSM loving people. I am not looking for partners, since I am luckily married and having two children. From about 12years on, I started to wear c...
by KinkyTim
01 Oct 2022, 04:57
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: Cock torture
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Re: Cock torture

I started at about 18 with Needles in my Cock..I masturbated til my Penis was big and stiff..looks much cooler on TorturePictures after.. I made always pictures and/or Videos from this Stuff..knowing that this cannot be done regularly.. I took a Hammer and 25 coloured Pins, the ones with coloured He...
by KinkyTim
01 Oct 2022, 04:41
Forum: Self-Bondage
Topic: Anyone else walk around their house in leg irons?
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Re: Anyone else walk around their house in leg irons?

Of course,cool Idea..sometimes I made Housework,for Example vacuum cleaning or dish washing completely naked with leather cuffs on feet,hands and Neck, dog ropes at NeckCuff..Sometimes also stainless Steel cuffs,,whole body.. I often even attached little metal chains to my Feet and Toes: about 3 met...