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by Cestlavie
29 Nov 2022, 02:13
Forum: Bondage & BDSM
Topic: Bondage philosophy and explanation
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Bondage philosophy and explanation

Most of us love to see a girl bound, or gagged, but have you ever wondered why? Why do we get pleasure for all this ? Eventhough it might look just like a strange fetishism, they actually have many logical reasons to enjoy a girl restrained. This channel is about this. I'm sharing a video about the ...
by Cestlavie
19 Nov 2022, 23:58
Forum: Media Share
Topic: Philosophy and explanation about bondage
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Philosophy and explanation about bondage

Here is one of my video. The idea is to explain, why I love to see a girl tied, for which reason. The video is on the link below, I hope you'll enjoy it 😉 ... p=drivesdk
by Cestlavie
19 Nov 2022, 08:34
Forum: Links & Site Reviews
Topic: Soft bondage
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Re: Soft bondage

I'm also into soft bondage (I mean no sm, just the girl bound and gagged, no advanced Shibari position)

In my opinion the good studios are Are production and beauties in bondage. I have many videos of these.

Also, I think hollyrope is good for soft bondage.
by Cestlavie
19 Nov 2022, 06:51
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Introduction of myself
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Introduction of myself

Hello everybody, I love bondage as far as I can remember, around 5 years old. The very first girl bound I've seen was a cute blond girl from an anime "sport billy" (she was bound arms along). Also the 1st girl I've ever seen bound hands behind back is Wendy from the anime Peter Pan, as a k...