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Mummy Sleeping Bag Bondage

Posted: 25 Apr 2021, 18:31
by ColonelShuffle
Hey everyone!

Curious to see if there’s anyone else on this forum who is into or has been lucky enough to experience sleeping bag bondage?
This is probably my biggest bondage fetish, it is my dream fantasy to be mummified in several layers of down mummy sleeping bags and then secured with ratchet straps to prevent my escape.

A big part of what I love about the bags is the inescapability. With the bags zipped up and the hoods cinched around the bound persons face, it’d be difficult to escape even without the use of any additional bindings. And they’re so comfortable, I’ve done some self bondage in a pair of mummy bags I own, and they’re extremely comfortable I’ve fallen asleep in them :lol:

Would love to hear from you guys, if you have your own experiences, or are just into the sleeping bag bondage kink like me!

Re: Mummy Sleeping Bag Bondage

Posted: 10 May 2021, 11:04
by 2kinky4most
Hi Colonel!

Yes, I'm one of the lucky ones :D

I don't think i lie if i told you i have about 1000 hours tied up in a sleeping bag.
There's nothing that makes me more relaxed than that!
My record time tied in a bag is 4h 10min :)

You can check out our Instagram account with the same username as here (2kinky4most).
Unfortunately we broke up so there will not be any new pictures posted,
at least not until I meet someone new agreeing to continue the page.

I hope you will experience it with someone in the future :)

Re: Mummy Sleeping Bag Bondage

Posted: 11 May 2021, 16:00
by ColonelShuffle
Wow that’s so awesome! Just checked out your profile, I love all the puffy bondage pics, and those sleeping bags look so comfortable and restrictive.

I too hope you find another who will play with you in the future, typically down fetishists are rare

Re: Mummy Sleeping Bag Bondage

Posted: 11 May 2021, 21:57
by 2kinky4most
They are as comfortable as they look! :D
I own a total of 5 down sleeping bags made for winter use,
if you put them all into each other it will get REALLY puffy and tight!

Glad you liked it! :)
It's not so rare that you may think, our followers raised in an insane speed!
I had no idea it would be that popular! :shock:

If you check out our followers you will find a lot more pages with puffy bondage 8-)

Re: Mummy Sleeping Bag Bondage

Posted: 12 May 2021, 20:04
by ColonelShuffle
I have two bags of my own and they get super puffy and restrictive when they’re zipped up inside each other, so I can imagine how comfortable and warm 5 bags must be!

I’m looking to add to my collection, there’s some very cool fetish specific sleeping bags out there that I’d love to purchase.

Re: Mummy Sleeping Bag Bondage

Posted: 13 May 2021, 16:54
by 2kinky4most
Yes 2 is sure enough to make it tight! :)
With 5 there's no way you can crawl into them, you have to zip them one by one to be able to fit inside!

They are really cool, but pretty expensive aswell..
I guess they are complicated to use on your own though? :?

Re: Mummy Sleeping Bag Bondage

Posted: 14 May 2021, 00:08
by ColonelShuffle
It’s a little hard sometimes. I’ve got a pretty good method.

I swaddle myself in a big plush blanket first, which keeps my legs together, then I put a belt on around the blanket, over my midsection to make sure it doesn’t get loose. I get inside the first bag, zip it up to my chest, then slide into the second bag. I zip it up fully, pull my arms inside the second bag and zip it up as well, then I slide my arms into the blanket cocoon. It’s pretty effective, takes a lot of struggling to get loose of the blanket.

However, I’m dreaming of one day being properly strapped into several mummy bags and just being allowed to struggle around for a few hours

Re: Mummy Sleeping Bag Bondage

Posted: 15 May 2021, 05:11
by 2kinky4most
That's sounds like a really good way to do it! :)
I was referring to the custom made bags though!
They must be really hard to use on your own since there's no extra space to use your arms inside the bag ;)

I really hope that to! It's really not the same thing as any selfbondage method :D

Re: Mummy Sleeping Bag Bondage

Posted: 16 May 2021, 15:16
by ColonelShuffle
Oh! Yes you’re right using the custom bags properly would be next to impossible, with the internal sleeves that most of them have you wouldn’t really be able to fully be bound into one of them.

I’m sure I will eventually get the chance to try one out, it’s on my bondage bucket list

Re: Mummy Sleeping Bag Bondage

Posted: 26 Aug 2021, 15:52
by WoolyMammoth
I have seen some sleep sacks with a zipper leash that you screw into the headboard. In theory with the other end attached to the zipper of the sleep sack you should be able to scooch down in bed to zip it up and then when you are done spin around and slide down the bed again to unzip it. I have not tried this myself and wouldn't without a partner that could help you escape if things go wrong.

But this is one other method that I have heard of for self bondage.

Re: Mummy Sleeping Bag Bondage

Posted: 28 Aug 2021, 12:57
by SergioUK
I have a lycra bag with internal sleeves, hood and two way zipper. I've added a large metal ring to the lower zip pull and with that one lowered to about crotch level I can get in, pull the hood over and bring that zip down to my chin and get my arms into the sleeves by manipulating and stretching the upper part of the bag. Then I hobble over to my bedroom door, loop the ring round the handle lever and lower myself down, pulling the zip up. With the zip pulled up I can't get my arms out of the sleeves so I hobble to bed. When I want out I do the reverse to pull the zip down.

What I haven't figured out is a way to prevent getting out for a period of time. With another bag I have I can join the zip pulls with a timer padlock but then I have too much freedom inside although a catsuit over compression shorts or pantie girdle over a cricket protector and a thick nappy prevents masturbation, but I like the feeling of my arms being restricted.

Re: Mummy Sleeping Bag Bondage

Posted: 01 Jan 2022, 15:31
by manwithnoname
Sleeping bag bondage is my biggest kink as well.

Love the feel of being compressed in down sleeping bags.

Always try and wear a nappy if I am paying self bondage games!