My story

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My story

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I thought I would write my experience with chastity.

Ex wife was a bit of a feminist egalitarian and all about equality. We had met in church so there was also a traditionalist side to her. We had talked a lot about sex in while we were going out. We never had sex before marriage and on the wedding night she wanted to do it traditionally with me on top and her on her back. Pretty soon after though she said that she felt that this position just reinforced male dominance and she wanted equality and she wanted us to have sex on our sides. That was frustrating so we gave up on that and agreed that we would do penetration with me on top and then roll over so she was on top. She wanted us to cum together but we never seemed to really manage that. Either I would cum too quick and go limp so she was unsatisfied or I would hold off by lying perfectly still while she humped on me. But then I would be unable to cum as I had been holding off. Usually then the next day she would let me go on top missionary style.

Fast forward a few years and we've got a couple of kids and she has no libido. She is doing sacrificial sex and always just on her back lying there legs apart dead fish style. No foreplay. Either I would say "I'd like sex" or she'd say "Probably time you did it". I would put on some lube and she'd lie there while I fucked her.

Time passes and it becomes obvious to me that we have grown apart. We are talking about what to do and by then I had started reading about all sorts of stuff on the net and come across various types of chastity including people, mostly Catholics, who practice natural family planning.

We were talking and the essence was she felt obligated to give me sex out of wifely duty because she thought I needed release and this was reinforced because I would get grumpy if I did not get sex. She would give into sex was because it was easier that way. You can imagine how bad that made me feel. I wanted my wife to want me not to have to sacrifice herself doing something she did not like because my behavior was like nagging.

I said I was sorry if I was getting grumpy.

We tried scheduling sex to be just once a week and later once ever two weeks. This helped as it meant there were many days when we both knew there was no expectation that sex would happen. I still found myself getting irritable and she felt that and there were some occasions when she would just initiate the dead fish sex to calm me down but later we both agreed that this was just hiding the issue.

We agreed we would abstain for lent. For those not Christian. Lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter and Christians will often give up something ie make a sacrifice. Things like giving up alcohol are pretty usual. We talked and agreed that we would both have to deal with my grumpyness and that if it got too bad that I would sleep in the guest bed rom.

The first thing I found was that about a week in I started to get irritable. as expected. Short tempered. I was on edge. I tried rubbing up against her and also stroking myself (edging). Luckily she was firm and said to stop it. This feeling started to go away after about a week.

Around the 4 week mark I started to get this real feeling of deep inadequacy. Like a mild depression. There was this pervasive worry in my mind that I would never be able to do 'it' again. Would the manly sexual part of me cease to function. Would I still be a man? It was quite all pervasive and at times I was begging her for sex. When I think back it was quite immature almost pathetic in a way but it shows the great power these hormones have over us.

We found that hugging, kissing touching did help. One day I asked her if she would engage in some tease and pain and she dug her fingernails into my hard penis. Oh that was so good.

We then continued like this through the 40 day mark.

Came the night after and she said tonight you get to do it. We got into bed and she lay back legs apart. I said are you sure and she said yes you should have a reward. We talked about how she was not turned on and she said it's ok. So it was sort of sacrificial sex but in a kind of positive way. Anyway I still felt inadequate that I was not able to arouse my wife. I lubed up and pushed in and started to hump and then I came in a quite reserved way. It was actually a bit painful. Not a real full blown orgasm like I had experienced previously.

When I was done we talked about that and other feelings.

The outcome of this was that she had enjoyed the time because there had not been any expectation for her to perform. She did say that she felt we had just traded orgasm for the sexual pain of her digging her fingernails in. We talked about how when we were first married she had gotten on top. Anyway the outcome of these discussions were to agree that there would be no talk of sex but that we would schedule sex for Sunday nights with her on top. I think the very next Sunday we tried this and she was on top and she did actually cum but I had been holding off and then I could not orgasm. She then asked if I felt could go the week and wait until next week to cum. I was excited and apprehensive at the same time.

