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Re: Looking for a Story? *Post Here*

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I read this story a LONG time ago, and I was able to find it again a few years ago, but only with significant struggle. Now I can't find it at all and I need help. I'm somewhat convinced the story was called "Bound by desire" or "enslaved by desire" or maybe redemption of something, but I wouldn't trust that. I've searched here, asstr.org and others, but I'm at a loss.

The general gist of the story is a girl is kidnapped and turned into a sex slave by a dominatrix who only uses pleasure and denial, no pain.

The story is about a college virgin girl who is grossed out by lesbians. She gets kidnapped by a dominatrix and her sex slave, who put her in a cell. They then setup a camera, tie her to the bed, and masturbate her to orgasm and record it. The reason they are recording it is to send the videos to the girl's father, who was a puritan preacher or mayor or something like that and killed the dominatrix's lover indirectly somehow, like suicide. So her revenge is to turn his puritan daughter into a lesbian and send the videos to him.

So, after several days of masturbating the girl, she comes in one day, gets her very close, then leaves. Then the next day she lets her cum again, then the next day she doesn't, and again and again until the girl is extremely frustrated. Then the dominatrix pulls out a strap on and says if she wants to cum she has to beg for the strap on. She won't do it, so she leaves and the girl gets very upset. The next time she comes in and does the same, she gives up and begs the dominatrix to do her with the strap on. It's all videoed and sent to the girl's father.

Then the girl starts to get the idea to masturbate, as she's never done this before, and she's caught by the dominatrix who puts her in a chastity belt, and continues to deny / pleasure her till she is extremely expectant of the attention. This happens over weeks.

Next, the girl denied for many days, and then taken to a dominatrix party where she allows several dominatrix women to have sex with her. I think she is loaned out to one of the dominatrix women as well?

They also use some kind of machine on the girl to make her cum more frequently and harder. The dominatrix's slave uses this machine on her when the dominatrix is out. She says she never disobeys the mistress cause she'll bring you to the edge of orgasm over and over for days until your mind snaps.

Somewhere in there there are a few scenes where the girl is let out of her cell and sleeps with the dominatrix and her slave in the dominatrix's room.

After all this, the dominatrix lets her go cause she says something like she's hurt her father enough with the videos and they basically just let her out of a car somewhere. But she's now in love with the dominatrix woman and goes back to her to live as her second slave.

Yeah, so I basically remember every beat of the story, but I can't remember a searchable quote or anything to really narrow it down.

I'd appreciate any help in finding it!

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Re: Looking for a Story? *Post Here*

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I am looking for a story where a professional woman, I think she was a lawyer or a reporter. Is abducted and awakens in a hidden cell. I believe she is secured in a chastity belt and other related bondage gear and equipped with life support items like a catheter and enema system.

She sees through the window in the cell door a man who comes down a ladder into the next room and seems to be setting up all of the equipment to automatically provide for her. When he is finished he fills the outer room with concrete permanently sealing the woman inside her cell.

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