Forced relax

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Forced relax

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Recently - due to an accumulation of stress - I had some health problems and we have temporarily interrupted our 24/7 dynamic.
Next May we will get married and we have decided to take a short break as well as chastity for both of us.

I wanted to share what happened last weekend, maybe in the future it could also be useful to others: last Thursday I started feeling unwell again for no apparent reason (a sort of panic attack that came out of nowhere). This continued on friday during work so my future wife wanted to try to make me relax "in her own way".

She put on my collar and tied it to the bed with a 6ft chain, tied my hands and feet and made me wear a diaper: this from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning (recently we invested hospital restraint that are comfortable to wear).
During this time there was nothing, just her presence and a button to call her in case of need: no bondage, no sex, no phone/TV.
Initially I was thinking it as a punishment or a return to our dynamic but as hour passed I started to see it as a form of "forced relaxation" and it actually helped... Monday morning I was much more relaxed and for now I haven't had no strange attacks.

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