I obey my Master!

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I obey my Master!

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Submission game? No, this is not a game! I'm ready to obey, I came here to obey!

I'm on all fours on the bed. Defenceless, submissive, and where am I going to go when it’s not that easy to run away, I can hardly move. And I don’t want to. I enjoy the previously unknown sense of power of a stronger adversary, to whom I unconditionally and unconditionally obeyed. Yes, yes, I no longer play submission. I obey my Master!

Spanks several times. There were even stronger ones. Pulls out a bdsm flogger - soft, I would say a wonderfully gentle flogger. It gets scary and interesting. It always seemed to me that something like that in my hands is pain and fear. And footprints. And you need to try a lot to avoid this. A blow to the buttocks. I don't feel pain, I want it to continue. Sometimes it burns. Little bit. I am beginning to feel that the blows can be different, felt differently on different parts of the body. He switches to his back. And suddenly - a blow to the chest, another and another. Since then, for me, an indicator of skill and masterly possession of devices is to smack on my chest when I am on all fours. I don't want him to finish. I don't feel pain, sometimes when it gets too sensitive, I hiss through my teeth. I would like this to continue for a long time.

But the chains were removed. I am free. Is it free? Kneeling on the floor again He takes my hair, I inhale his scent. If the smell does not evoke desire, I do not meet. Its scent is sexy and rare. I am ready to breathe it over and over again. Its smell excites, I turn on. I run my nails along the penis, lick, run my fingers, lick the head, climbing under the skin with a sharp little tongue. He, without waiting, puts a member in my mouth. I'm getting used to this feeling. Without stopping, I look for what he likes. I love blowjob. Once preferred it to any other kind of sex. I loved getting on my knees and...

...I no longer understood who obeys and who commands. Because at that moment, even with a hand on the back of my head, I felt like a sovereign. Even though his cock touched my throat. But this is not what is required this time. He stops my games. Pulls the hair on the back of my head, forcing me to raise my head a little, and begins to abruptly push me onto my penis. It almost touches my throat, sometimes blocking my breathing. Tears welling up in my eyes. He lets go of my hair only to grab a whip and start lashing down my back and buttocks. He cums, I swallow cum. I lick her remains. Selfish, I don't want to leave a single drop. Sperm are different, bitter, salty, and very rarely delicious. He was like that.

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