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Sometimes you just have to do things yourself.

Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread post by tiedup4u123 »

Beatmyboyzz wrote:Desire: Timed release, others (predicament, etc) ok. Could be short (up to an hour or two) to long-term (all day). Short could obviously be more severe. Plus something that involves pee play and wax play.

Equipment: Bondage tape,Handcuffs,dog collar, Lots of duct tape/extra wide electrical tape,
quantity of clothespins,vibrator,med butt plug,breathable gag, red ball gag,paddle shoe.
Pee in different cups and place them across the floor in different areas (not a room that is carpeted)

Then lay the clothespins all over the floor in different areas

Put the key at one end of the room, far away from where you will be

Lock the dog collar on

Tape your ankles together ( could do your legs if your up to it)

Now it should be difficult for you to walk, and might even have to crawl or slither across the room.

Once you reach the key you will be free but you will have to be careful not to spill the pee filled cups, and not to hit the clothespins. The clothespins are just supposed to make it harder.

I'll leave the backup method up to you.

Hope you enjoy.


Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

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A dare for anyone who wants to try:

You will need:
Different size boxes that are lockable
Different set of keys
Chastity belt

Place the key to the chastity belt inside the smallest box and lock it
Then place that box inside of a bigger box and lock it
Take the key that opens that box (the bigger box) and place it in a even bigger box
This process keeps going
Just make sure that the key to the chasity belt is in the smallest box (will take the longest to get)

Now take the keys and do different things.

First key should open the biggest box but you should be far off from opening the key to the smallest box that holds the key to the chastity belt.

Even if you got the key to the smallest box, you would have to wait to receive the key to the other boxes first.

*Freeze a key
*mail a key to yourself
*let someone else hold a key for you
*Place a key at a far away destination

I'm sure there are other ideas you can come up with for the scenario

I have no idea where to begin on the backup methods but fun to think about

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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread post by Ironic_Bondage_Name »

Hello everyone and anyone!

I am looking for a timed-release self bondage scenario.

My preferred method of release is to use a combination lock in the dark, forcing me to wait until sunrise to be able to see the combination digits and let myself out.

I love dressing up naughty for a session, and maybe I'll even get the ol' webcam out and broadcast the session.

I have for my use:
- ball gag
- dildo gag
- under the bed restraint system (could be easily modified for SB)
- 1 pair of wrist/ankle cuffs that can be attached by the D-ring
- lots of rope
- a little bit of chain
- 4 pad locks
- 1 combination lock (more locks can be bought)
- bird cage chastity device
- school girl mini skirt
- thong panties + bra
- hot pink wig
- belt
- shoelaces
- duct tape
- bondage tape
- cling film

My plan is to have a good day of rest, sleep in, stay up late, and then start the session with enough time to be stuck for an hour or two before the sun comes up.

Thanks so much,

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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread post by tyler_uwm134 »

This is a more personalized dare, made for someone who's willing to be submissive. It will allow me control over you so you'll be forced to do a selfbondage scenario as I say. So only if you're daring enough, PM me and we'll talk in more detail. Basically, you will need only two things:

Whether you're a boy or a girl, you'll be able to particiate. All you'll need is (1) a 4-or5-letter Master lock combination lock and (2) a 16-20inch dog collar chain. These can be found in most grocery or drug stores in the school supply section and the pet supply section.
51mFI4JHyGL__SY300_.jpg (16.69 KiB) Viewed 61880 times
An acceptabe replacement to the Master lock would be a small 3-4-number luggage lock.
Once you have these items, I'll give you more detailed instructions about how I will have you put yourself in bondage. You must also have a webcam to be able to live chat. Serious inquiries only...

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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread post by happily_locked »

Buy a length of small chain at any hardware store. You should be able to pull it through itself.
At home, put it around your waist, put one end through the other, and pull it snug. Insert a
butt plug, then pull the chain forward, and have your key holder attach the free end to your
chastity's lock. Handcuffs attached to your chastity are nice, too.

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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread post by js071991 »

[Deleted] See below
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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread post by enzo59 »

Hello everyone !

