hood vs. blindfold/gag

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hood vs. blindfold/gag

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I love the image of a slave snuggly hooded in a leather helmet. I would like to hear anyone else's take on the advantages and disadvantages of the hood vs. the gag, or the blindfold, or both.
With a hood, properly fitted and laced, buckled, or zipped, you are not going to be able to get it off by rubbing. And, no spitting anything out. Also, the leather has its own fetish value. For the wearer, think of the leather hugging the face.
I prefer a nice soft form fitting leather, as opposed to the heavy leather models.
Love to hear from the rest of you

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Re: hood vs. blindfold/gag

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I prefer hoods for their coverage and non-removability - single strap blindfolds always seem to slip with only a little eyebrow waggling. They also inevitably let in light around my (largish) nose.

A set of headband style headphones inside with a noise source makes that even more isolating.

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Re: hood vs. blindfold/gag

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It's a different sensation. That completely wrapped up feeling - like a whole head hug.

There is also the element of greater sensory deprivation. You haven't just lost sight but also some hearing (and putting ear plugs in at the same time enhances that) and some touch sensation too. This gives the dominant more control over your environment and takes away more control from you.

Now that there are decent wireless earbuds that can connect to phones I've been thinking of experimenting with the idea of using them under a hood so that the only sounds you can hear are the ones your dominant allows you to hear through the headphones. They can talk to you through the phone, play white noise to completely cut off all hearing or play hypnosis tracks or similar.

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Re: hood vs. blindfold/gag

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I guess it would depend on how long you plan on playing. If you have limited time a blindfold and gag are quick and easy. If you plan on play for a while I would go for the hood. I have a hood with a snap on blindfold and gag. Over the years the leather hood has become a looser fit. So to tighten it up we put a facecloth in the hood and actually a padded blindfold. The hood will lace up tight. With the hood laced up and a lockable collar on I can't see even if I pulled off the snap blindfold.

I think both setups are a must for the toybox.

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