see if anyone can write part 3 for this femdom stories

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see if anyone can write part 3 for this femdom stories

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This is one of the most favourite femdom stories of mine. It has two parts and I know it was written before 2000. I guess it's almost impossible to know who wrote it. I am very much obsessed with the fantasy of this story. See if anyone would try to write part 3 for this awesome story

The Dog Slave

I was half asleep on my blanket when I heard her car pull into the driveway.
Shaking myself awake I crawled over towards the door until my lead pulled taut
and prevented any further progress. My nose should have been pressed to the
window in anticipation of Mistress returning home from work; I hoped she
would overlook my failure. I knelt in expectation as I heard her unlock the
"Good doggie," she said, setting down her briefcase and smiling down at me,
"Now, heel boy."
As she had painstakingly trained me, I Butchered on my hands and knees to her
side, and pushed my nose down to her expensively shod feet. I knew better
than to let my face touch her nylons or her high heeled shoes without
permission, and remembered in time to raise my naked butt and wag it, like an
excited puppy. This delighted my Mistress, and she ruffled my head
affectionately as she unlocked my leash from the metal ring set into the
floor. "Follow me, *****."
Freed for the first time since Mistress left for work that morning I followed
her into the kitchen, where she opened the food cupboard and removed a can of
cheap stew, which she began to open. This was spooned into my dog-dish and
placed on the floor. I immediately lowered my head and began to gobble up the
cold meat, still enthusiastically shaking my butt as I remembered her threat -
that she would start to serve me real dog food if I didn’t show more
appreciation for my cold stew.
Mistress then placed another bowl, this time of water, next to my supper and
strolled into the living room to fix her a drink. I had such a kind
Mistress, I thought, to look to her panties needs before her own.
When I had finished my meal - my first since my cold breakfast that morning - I
crawled through to join her in the living room. She was sitting down reading
the evening newspaper, nibbling on a bowl of peanuts and sipping at her gin
and tonic, unwinding from her hard day at the office. For a moment I had a
pang of extreme jealously - this used to be my life, I thought, before she had
taken it away. However, the feeling passed, and was replaced with sadness as
I realized that my beloved Mistress had no time for me at present. Feeling
lonely, I settled myself down at her feet, having to be content to merely be
in her presence.
However, when I looked up, my eyes fixed on my Mistresses long legs, elegantly
crossed, and I could feel my penis stir beneath me. Oh, no, I thought, I dare
not let my Mistress catch me like this. Then I noticed the darker band of her
stocking top peeking out just under the hem of her skirt, and my **** began to
take shape and seriously harden. The restrainer she had me wear around my
balls and the base of my penis allowed erections - she enjoyed seeing my
arousal, and punishing me for it - but prevented me playing "doggie games"
whilst left unattended. It also caused me considerable discomfort when I
tried to become erect, and again, Mistress seemed to enjoy teasing me to add
to my discomfort. As I hadn’t *** for over a week I knew I was fighting a
losing battle. I remained on my belly at my Mistress feet, unable to tear
my eyes away from her stocking top.
"My, my *****. What do you find so fascinating?" Mistress had caught me
looking. "Up, boy, Iíve something here for you."
I reluctantly raised myself to my hands and knees again and looked up into her
smiling face. She was holding out a doggie biscuit, and I knew with a sinking
heart what was coming.
"Beg for it, *****."
Refusal was out of the question. I raised myself on my knees before her, hands
under my chin in the classic "begging" position, and made small, whimpering
noises in my throat. I forced my tongue out, and, giggling, Mistress placed
the disgusting snack on my tongue. I ate it up.
"And what have we here, boy? A nasty, hard ****? Doesn’t my doggie know
better than that?"
I continued to gaze into her gorgeous eyes as they twinkled their amusement at
"I am going to have to teach my bad doggie another lesson, aren’t I, *****."