I'm a beginner and looking for crazy ideas... What could I do with :
- chain collar with padlock
- bondage hood
- chastity belt (this one : ... enfer.html)
- padlocks
- chains
- handcuffs
- locking rubber restraints for both ankle and wrist

I expect to stay a few hours, want to be naked and need to go to my car to get the keys to deliver myself.

Thanks for your crazy dares !

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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread post by Bond_007 »

Let's do something simple and effective. Try this:
Start by stripping naked.
Tie a chain around your waist, make sure it is tight, cuff your ankles with the locking rubber restraints and lock them together with a padlock. Also use a chain to lock the ankle cuffs to the chain on your waist, but keep the length short enough that you cannot stand up normally, but only half way.
Put on your chastity belt, and hood. You didn't mention a gag, maybe you should buy a ball gag and gag yourself with the ball gag.
And handcuff your hands behind your back, and also lock these handcuffs to the chain on your waist. Just make sure you'll be able to unlock the cuffs with the key once the key is available.

Put the keys in a bottle of water and freeze the bottle, you will not be able to get the key until the ice has melted.
Put your spare (back up keys) in your car, if you need to get out before the ice has melted, you have to get to your car.

And invite a friend at a specific time at eg. 16:00, if the ice in the bottle takes 4hours to melt and if you give yourself 30 minutes to escape you can start at 11:30. If your not able to free yourself intime your friend will find you tiedup naked, makes it a little more exiting.

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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread post by Bond_007 »

My equipment:

1x ball gag harness
1x Muzzle ball gag harness

Bondage devices:
4x lockable Leather Handcuffs (for hand and foot)
1x lockable leather waist belt
2 x Leather Handcuffs (non lockable)
3x handcuffs (metal)
2x police handcuffs (metal)
1x metal ankle cuff with small chain
6x short chains 90 cm
1x long chain 250 cm
16x Padlocks
2x magnetic padlocks
6x ropes 10 meter
4x selfbondage timelock (Varildo TimeBond, stays locked for 60-80 minutes)
1x Electro magnet (and a timer)
1x Posture Collar (lockable).
6x straps

Clothes for bondage:
1x ripp-off thong (one simple pull and I'm Naked in 1 second).
looks like this: ... K-F600.JPG
The ripp-off thong has a little D-ring which can be locked to something, so if I move away (to far) I'll lose my thong and I end up naked.

Timerelease options:
- Varildo TimeBond. (60-80 minutes)
- Electro magnet and a timer. (1 minute till 24hours)
- key frozen in ice (bottle). (time depents on how much water is frozen).

Anywhere at home (indoors).
Options If tied to something without be able to walk away:
- a bed, with 6 locking point around the bed (e.g. spreadeagled to a bed)
- pole (part of a house stairs).

Don't forget the emergency release for safety.
I prefer not to be tied up for longer than 8 hours. Just make me nice dare/scenario.

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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread post by CincySissy »

So...I'm very new and very shy but I've decided I want to explore a bit so I thought I would ask for some task or instructions from someone more experienced.only thing is I don't have any equipment... so I thought maybe I could give my instructor an allowance for me to spend on the ness equipment and supplies for the task and tell me what to get, in return I'd be willing to video the session and send it to my about...30 dollars...the suggestion that turns me on the most wins and gets the prize i... am kind of into being a sissy and humiliated...

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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread post by subsange »

Guy looking for a dare with a new catsuit...

Latex catsuit,
ball gag,
spandex hood,
clothe pins,
Small and Medium Buttplug,
Wrist and Leg Restraints,

open for ideas/dare. Want to have a fun/interesting time with my new catsuit.

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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread post by js071991 »

Hi all

I have some time off in the upcoming days and am looking for self bondage ideas. I'd like it to last for a few hours, involve some struggling and pain and not let me cum until time is up (though some teasing would be fun!)! Also don't mind being forced to do something to get free.

I have:

10m of rope
5m of chain and 4 padlocks
2 standard belts
Zip ties galore
Ring gag
Pegs and string
A few vibrators
2 electric (plug in) timers with built in cut-out if mains power is lost
Electrical tape

I also have a variety of rafters and hooks in the ceiling of my garage to secure things too, and it will take up to a 200kg load (I'm 80kg so I'm well under).

