Cleaning Chasity Cage

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Cleaning Chasity Cage

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Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to chasity and would like to know if there are any tips or tricks to cleaning myself very well while still locked inside of the chasity cage? I have a plastic CBT3000 for reference. Thank you!

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Re: Cleaning Chasity Cage

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Get an empty spray bottle. Any hardware store will have them for a dollar or do. Get a foot of 1/8” flexible rubber hose from an auto parts store. Unscrew the spray tip off the spray bottle and fit the rubber hose over the end. You may need to modify the tip of the spray head to get the hose to fit. You should now be able to squirt a stream of liquid thru the hose with the spray bottle.

Mix one part household bleach with 9 parts water in the spray bottle and shake to mix. Run the rubber hose inside the chastity cage from the back and squirt a couple pumps inside. With a little practice you’ll figure out how to manipulate the hose to get the solution all around Willie. Don’t make the solution any stronger that 10% or Willie will feel like he’s on fire. A 10% solution may create a very mild sting on sensitive skin, more like a tickle really. You can also squirt some solution in the pee hole in the front but don’t squirt real hard. If the solution squirts inside the urethra, even the 10% solution will light up Willie. Getting the solution in your urethra or the burning from a stronger solution aren’t damaging, just uncomfortable. The burning goes away after a few minutes. Mind you, 20% is the strongest solution I’ve personally tested.

Do this in the shower! The bleach solution is strong enough to put bleach stains on anything it touches. Rinse the outside of the cage well and dry completely or you’ll have a bleach stain on the crotch of your trousers. The bleach solution will kill any and all fungus and bacteria inside the cage. Fungus and bacteria cause the smell that develops with extended wear of the device. You can treat the cage daily when you shower although every few days is probably often enough to keep the odors at bay.

The bleach solution does a great job with a stainless steel chastity cage. I’ve never tried it with a plastic or silicon cage. I’m pretty sure it would work well on silicon. I’m not sure about plastic.

Treating with this device makes cleaning a snap without removing the cage. With a little practice, it adds only one minute to your shower routine.
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Re: Cleaning Chasity Cage

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skip the shower and take a bath.
they are easy to clean under water.

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