M/m Bondage Story

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M/m Bondage Story

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Anyone interested in male sub bondage might enjoy the novel-length story I published earlier this year. You can find the link to the story plus other (better) ways to contact me at http://linktr.ee/reconkayar

This is the synopsis:

“The Tournament Affair” is an extended story set in an imagined world of in-person gaming - kind of a hybrid paintball / Capture the Flag / Wargaming-in-the-woods league. Four teammates - close friends and housemates with very distinct personalities - agree to give a young dude a ride to his apartment-hunting appointment on their way to a tournament where capturing and restraining prisoners is built in to the play. Along the route they convince (trick) him to try getting tied up, and a wrong turn (or was it?) gets him swept up not-quite-consensually into the competition.

The story has lots and lots of rope bondage and gagging (mostly leather gagging, some bandanna and some tape), and fetish scenes featuring GOM, boots, and leather. Plenty re-gagging and retying. Little to no outright sex, but plenty of jerking and edging. Many twists and turns in the plot.

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