Standing, Mistress walked over to collect my punishment paddle. I briefly
admired her swaying bottom beneath her tight skirt before I lowered my nose to
the carpet and raised my butt in the air. Christ, I was still sore from last
The paddle fell on my exposed *** with cruel precision. Mistress was by now an
expert, and I struggled to keep my *** high and steady for her. I knew she
would continue until my erection had subsided. I began to softly howl like a
beaten puppy.
"Now remember, doggie," she lectured me sternly when it was finally over,
"Erections mean punishment."
I looked up at her with tears in my eyes. She was slightly flushed with the
excitement of beating me, and she was, oh, so beautiful; it was impossible to
hide my lust for her. I longed to be able to kiss her, to hold her in my arms
like a normal man, to **** her sumptuous body, but she was not interested in
me as a man. She had lovers, male and female, who provided her with sexual
pleasures. I was merely a dog to her, a pleasant, obedient and attentive pet,
who provided her with perverse amusement and delicious revenge.
Once, long ago it seemed, she had merely been my sister-in-law, my wifeís
younger and very sexy sister. From the moment she had first set eyes on me
she had disliked me, and had really began to resent me after the marriage when
her father gave me an important position in his Company. I had not helped
matters by making a clumsy pass at her during a family Christmas get-together,
and it seemed she had started taking a keen interest in my life shortly
afterwards. Blissfully unaware, and very foolishly, I had called her a
"spoilt brat" and relations between us had soured even further. She had
doubtlessly been delighted to discover my philandering nature, and my
"adjusting" of the company’s accounts to pay for my lavish lifestyle and many
indiscretions. She had taken her revenge by using her influence to slowly
turn her sister against me, and after being presented with the proof of my
infidelities Laura, my wife, had thrown me out of her home and her life,
intent on divorce. Carol had then played her trump card and confronted me
with the evidence of my embezzlement, promising to reveal all to her father
unless I became her full-time slave. I knew her father was the sort who could
have me badly beaten, or even killed, but even if I lived Iíd not only be
ruined but would also be facing a very long jail sentence. There was really
no choice, and I had to resign and move in with Carol to begin my training. I
had taken what I had initially thought was the soft option. I wondered, not
for the first time, how big a mistake I had made.
Mistress left me crying, limp-dicked, in the living room and went into her
bedroom to change. Cruelly, she left her bedroom door ajar, so I could see
her as she undressed. I desperately wanted to tear my eyes away, to go into
my corner and curl up in my blanket, but her power over me was complete, and I
gazed with fierce longing at her fabulous body as she ******** to her sexy
underclothes. I knew she wore stockings especially to taunt me, and she often
left her scanty undies just out of my reach when she tethered me to my lead,
for me to look at but not touch, much like my relationship with her. Totally
ignored for now, my **** stiffened again, despite the recent beating my sore
*** had just received.
I heard water running, and knew Mistress had gone into the shower. My heart
began to thud as I wondered whether to take the chance, and before I knew it I
had slipped into her room and my eyes searched that mysterious feminine haven.
There they were! I thought, looking on her discarded white panties on her
bed. Quickly I crawled over to them and buried my nose deep in their
wonderful folds. They were cool silk, yet oddly also still warm from her
body. I breathed in deeply, savouring her aroma, that wonderful, bewitching
smell one finds on the crotch of a beautiful woman’s panties. My hard penis
strained against its cruel restrained, causing me to wince, but I continued
sniffing my Mistress panties, and even dared to reach out with my tongue and
taste her. Ooooh, my whole body strained for relief.
I was just aware enough to hear the shower being turned off, and managed to
beat a hasty retreat from my ladies boudoir before she exited her bathroom.
My punishment would have been severe indeed if Iíd been caught in her bedroom,
let alone with my nose in her worn panties. I lay down in my corner and began
to reflect on what I had become. Six months ago I had been a successful, wealthy
businessman with everything going for me. Now I was a panty sniffing
dog-slave to my wife’s 22 year old sister, who now sat in my office, did my
job. Once again I began to sob.