During that week I went through the typical grumpy stage. Come that next Sunday and we did it and we did it a few more times but I talked about the feelings of grumpiness and she talked about the feelings to perform and we agreed to try another 40 days.

At the end of that 40 days, I was torn. I really wanted orgasm but at the same time I was worried about the pain. She said to me that maybe I should try another 40 days. So I agreed. At the end of that 40 days we did have a conversation. It was all quite matter o fact about stages of life and physical changes and needs. So for a while we just stopped having sex. We did a lot more hugging and she would indulge me by digging her fingernails into my erect penis which i loved.

One night we went out dancing with friends. When we got home she was more amorous than she had been for ages and snuggled up. She then said she would like to feel me inside her. I put on some lube and pushed in slowly and she motioned for us to roll over so she was on top. She moved and I said how do you want this to work. She came shuddering orgasm. I started to thrust and she said firmly to stop and she lay down on my chest. She said don't spoil it just hug her. I did that. I was so sexually frustrated. She fell a sleep for a bit and then woke and lifted herself off and fell asleep beside me. I was actually feeling a mixture of anger, depression and excitement.

In the morning we had a conversation where she said that I had abstained for over a year and so we both knew that I don't need release and that she felt that I even like the challenge. I said what I would really like is for us both to enjoy sex and she said we will see. It's continued. A couple of times that next year she let me orgasm but it ends up being painful and then I have to go through that grumpy stage so we have agreed to complete abstinence.

Every now and then she will get aroused and have me inside her. One thing that turned her on recently was we were at a friends house and the friends talked about how the husband was getting the snip. My wife chipped in and said 'has he no self control'. She then went on to describe how she uses me but that I am not allowed to orgasm. I was embarrassed and proud at the same time. When we got home she was very amous and snuggled up and stroked me and I got hard as she talked about how excited when had been to talk to her friends. She got on top and lowered herself down and had a shuddering orgasm.

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A tease and Denial Kink weekend

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This is a record from my journal of a real treat my now ex wife gave me while we were still married.

My wife announced that she was going to take our kids to her parents for the weekend. This was OK with me because I have some things of my own that I want to do and she has also instructed me to attend to some home maintenance issues and neaten up the garden. On a normal week day I get up very early and prepare lunches and then go to work arriving at work early so that I can leave and be home soon after the kids get home from school. Sometimes on Fridays my work colleagues go out for drinks and from time to time my wife instructs me to go. In fact she was concerned that like many men, my only social contact was through her. On this occasion she said that I should stay late with my work colleagues and play some pool or do whatever. I did this and it was an enjoyable night out and so I arrived home around 11pm. It was quite strange arriving home to a dark, cold, quiet and empty house. A bit depressing in a way. So I let myself in and decided to go straight to bed so that I could get as much sleep as possible ready for the weekend chores.

I lifted the pillow to get my pajamas and discovered a surprise. An incredible surprise. Now I have a fetish that my wife does not share. The fetish is plastic. Early in the marriage, I had revealed this to my wife. I had bought a plastic mattress cover and tried to get her interested. But she was not interested and so eventually I got the message to just forget it. For about a week before each baby had been born and for about 6 months after, the cover had been fitted to our bed much to my enjoyment but her reaction had been that it was just there for practical reasons.

So under the pillow is a large white plastic bag. A pair of plastic pants that I had also bought several years ago and fitted to the bed above the bottom sheet was the plastic mattress cover. There was an envelope which I opened and it had a page of instructions. I opened it and read.
"Make the plastic bag into a Tshirt by cutting arm holes and a neck hole like you told me you had done before we were married. Then go into the shower and rub some baby oil over your body and put on the plastic pants and put the shirt on like a nightie. Then sleep in our bed on the plastic sheet.

