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by Cambus741
09 Nov 2022, 20:06
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: Dirty Panties Used As A Gag
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Re: Dirty Panties Used As A Gag

I've been gagged by piss soaked knickers a few times. A tight cleave gag worked best as I wasn't able to expel the wet knickers with my tongue. I've also been gagged with a combination of piss soaked knickers and having my mouth taped. But I was able to push the knickers out with my tongue despite t...
by Cambus741
09 Nov 2022, 15:11
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Hello there
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Hello there

Hi. I've just discovered this forum. Joined last night. I wish I knew about it earlier. I've always found rope bondage and gags so erotic. Even before puberty hit, I'd get excited when seeing girls tied and gagged, either in television programmes, or in my sister's issues of Mandy Comic. I think one...
by Cambus741
09 Nov 2022, 10:07
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: Piss Ice Cubes
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Re: Piss Ice Cubes

What an excellent idea.
I can certainly think of a few superior goddesses I've known who I'd love to do this to me.
by Cambus741
09 Nov 2022, 10:04
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Topic: So who is in UK???
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Re: So who is in UK???

Hi. New member here. I'm in Essex