Self Bondage Movie Sessions

Sometimes you just have to do things yourself.
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Self Bondage Movie Sessions

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These last couple of days I've set up a movie theatre in my back bedroom. Laptop for watching a movie, chair for being bound to, and loads of bindings.

40 Denier tan tights, panties, butt plug, pantie corselette, breast padding, tight red mini-skirt, satin blouse, and sitting on a bar with a magic wand fitted with a timer. Blonde wig and glasses, (so I can see the screen), and 5" heels.

Ankles strapped to the chair legs, belts to fasten me to the chair so I stay in place, steel collar around my neck, fastened to the bar so I cannot shuffle off without it affecting my breathing, tape gag, hands cuffed behind me as well as leather cuffs fastened to the back of the chair, keeping my hands still behind me.

Then watching a two-hour film, with the magic wand kicking in over the period giving me plenty to think about whilst enjoying the film.

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Re: Self Bondage Movie Sessions

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haha watching movie while get selfbondage is definitely one my my future operation.

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