Embarrassed singing

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Embarrassed singing

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My partner likes to make me do things she thinks will embarrass me. She is frequently right.

Periodically, after I have licked to as many orgasms as she wants she will stand me beside the bed with my hands cuffed behind my back and masturbate me onto her stomach as she lays there. When she has milked all the cum she can get out of me onto her stomach she will wrap her hand around my balls and squeeze, hard and tell me to lick it up. Then after I have licked up all my cum she squeezes even harder and makes me sing an altered song. She rolls my balls between her thumb and fingers harder and harder until I start singing. I have to keep singing until she is satisfied before she will stop squeezing.

Yummy yummy yummy
I got cum in my tummy
And it tastes so good to me
Cum your such a sweet thing
Good enough to eat thing
And that's just what I like to do.
Oh cum I love to drink you
Fill me to the brink poo
Oh cum I love you so
Oh cum your sweeter
sweeter then sugar
Oh cum I won't let you go.

She finds this very funny and laughs as I sing.

Her sister knows of our relationship and has seen me naked and bound but has never participated. She has threatened to bring her sister over and masturbate me on to her sisters anus. Then after I lick that up I'll have to sing the song for her sister.

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