First step into the bondage world, where to begin?

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First step into the bondage world, where to begin?

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Hello. I'm new to this forum and I'm in my thirties, and also new to the big world of bondage. Like others here, I am fascinated with tape and foil, and have been practicing this on myself at home for many years. Only a few friends of mine know that, one is not a fetish friend, and with the other I have regularly taped together at his house. I found it very pleasant. But unfortunately I don't have much contact with him anymore, and the last fetish session together was already 3 years ago.

Now I have had a beautiful wish for a while, and that is that someone wraps me in foil, and tapes it and makes a beautiful piece of art. In my area I found an address of a company that does bondage (no sex, no BDSM) to get themselves a 'time-out', and that wants to grant my wish, although they focus more on handcuffs and segufix. I have plans to visit there, they are nearby. And they sound very nice via email, but unfortunately do not pre-visit. But for me it's my first time entering this bondage world. I dare to undergo the practical adventure, but I don't know if I dare to step in alone. I would like to feel confident when someone I don't know wraps and tapes me. Just someone I know from the side

Few of my friends know about this fetish side of me, and I was curious how I can cross the threshold and be handed over to someone who can mummify me. I am someone who likes adventurous challenges, but this is just a threshold.

Does anyone have an idea how I can cross this threshold? The hope is now only pinned on my fetish friend, with the hope that he will come along. And otherwise I don't know how I can handle this further.

Anyone with advice?

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Re: First step into the bondage world, where to begin?

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I don't think I have ever heard of a company that offers such a service before so this is completely new to me. The most likely source of this sort of service would be a professional dominant (mostly female, though I believe some males ones do exist) and they would usually offer whatever services you ask for (provided they are services they perform) and also do not do sex (in fact many of them will make sure they clearly state that they do not offer sexual services because not offering them is what distinguishes them from prostitutes and a whole bunch of legal issues).

So, the first thing I would like to know is more about this company. Are they a ProDominant who you have contacted and agreed to do this specific activity with you? Or are they something else that does not exist (yet) anywhere else?

I'd also want to know how reputable they are and what reviews they have and what experience and qualifications in the lifestyle they have. For example, a lot of ProDommes also practise in the lifestyle and so are aware of aspects of safety as well as getting the chance to learn from others (and my former Mistress who was also a ProDomme used to practise some new things on me). A lot of them are also first aid qualified (and I have known a few who are also trained nurses or doctors) because if there is a first aid incident when you are alone with a client you need someone to quickly apply aid.

I'm a little suspicious that they don't do any pre-session discussions in person. This is often standard practise - even if only a quick chat beforehand to ensure all limits are set and so on. Most Pros I have sessioned with offer you a cup of tea before you start, though sometimes they skip that once you have been a regular for a few sessions and jump straight in. I'd feel more comfortable knowing there was going to be a discussion like this beforehand.

Beyond all this, in terms of your personal safety you have a number of options.

First, you are lucky to have a non kinky friend who understands. If/when you make an arrangement with this company, tell your non kinky friend and make sure they have both the details of the company (phone number, email address, physical address, names of people etc.) and knowledge of the time of your appointment - when it starts, when it ends etc. Then let them know that if you do not call or text them (and if text, use a specific code word) by a certain time they are to call the police and pass on all this information. It's unlikely that a properly registered company with a reputation to maintain is going to be involved in kidnapping or similar but still worth taking the precaution as if you were going on a date with a potentially kinky partner you met on a dating site.

Second. why not invite the fetish friend along? Moral support and back up, may even get you both back into sessioning together. I am sure they would like the same experience.

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