In the morning leave the plastic clothes and put ordinary clothes on over the top while you do the gardening. Sleep in them again on Saturday night. On Sunday you will remove them and dress normally for Church. The bed should be back to normal and the sheets washed buy the time I return on Sunday evening.

You are not to rub yourself. You are not to orgasm.

This is my present to you. Enjoy.

Woh. I am hard on by the time I finish reading this. So I tear the arm holes and leg holes and take the plastic pants and go into the shower as instructed so that no oil will fall on the floor and I dress as instructed then I walk the crinkly noise echoing through the house. I get into bed and feel the plastic against my arms and legs and the slimy feel of the top and pants. I am so hard and so turned on. I can't sleep. I lie there. My mind is racing. I look at the clock its 2am. I must have slept a bit. I roll onto my tummy but the temptation to trust is too great so I get out of bed and just stand there as my erection subsides. I get back into bed and over the next few hours I must drift off a few times. Finally around 5am I give up and get up. Its dark and chilly. I go into the bath room and pee. One of the rules in the house is that the boys sit to pee. So this is a bit of a messy operation as sliding the pants down spreads the baby oil and sweat down my legs. After I am done I wipe my legs down and go to dress. My next surprise is that when I open my underwear draw, I find that she has been and bought a one piece body-briefer. This is like a leotard but the material is not very stretchy. It still had the tag on it. I pull it on which takes quite a deal of effort but once I have it on, the noise of the plastic is much less. I choose a pair of nylon sports shorts and a Tee shirt. The noise of the nylon sport shorts will mask any remaining crinkling.

It is just getting light and I start on the home maintenance. It is a really weird feeling. I am so turned on. There is a list on the fridge that has been growing recently. Lots of little things. I decide to leave the plumbing things until it is lighter so I can go turn the water off. I start by looking at furniture. Various draws seem to have knobs that are either off or come off. Using epoxy glue I can re attached and fix those and so the work goes on.

Its 10am and I have done many of the maintenance things on the list but I need to go to the hardware store. I also need to go to the toilet. That is a time consuming operation as I peel all the clothes off just to have a pee. The body briefer is very tight and takes quite a deal of effort. Anyway finally I am done and then the task of putting it all back on again. I am still hard as. When I do this I find that some oil has squished out the back of my legs and is visible on the sports shorts. I am quite self-conscious about this and agonize over what to do. A use some duct tape around my leg openings to try to seal the plastic pants and put on a new pair of sports shorts. Finally done so off to the hardware store. Then back home and continue with the maintenance. I have some work I want to do on the ski boat. So I get right into that. Anyway I won't bore you with all the details suffice to say that the afternoon was productive but the entire time the feeling of the slippery plastic against my skin and the tightness of the body briefer was just an amazing head spin.

Around 5 pm and the phone rang. It is my wife. The kids would like to talk to me. I chat to each child in turn. I actually feel quite stupid embarrassed even just a bit sick. Is there something wrong with me. Why am I like this. After the kids have each had a chat, my wife comes on the line and asks if I have had a productive day. No mention of the plastic. I say that I have had a productive day and that most of the maintenance is complete. I am not allowed to initiate conversation on these sorts of topics and so I chat lightly to her hoping that she will mention it but the closest we get it her saying sleep well sweet dreams as the call comes to an end. I feel better now. She has acknowledged me but there is the inevitable arousal due to sexual frustration.

In the evening, the house is quiet and cold. I decide to skip the evening meal as this will help with weight loss. The tightness of the body briefer a contributor to the decision too. I continue working on servicing the engine in the ski boat in the shed and by 10pm that is complete complete.

Back inside and I embark on the time consuming task of stripping and going to the toilet. There is a lot of sweat trapped in the plastic and it quite smelly. I pull up the plastic pants and get gingerly into bed. Again sleep is very broken. I am so sexually frustrated but at the same time I feel I need some rest also somewhat tired so I don't get up and watch TV not that there is anything worth watching at this time anyway.

