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Dominatrix. Close to the edge scenes

Posted: 04 Sep 2020, 15:43
by passioncraftstore
I don’t even remember when I was exactly interested in BDSM - I think about thirteen. I saw different photos: tied men in the forest, women with a whip, that’s all. In addition to aesthetics, I liked the idea that pain can be transformed: I generally have a special relationship with pain, I can easily endure it. It was always incomprehensible to me why other people cry, having broken a knee.
My first client appeared quite unexpectedly. I worked as a waitress in a restaurant, it was a fairly closed establishment, where you cannot get in from the street, there were very rich people. Nobody paid attention to me: there were a lot of glamorous girls, and I dressed like a teenager, came to work in a T-shirt with Harry Potter. I was then twenty-one years old, I had no goal at all to glue a millionaire or get married.
Once, after the restaurant was closed, we sat and celebrated the manager’s birthday. But here came one regular customer who could not help but let in - because he was a VIP. He drank, grabbed my hand and began to offer all kinds of obscenity, I was rude to him. I’m from a fairly wealthy family, it never seemed to me that super-rich people are any special. He was shocked by such a reaction, squeezed my hand even harder, I slapped him in the face. When he tried to kiss me, I grabbed his hair, pulled his head away and said: “So, if you don’t stop now, I’ll do something really bad.” And then I noticed that his pupils dilated - he liked that I was pulling his hair. It had never occurred to me that he was submissive.
The style of my communication with submissives I can call “Stockholm Syndrome”: first we have a “honeymoon” when I’m very tender, kind and attentive, and then suddenly become angry and unpredictable. So I bring the submissive to the state of the first emotional peak, and then again I become caring. The submissive always has a set of stop words or an opportunity to leave the game situation for a moment and ask to stop. I take into account that the sub can be in a state changed from adrenaline, so from time to time I ask whether everything is alright, whether he needs a break, a glass of water or a cigarette.
Some of my clients come primarily for psychological support, even a psychological replacement: for example, a person feels guilty for something, but cannot punish himself, therefore he asks me. One client asked: "Punish me for being so worthless because I still cannot find a girlfriend." After the session, I had a psychotherapeutic conversation with him: I explained that it was not necessary to come to me, that he could talk with his potential partner - and she was unlikely to condemn his addiction to BDSM. His kick was ball basting, so I told him: "Believe me, dear, many girls dream of kicking a man in the balls, she’s unlikely to refuse."
The main requests are all kinds of flogging, humiliation, ball-basting, golden rain. Seven out of ten men ask for a strapon, in principle, this is easily explained, because this is a taboo, this is the basis for the entire BDSM culture. But with those who come for the first time and don’t know their pain limit, we coordinate everything in advance. For example, for the first time, instead of a hard leather whip, we select floggers. It is soft and therefore so widespread both inside the BDSM sphere and outside its limits, since as a tool for flagellation, the flogger is practically safe with any force of influence. Thus, the psychological effect of using a flogger is combined with a fairly weak impact and low soreness. I think this is the best device to help the submissive taste. Caring is the main rule of dominatrix, so I need to be very careful, not only monitor the physical and mental state of the submissive during the session, but also understand how my actions can affect it in the long term, eliminate any possibility of irreversible effects. So flogger can be the gentlest tool for the first time. I think, this kind of flogger bdsm can be the best option for such games Also, I always arrange aftercare, which not many do. We can just sit, hugging, we can discuss something, sometimes the submissive wants to cry from a splash of feelings and adrenaline and endorphins. That’s my "close to the edge scenes."