Whats your fav?

Dom/me, sub, swtich or undecided? Bring your kinky ideas in here!
little puppet
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Whats your fav?

Unread post by little puppet »

Just a fun question, whats your favorite toy to do with BDSM? and why?
It can be anything!

Mine would be the old fashioned cane, i like the sting and the marks they leave on me! :o

Cant wait to read others :D

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Re: Whats your fav?

Unread post by Ass_Whiplash »

I can't choose! :P

Probably the closest to my heart is my chastity device; it amplifies all my feelings of submission, keeps me in an almost continuous state of frustrated sexual arousal, and I get to wear it all day and all night, even at work it is an unforgettable reminder of how my Mistress owns me.

I'm sadly not locked in it currently as Mistress didn't want to have to worry about Her parents finding out about it, but I may soon be getting a new one, a full belt instead of just the trapped-balls/cage type I currently have, which is going to be really awesome!

Second place goes to the singletail whip, there's just something so sexy about it.
Male slave in Victoria, BC - collared, in chastity, and married to my Magnificent Mistress.

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Re: Whats your fav?

Unread post by steellover »

My favorite has to be handcuffs and shakles. Something about the cold, hard, unyieilding sensation of "you're not going anywhere without the key" just does it for me. :D

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Re: Whats your fav?

Unread post by RAE »

For me, it is my StraitJacket and sensory hood.
Compleat and solid confinement.

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Re: Whats your fav?

Unread post by SBadiction »

My leather belt crotch harness, I love the tight sensation it provides. Then my chains and padlocks, as steellover says, you don't go anywhere without the key.
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Re: Whats your fav?

Unread post by stacey4u2luv »

this one cannot choose as this one loves change. The marks, the bondage, the sensations, the environment, the surprises. Above all the best is going into the unknown when Master sets up something new. One time He rented a big cube van and tied this one up in the back and later used her there. this one would love an experience in a cabin deep in the woods. But this one would have to agree with the OP if there is no marks left this one becomes very disappointed.

So for toys this one needs them all the canes, the duct tape, the ropes etc... etc...

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Re: Whats your fav?

Unread post by Stahlketten »

I would vote also for handcuffs and leg shackles and also a steel collar. If given a choice of anything out there, they would be wide cuffs like the kind you expect to see hanging off a dungeon wall and made of stainless steel so that even if they got wet, they would not rust. Prisoners should be able to be kept clean without having to release them!

Since I don't happen to own something like that, I settle for just plain handcuffs and leg irons and sometimes a steel collar that has a lock that opens with a standard handcuff key.

- Stahlketten.

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Re: Whats your fav?

Unread post by selfboundslave »

Probably my latex mask or inflatable gag, as these are the items that put me most in the slave mood for BDSM play.

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Re: Whats your fav?

Unread post by seidenki »

I think my favourite is probably my chastity device, although there have been a few upgrades. However, I really like my Humbler, too. I modified it slightly to fit better and to take padlocks, but I'd really like one that's a lot longer. Unfortunately, my woodworking skills are very (ahem) rusty, otherwise I'd make one myself!

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Re: Whats your fav?

Unread post by Gabriel »

For me, it's a tie between a vacuum bed and a violet wand. Vacuum beds are amazing to play in (or to watch other people play in!) but they can be a bit difficult to conceal hahaha. Violet wands need some time to recharge (unless I'm very mistaken, they can't be used for more than 15 minutes in a row) and can be a bit pricey, but they're soooo much fun to play with if you've got a partner. There are all kinds of attachments, or you can just turn off the lights and enjoy the blue sparks when your partner touches your skin... :)
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Re: Whats your fav?

Unread post by slpnot »

for me it would be the fiddle it is homemade , comfortable , inescapable I have been locked in it for over 11 hours
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Re: Whats your fav?

Unread post by tiedup4u123 »

It's really hard to choose but if I had to I would choose rope. The reason is because there are so many different ways that it can be used. Different positions of the sub, different types of rope, and different tying. I love the way rope feels and looks. The two most things I find sexy are the way rope feels tightly tied around my skin, and the look of a naked women tied up in rope. Oh the possibilities.

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Re: Whats your fav?

Unread post by stretchedballs »

A large four pound padlock that my partner locks around my scrotum above my balls. I cannot get if off without the key which she keeps. At home I am kept naked most of the time and it feels pretty erotic swinging on my balls as I move. She likes making me wear it hidden under my cloths when we go out. I have to wear baggy sweat pants, or baggie cargo shorts. If I wear jeans it tries to twist itself sideways down one leg. I have warn it for 3 or 4 days at at time, shopping, friends BBQ, get togethers of all kinds.. She likes it that only her and I know it is there.

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Re: Whats your fav?

Unread post by dsteve »

Favorite that I actually have is my collection of rope.
Favorite that I would like to have is a personally tailored straitjacket with an integral hood. Black leather, of course.

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Re: Whats your fav?

Unread post by Colten »

steellover wrote: 20 Dec 2012, 03:41 My favorite has to be handcuffs and shakles. Something about the cold, hard, unyieilding sensation of "you're not going anywhere without the key" just does it for me. :D
Exactly the same ! Steel shackles and steel gears in general, are my favorite, the feeling of impossibility to get free without the key, the *cling* soung of the metal, the feeling of helplessness, clearly what I wish I was living right now.
No need to threaten me to tie me up and gag me.

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Re: Whats your fav?

Unread post by JaniceNoyb »

Big ball gag. Locked in place so I can't remove it until...

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Re: Whats your fav?

Unread post by vm1971 »

My two favorites are the Hitachi Magic Wand and a mini-winch that my wife uses to torment me while I'm hogtied. It lets her tighten my hogtie as she sees fit without having to retie it. The clicking sound adds to the feeling of doom.


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Helpless pain and pleasure

Unread post by Humphry4U »

It’s any combination that adds to a sense of helplessness discomfort and pleasure. Anal hooks with the double ball where one has to stretch to reach a vibrator to pleasure oneself and feel the hook enter further inside you to its fullest extent Causing a delicious combination of discomfort and pleasure. Being Placed in chastity for an unspecified time before being ceremonially led in Cold (from the fridge) steel shackles on wrists thighs and ankles to the place of confinement. The best shackles are those that do not allow you to place your heel on the ground like wearing high heels.

The kinkiest most arousing component is the uncertainty of time a random confinement of hours or days not knowing what and for how long.

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