My usual release is an ice lock (for keys) or scissors (for rope, string and tape). I also leave a set of emergency keys in the next room if I need to crawl there and unlock myself. Also my roommate will be home a few hours after I start so I will be found if nothing else works.

Hope you have some ideas :D :D I'll let you know of the outcome, too!

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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread post by hoopcdan »

I am on a short notice need for a bind , I have lots o f rope , tons of chain , lots of locks. Wrist and ankle cuffs mitts and have full arm mitts as.well straight jacket body bags 2 leather hoods, clamps plugs dildos , ring ,ball, muzzle, breath throug gag what I need is really simple I need a bind and length of time I have a safety person every morning at 730 I prefer all nighters please be strict ty

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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread post by happily_locked »

Mail yourself the keys to a lock. Then lock it onto your balls.
If you add a chain to the lock first, the chain becomes a lead,
or can be locked to stationary objects.

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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread post by Closed_doors »

Here's one to try. Now, almost every self-bondage devotee has their 'toy box' with all the things that go with it. The challenge is, use nothing from the toy box. Imagine you are away from the home-zone' and the SB urge hits. You need to make do with what ever is available.

Example, a little while back, Carmen and I were alone at non-home location and We used things like tea-towels, a pair of jumper leads, (tied not clamped unless you like extremeus SB), torn up rags, shoe-laces, a sock for a gag or mittens, an electrical extension lead and a piece of garden hose. It was fun improvising and although the location did not provide sufficient equipment for the really strict bondage we love, it made up for that by forcing improvisation and experimentation, very arousing. Yes, we are a couple now, but many, many (read countless)times before, I've done this alone. New location, unfamiliar equipment, very arousing.

You can play in a car too. With some careful twisting and looping of the seatbelts, it's possible to secure someone (or just yourself) rather well in the back seat of a car using nothing but the seatbelts.

Location is not a restriction on our fun, simply a challenge to find a way to play using what ever is at hand.

We even did one in a grassy field with no equipment whatsoever. I simply tied her to planet earth using twisted and knotted long grass. Take some water and a wash cloth as the itch from the grass might require a body wash down when finished. The itch during the session is just part of being a captive, you can't scratch, very frustrating.

My point is, we humans tend to get in ruts where we follow the same path to fun every time. Take the off-ramp from that path and travel a road you've not used before. Variety is after all the spice of life.

Remember to play safe, as the new location/unfamiliar equipment might not lend itself to your usual safeguards.

Have fun and post up the results if anyone is game to try this one out.

It has been said, 'Life is too Short!' but I cannot think of anything you can do longer. Anon
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Mike and Carmen

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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread post by selfbondage4fun »

So here I am, a 26 year old male (5'10", 160 pounds, athletic build) happily married with a young child. I've been into self bondage for several years off and on, but don't have any chances to play with a wife and kid at home all the time. My wife and kid will be gone for two weeks soon, so I'm trying to decide that to plan for my time alone. I'm open to ideas etc.

A little about what I have done in the past. I've tied myself up in the past for fun a few times with rope etc. and am handy with knots. I've hogtied myself pretty well several times in the past and enjoy a good hogtie, but can only take them for so long. I really enjoy anal play, so I want to incorporate wearing butt plugs for lengths of time as well. I have experimented some with pain and humiliation, so I might include some of those too. I do like dressing sexily as a woman, so most of my self bondage times include wearing whatever sexy women's clothing I have hidden at the house.

What I have:
2 padded leather cuffs that have "D" rings on the sides to lock together or separate
2 small luggage type padlocks (w/ 2 sets of keys)
Plenty of .5 inch thick ~10 ft long lengths of nylon rope

1 ball gag (single strap w/ 2.5 inch ball)
1 1 inch diameter small butt plug
1 1.75 inch diameter medium butt plug
1 2.5 inch diameter large butt plug
1 Hitachi Magic Wand (plugs into wall) + butterfly attachment (goes around penis)

Size 6 4" high heels (have to have shoe horn to squeeze feet in and they hurt a lot to wear.
1 pair ankle length hot pink tights
1 pair ankle length turquoise tight
1 pair ankle length black tights with thin turquoise stipe on sides
1 leotard with long sleeves (very tight and form fitting
1 pair white patterned thong
1 black and purple corset (nice and tight, but not super restrictive)
1 faux leather very short skirt
1 pair purple 4 inch high heels that zip up so they won't come off without fingers
1 pair red 4 inch high heels (way too small and can't wear for more than about 5 minutes because they hurt too much)

I have never done overnight bondage, so that is one thing I'm considering. I have fantasized for a while about falling asleep in some sort of bondage or submissive situation, to be able to stay that way all night long.

