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Re: Actually is it possible to latex bondage forever?

Posted: 05 Dec 2021, 11:16
by SergioUK
I agree with Laycette. The fit is critical. I've gone nearly four days in a catsuit with feet but no hands or hood so I could actually go about my day, working (at home but with a visit to a datacentre) and shopping. My partner held the keys to the locking zips so I wasn't able to take it off if perspiration made it uncomfortable in the night, for instance. On the last day some irritation to one forearm developed where it was maybe too tight or hadn't been lubricated enough and as it was getting worse my partner allowed me out. It was 'form fitting' rather than skin tight which was the key.

Another factor was weather - this was in winter but I've worn for over 24 hours in the peak of summer and that was like a sauna, sweat constantly trickling down the sleeves and pooling around my feet. A different and maybe more erotic experience altogether.

With the right fit and several suits so you could shower and change to a clean one every day or other day I'd say >23/7 is quite achievable.