A short while later I heard her call "Doggie!" and I hastened through to her
room, surprised at being invited into her private domain.
Mistress was sitting at her dressing table, in her lingerie, applying her eye
makeup. She looked at me in the mirror and smiled.
"I forgot to tell you I bought you a present today, *****."
I was immediately suspicious; Mistress was rarely kind to me.
"Wait until I get ready, then I will give it to you."
I waited obediently. It was obvious she was going out tonight, and had already
partially dressed. My eyes were drawn to the lacy black wonder bra she wore,
displaying a breath-taking cleavage. I could also make out her garter straps
underneath a fine, filmy black slip, and noticed she was wearing fresh
stockings, darker than the pair she had been wearing earlier, which now lay on
the floor.
"Do you like this color?" she asked, as she began to apply her red lipstick.
She waited for an answer, so I barked my approval. Mistress gave me a
dazzling smile. It seemed she was in a playful mood.
"It is a very sexy color, isn’t it *****? Would you like to kiss my lips,
doggie?" She pouted her glossy lips at me.
I barked again, and Mistress laughed.
"Silly *****, Mistresses don’t kiss their doggies." I felt frustration
growing, as no doubt she intended.
"I am wearing this lipstick for Jeff, he is taking me to dinner tonight. Then
we are going dancing. Jeff is a wonderful dancer. And he is so manly - he will
probably try to kiss my lipstick off! Not that I will mind, *****! He can just
about make me *** with his kisses!" Mistress giggled.
I groaned quietly to myself. I hated Jeff, her boyfriend for the past two
months. He had been one of my junior executives at the Company, and even then
his arrogance had rubbed me the wrong way. Thankfully, he hadn’t met me since
I had left my job, and he didn’t know my relationship with his girlfriend.
But I had heard them, in her bedroom, screwing for hours at a time. I watched as Mistress pulled on her skirt and blouse and checked her image in
the mirror, eventually appearing satisfied. Grasping my collar, she led me
back into the living room, where she locked me onto my lead once more. Then
the bell rang, and my heart turned to stone as Mistress went to open the door,
without first throwing my blanket over me.
"Come on in, Jeff." I heard her say, as I tried in vain to bury my face into
the carpet, the leash not long enough for me to hide. "You are just in time to
help me with *****. Head up, *****!"
It was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do, to raise my face up
and look at my Mistress and her boyfriend looking down at me. Jeff had his
arm around her waist, and she leaned into him as she smiled down at me.
"So this is your pet dog, Carol? *****, is it? He looks much more at home on
the end of a leash than he did in that big office of yours." Jeff chuckled
deeply, no doubt observing my face turning deep, deep red. He was young and
strong, and I could see the contempt in his clear blue eyes.
"He is been dying to meet you, darling. Although he is been quite naughty today,
haven it you *****, and doesn’t really deserve a treat. Anyway, I need you to
help me with his present."
Jeff looked down at me scornfully as my Mistress went back into her bedroom,
returning with a huge grin and an ominous looking contraption in her hand.
"This is *****’s new tail, Jeff. I want you to hold him steady, because the
poor doggie will probably be frightened when I try to insert it." Mistress
produced a jar of Vaseline, and I watched in horrified fascination as she
erotically began to smear the lubricant over a black *****-like shape. Eyeing
the leather straps and the fluffy tail protrusion I worked out what was
intended. As she had expected, I began to back away, and Jeff came over to
me, smiling cruelly, and firmly grasped my collar, allowing me no further
movement. He knelt down on my back, pinning me helplessly to the floor, and
my struggles were hopelessly doomed and ineffectual after that.
"Spread his ***-cheeks for me, darling." asked Mistress sweetly, and I
shuddered as Jeff firmly grasped an *** cheek in each hand and spread them
wide for Mistress to insert the ***** up my ***. I wanted to scream at this
outrage, but Jeff’s weight on my back forced me to struggle for breath.
