Unusual Gag Ideas

Dom/me, sub, swtich or undecided? Bring your kinky ideas in here!
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Unusual Gag Ideas

Unread post by Selfgags »

Hi everyone

I could use some creative ideas for unusual gags using things that are not the standard (not ballgags, tape etc)

Any ideas?

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Re: Unusual Gag Ideas

Unread post by infenron »

I mean, you have a lot of videos, surely you have done everything :p

I always liked my odd gags, the tongue one with chopsticks is nice. Pony gag that forces the tongue down and the victim to drool.

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Re: Unusual Gag Ideas

Unread post by lisahs5 »

If you could find a rubber hand like from a dummy or mannequin could you turn that into a gag?
That would be like a hand over mouth sensation.


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Re: Unusual Gag Ideas

Unread post by FGausBy »

the inner sole of my wifes flip flops.

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Re: Unusual Gag Ideas

Unread post by celand »

A nice rope and wood gag works


kept her quiet


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Re: Unusual Gag Ideas

Unread post by addisonjoe23 »

I've had experience with plumber's putty, which I highly recommend. Once it warms up, it feels like a hand, and does a good job of muffling sound. I tried it on a sub once and she seemed to enjoy it; definitely preferred it to duct tape.

Since it's not necessarily adhesive, it needs reinforcement. I used a piece about the size/mass of a baseball, pressed it over my sub's mouth, then wrapped it in plastic mailing wrap to keep it in place. It's easier to mold if you put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds or so.

It works well for breath play too - a small piece over my sub's nose blocked her breathing, and it was very easy to remove once she became visibly uncomfortable.

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