Finally we reach 5am and I decide it is time to get up. I am so slimey and turned on and the plastic rustles as I move. I go into the shower and stand there and pee in the plastic pants and then strip as the warm water flows over me.

After washing myself, I wash the shower with cleaner to get rid of the oil on the floor and the slippery sticky feeling under foot. Now I wipe the plastic sheet down and take the top sheet and the blanket both of which have gotten some oil or sweat on them. Working in the nude, I put the sheets into the washing machine along with yesterdays clothes. While the washing machine does its thing, I wash the blanket by hand in the tub. I leave it to soak and go back and remove the plastic sheet from the bed and make it with clean sheets and blanket. Next I get a bucket and mop and mop the bed room floor (polished wood) which has had a few drops of oil drip on it. Next the toilet and bath room are scrubbed to remove any trace of oil and sweat. Still in the nude, I transfer the washing to the laundry basket and put on the second load. The blanket is removed from the tub and all is made ready to hang out. I put on a pair of shorts and a Tee shirt and venture into the crisp early morning air and hang it all out.

Then back inside and I take another shower. Now I feel clean and I dress for church. I decide that cooking for one is just not there but feeling very hungry as I had hardly eaten the previous day, I decide to eat at a café near our church. I do a final look around. Everything is clean, in its place or drying on the line. I pick up my net book, wallet, phone & keys and head down to the café. I order breakfast and fire up the net book and write some of this. I would love to share it with someone but that is for another day.

I sit there and wonder about what other peoples lives are like. No one would have thought that I was anything but an ordinary guy. Our friends know that I do what my wife tells me to do but I doubt that any of them know to what extent. Breakfast comes and goes. Church happens but is nothing out of the ordinary. Small talk and a coffee after. Then back home.

All the inside jobs are done. I check over the list. Having not had much sleep the last few hours and feeling a bit tired, I go lie on the bed and fall a sleep pretty quick. It is around 4pm when I awake. I check my phone but no messages. My wife would normally message me if she wanted me to make an evening meal. No message. I retrieve the washing and fold it and put it away. I am really looking forward to the return of the family. The afternoon and evening seem to drag on forever.

It's not till 9:30pm that my wife arrived home. The kids are a sleep in the car in their pajamas. We hug and she smiles at me and asks if I had enjoyed the weekend. I smiled and thanked her for the treat. It was wonderful. I carried the kids inside and put them to bed. I am so horny. I really want to talk to her but I know I must not initiate conversating on this topic. I offer her a glass of wine but she declines. This is not good. She is tired. It's time for bed. We change for bed and still she has not mentioned it. When we are in bed she lies on her tummy. This is a good sign. I tentatively start to massage her shoulders and she tells me further down. This is a good sign. I stroke her bottom and run my hands down the backs of her legs. She asks if I would like to touch her and she knows my answer. Yes I say. I gently continue getting closer and closer with my fingers between her legs until she says to me to put my hand down the front of her pajama pants which I do enthusiastically and gently rub and she begins to push against my fingers. I am above her supporting myself on one arm and my elbow and occasionally her bottom brushes my penis. I am so turned on but not allowed to thrust. She reaches climax and I withdraw my fingers and lay down beside her. She turns her face toward me and smiles and whispers thank you.

I lay there beside her. I am so turned on by the sexual frustration. As I am half a sleep, I started to sort of rub my self a bit. The movement must have woken her and she said "stop moving, lie still". Aghh I thought to my self. She rolls onto her back and drifts off to sleep.

Nothing for me tonight. I do feel somewhat frustrated and wishing I could talk with her. But that is not to be.

Monday comes and goes as usual.

Monday night she asks me if I enjoyed the weekend and I enthusiastically said yes. We proceed to have that fun debrief that I so craved. Just talking on that subject is for me so necessary. It has now been five weeks since I have reached orgasm. The feelings go in cycles and I would really love to make love. She looks and me and says "you never know what will happen".

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