Ideas for couples.

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Ideas for couples.

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Both have to be locked in secure chastity belts maybe with an individual key holder who ill have to judge the game to make sure there is no cheating. The keys should be held in two small safes with only the key holder knowing the combination numbers, or leave the keys elsewhere until they got and get them. That way you can't grab the keys.

You now take a pack of cards. Each person picks a card. The key holder writes down the numbers and adds them up. Jack=11, Queen=12 and the King=13. Jokers should be marked M and F of course. Reason will be explained later.

Each person picks a card. If a spade or club comes out, that person stays locked up. We'll say 6 spades. The other one picks a card. That person stays locked up. If a diamond or heart comes out, that person gets released. 9 of hearts. But the two numbers must be added to the time of the locked up person. 6 spades + 9 hearts = 15 days.

Let's say the woman picks a heart, the man a spade. The key holder (female) could then taunt the man by saying the woman needs it. He can't do it so the key holder will bring her a young stud. Or use a strap on on her. If the male gets release the key holder could say he is desperate for it. As she can't do it, at some time the key holder will ride him. In either case the other one will be tied to a chair, gagged and made to watch.

In the case of a male key holder, He could say the woman is screaming for it and as he can't help, he will help her out of her misery. If the male is released, a young hot girl will come and screw him. In the mean time, their mouths would be available on the other of course.

It could be the key holder decides to tie them to chairs and force them to watch porn films. The choice is the key holders.

Or you could make clubs and diamonds= days, spades and hearts = weeks. Be careful you don't get two Kings of spades. That's 26 weeks of denial. Unless the key holder decides you need even more time to reflect on your condition.

This is just a scenario. You can add to it or alter as required.
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Re: Ideas for couples.

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Cool idea. We've played similar before and dice games where we roll to see how long he has to stay in chastity for before he can be released. If he rolls a 6 I'll wear something extra revealing around him to tease, two 6's and I'll be going out with the girls to drink and might not come home that night. 8-)

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