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Hi hopefully someone could help but I'm a submissive who likes to be bound by my dom. I recently broke my hand and it's in a cast does anyone know anyway I can still be tied by my dom with this cast on and be safe

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Re: Injured

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I'd not do anything with the arm that has been broken. You don't want to stress it too much and, you know, it really isn't that long before you can get the cast off and be back to normal. You're lucky its not tendon or ligament damage - that can take months to heal and sometimes not heal at all fully!

But, consider this - you are already more or less bound with that arm. Its effectively useless, yes? Maybe only able to use fingers? OK, then your upper body limbs are already half way there. She can bind your other arm (maybe strap it to your thigh or behind your back or put it into a sling with the broken one so you have a sort of straitjacket effect). Legs etc. can be bound as normal. It is possible if you are creative... but she needs to be mindful of your injury and make sure no undue stress is put on it and if you are in pain release you straight away.

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