I'm looking for scenarios, challenges, dares, etc to do.
Things that are not possible: outdoor bondage etc., bondage etc at work, pictures/video

My wife and kid will be gone for 2 weeks and I work full time, but want to fill my time with self bondage and dressing like a woman. I would like to be dressed sexily as a woman for as much time as I can, so please take that into consideration. Also, I would like to be plugged in some fashion for most of the time (not at work).

I might be open to things such as lengths of time required to wear butt plug at a time, putting myself in a position to experience more pleasure or maybe pain than I intended, and forced to wear women's clothing for lengths of time for humiliation etc.

A game that could be played for different results: get 1 dice and roll it. The roll could be the number of hours I spend tied in a position, dressed up, plugged with butt plug, or number or orgasms required, etc. Dice could be rolled again to increase the length of time or orgasms required within a certain time limit, etc. Could be a very devious game depending on the situation...

Thanks so much for your time to suggest things for me.

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Having the house to myself this saturday

Unread post by sagitarium1968 »

Hi there.

As I'm having the house to myself this saturday, I was hoping for som good and interesting dares. I love did-style bondage especially in my stocking feet and love hogtie/frogtie/chairtie and ballties.

I have the following equipment:

Duct tape
Bondage tape
rope (a lot)
Old bed sheats torn into strips
old ties
a ballgag
a pair of cuff's
3 belts

usually use ice for escapemechanism, but am open for alternatives.

Hope to hear from you

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Re: Having the house to myself this saturday

Unread post by happily_locked »

The first thread in this topic is the place to ask for dares, or tasks.
You'll get more replies if you post in the forum meant for dares.

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Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread post by soccerBound »

Hey all I am going on a business trip in 10 days and will be alone in a hotel for a few nights. Perfect chance for some self-bondage! I would like some ideas/dares to try while I am in the hotel room.

I just bought these, so I would defiantly like to use them :) ... L1500_.jpg

I also have the following:
50ft and two 20ft ropes
No gag, but I can make one out of the rope (or any other ideas)
two 10ft chaines
three locks with keys
zip ties
high heels
clothes pins

Also, I am willing to go to Walmart or any hardware store to get more supplies if need.
Most likely going to use ice as a release method. I'm up for suggestions or any other release ideas.

I am a 25 year old male. Very excited to do some self bondage. I can't wait to hear some dares!

Ready for Self-Bondage


Re: Official Dares and Ideas Thread

Unread post by tiedup4u123 »


Make sure you have enough length to walk
1. Freeze all three keys separately
2. Take the keys out and set the bottle / container / frozen water in separate places. You could set one a table in the hotel. One on the floor near the door, and one the bed. It doesn't really matter but just separate them in different places.
3. Put the high heels on
4. Take your handcuffs that you bought and cuff your ankles.
5. Then tie your heels to your feet with the rope
6. Lock the rope that you used to tie the heels with
7. Take the chains and wrap them around your chest and waist then lock them
8. Take the rope and tie it around your mouth but don't lock it
9. Connect that rope around your mouth and tie it loosely around your wrists
10. Lock the rope around your wrists

You will have to wait for the ice to melt to get free and you will have to walk around in high heels to retrieve all the keys.

Here is another option:

Go buy 2 soccer balls
Chain each soccer ball to your legs leaving some chain in between so when you walk around your dragging the soccer balls.
Placing the frozen keys in separate places again
Handcuff your wrists with the cuffs
Then take the rope and tie it carefully around your penis and then lock it
You will have to wait and walk with the weight of the soccer balls dragging behind you while also feeling the humiliation and pain of the rope around your penis.

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