Ways to improve self-mummification

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Ways to improve self-mummification

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I absolutely love self-mummification, and recently I've been discovering new ways to modify my technique to spice up my sessions.

My usual method:
- Load a 17" (43cm) roll of plastic wrap on a sock-padded shower curtain rod (the socks keep the roll from wobbling)
- Extend the rod between the ceiling of my closet and a hip-height stack of boxes and books
- The top book is wrapped in no-slip grip roll, to give the plastic wrap roll more tension as it spins
- Place the loose end of the wrap at the knees, and turn on the spot, letting the wrap work up my legs
- Bend down to let the wrap work higher, or spin on tiptoe (or at an angle) to push it lower

Some of my favourite mods:
- Add a rope shibari before wrapping, and watch as it slowly disappears under the wrap
- Place a ribbed taint-stimulator between my legs, held in place by a swimsuit or bikini bottom, so I can grind against it while sitting or lying down
- Wrap my arms (and maybe legs) separately before mummifying, to make it harder to move them

But my latest mod has the most potential: reusing old wrap. I don't detach the loose end of the wrap when I'm done wrapping myself, that way I can unwind around my kitchen table (or fridge, if I pull it out beforehand). And though I usually just discard the used wrap in rolled-up balls, I've started re-winding the used wrap onto an empty tube, and then setting up a 2nd shower curtain rod to dispense the used wrap together with the fresh roll.

It takes some stretching and pulling to get the wrap back into a thin sheet, and the used wrap isn't as wide, because it gets a bit crinkled after it's unrolled once, but it ends up being about 12 inches (30cm) wide, which is still pretty good. Then, when I have another session, I unwind both the fresh roll and the used roll to get two layers of wrap in one spin. When you're used to one layer at a time, this extra layer definitely adds some excitement!

The next obvious step is to repeat this process, saving the used 2-layer wrap onto a tube so I can have a 3-layer session, and so on. Right now I have a used roll that's 5 layers thick! This was my first time trying it, so I mixed a 17" roll with 12" home-use rolls, and it looks massive. The main problem with this roll is that it feels crinkly on my skin, which isn't very satisfying, but it feels amazing to have the wrap be so thick!

For my second attempt, I started with two fresh rolls of 17" wrap and rolled them out on top of each other, creating a 2-layer roll that's unused and 17" wide. I haven't used it yet, but I have high hopes!


Has anyone else tried this? What are your thoughts? Or do you have any other ways to spice up your self-mummification sessions?

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