Urethral tube too high/not curved enough

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Urethral tube too high/not curved enough

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So I have a metal chastity cage with a non-removable metal urethral tube, and I have a bit of a problem.

The beginning of the tube that first enters the urethra is a bit too high, or the tube itself is not quite curved enough.

There are no ridges on the tube, with the exception of the ball-like end that enters the urethra. If the tube was angled down, say, a half centimeter or so more, it would be much better, as it currently pushes up on the inside of my urethra too much, to the point where it can get painful if it's not removed right away.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to slightly move it down without breaking the tube, cage, or anything else, that would be much appreciated.
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Re: Urethral tube too high/not curved enough

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Unless you know a kink friendly welding shop you're out of luck. Either try to let your anatomy adjust to the cage, or look in the world of beautiful and expensive custom devices.

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Re: Urethral tube too high/not curved enough

Unread post by SergioUK »

What type of device is it? Depending on the metal you might be able to bend the tube a little by putting a length of slightly larger tube over it but too much force and you'd either snap it or more likely break it away from the device. Depending on the metal applying heat evenly with a blowtorch might make it more malleable. Only try any of this if you're prepared for the device to be damaged.

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