Looking for a Self Bondage Control Dashboard

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Looking for a Self Bondage Control Dashboard

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I have an idea, and I am not sure this exists....

I am looking for a "dashboard" that an online user could access to help control elements of your self bondage. I am envisioning a system that would have a few outputs that would control the person in self bondage, which could be accessed by another person to help control the time during the bondage scene... which I guess if someone is helping it might be more "bondage" than self bondage. The options that could be used would be time in bondage, e stim elements, and a hitachi/vibrate element.

What this system would look like would be a online site that both the users could access. The person in bondage before the scenario would set-up some maximum limits regarding time in bondage. Then, while in bondage another person could access the dashboard that would have a few options. I am thinking some buttons that would activate some sound files could be activated which would drive an e-stim system. The options could be a pleasant e stim file, a slightly more aggressive sound file, then a punishment sound file. Another button would control an electrical switch that if a plug in vibrator like a hitachi was being used, the controller could control if it is turned on and for how long. Lastly, another switch could be controlled for an electromagnetic lock to release the person in bondage early or make the person wait for the allotted max time.

I am not familiar with any kind of system like this... but curious if anyone knows of something like this.

If not, does anyone have ideas to begin making a system like this? The difficult part would be letting someone have access to the dashboard via the internet, and also interfacing the system to some electrical switches. I am not sure the hardware needed to interface between the dashboard/computer to physical wall type plugs.

Thanks for any ideas!

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Re: Looking for a Self Bondage Control Dashboard

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Look up MiOS Vera Lite, it will do most of what you want here.

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Re: Looking for a Self Bondage Control Dashboard

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Not aware of anything directly like this (but I think I will check out what is suggested above) but there are a few things out there that may work for you too.

SexScripts is a piece of software (which can also be a phone app now) which is very customisable which means it can be easily edited for your needs. You can basically write your own scripts or edit ones that someone else has done. Built into this are ways to allow someone else to remotely monitor you and ways to insert randomisers and timers. It started life as basically a wanking app (essentially showing sexy images and playing a metronome sound) but it is very easy to do a hell of a lot more with it including some self bondage. Can be buggy, though...

Chastikey and Chastisafe are other apps that are designed to be used with chastity devices but, really, can be used for any lock. You can, for example, use it for a combination lock on a box in which you put all your other keys.

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