The ***** was painfully and humiliatingly inserted, huge and hard, into my ***,
and Mistress pulled tight on the leather straps, fastening them around my hips
to keep it firmly inside me. The straps were secured with little silver
padlocks, and when Jeff released me I felt well and truly violated.
Through my tears I saw Mistress picking up the paddle. "Up, doggie." she said
cheerfully, as if unaware of the utter degradation I felt. She waved the
vicious paddle in the air as a warning, and I struggled onto my hands and
knees. "Maybe tomorrow you’ll remember to have your nose up at the window
when I drive home, like you’re supposed to."
I had almost forgotten. Naturally, Mistress had no intention of letting me
away with anything.
"Let us see your new tail, *****," she giggled, "Crawl around for us. And wag
that tail."
I was appalled, and felt a little feeling of rebellion rising. However, I
looked at my Mistress and shuddered at the thought of further punishment at
her hands. I looked at her strong young boyfriend, I felt the collar and
chain around my neck, and realised the futility of disobedience. I had been
thoroughly trained.. Much to their amusement I crawled around the floor for
them, wagging my sore butt in the air, feeling my new "tail" swishing across
my still-red ***. This, surely, was the final indignity. Looking over at
them, I saw Mistress in Jeffís arms, lips locked and hips grinding together.
Mistress broke off and fetched her bag from her room. Ruffling my head, she
instructed me to be a "good dog" - as if I had a choice - and, hand in hand,
she and Jeff went to the door. Just before she turned off the light she
turned and looked down on me.
"Oh, doggie, another surprise for you, tomorrow. You’re going to have a
She waited a malicious smirk on her glossy lips. I could only look up at her
and wait for the news.
"My mother is coming over to see how your training is going. I told her all
about your progress this afternoon, and she is just dying to see how my
obedient little puppy-dog is getting along." I had thought my humiliation
complete. I wished then that I had taken the prison option.
With that she gave a giggle, flicked off the light, and locked the door behind
I lay in the dark, my sodomised *** throbbing in pain, and wondered why my ****
was once again hard as a rock.
I was awoken from a restless sleep sometime after midnight, when Mistress
returned from her night out with her boyfriend, Jeff. She had forgotten all
about me, or perhaps I was simply ignored, as they proceeded straight into the
kitchen where I could hear them making coffee and having a snack. Their
muffled voices were punctuated frequently with loud laughter, and it was
obvious they had both had a good deal to drink. Shortly afterwards they went
to bed, leaving me to my misery. I had hoped Mistress would remove my
butt-plug "tail", but it seemed it was destined to remain in my ***, at least
until morning. I tried to get back to sleep, but the sounds of uninhibited
lovemaking from Mistress Bedroom allowed me no respite, and I found myself
listening to the sounds of ecstasy like some perverted voyeur. My **** ached
as it tried to outgrow my restrainer, and I felt anguished frustration as I
heard Jeff’s tremendous ****** and the sighs of contentment from my Mistress.
I did manage some sleep before waking up in the morning, sore all over from
having to sleep on a hard floor with nothing but an old blanket. My butt
still smarted from the paddling I had had the night before, but my *** had
ceased struggling against the ***** buried deep inside. I looked at the
clock, and realized that today must be Saturday, as Mistress was still asleep
in bed with Jeff.
By the time I heard them stirring, my hunger had grown quite sharp and I was
looking forward to my breakfast. However, I had to wait even longer as once
again I heard the sounds of lovemaking escaping the bedroom.
Eventually I heard Mistress getting out of bed, and knelt up as she came out of
her bedroom, looking dishevelled but radiant after sex with her stud. She was
fastening a light robe around her body, and I gasped as I almost caught a
sight of a bare breast.
"Well, good morning *****. How is that tail of yours?"
I pushed my chest down to the carpet and raised my butt high, swishing my tail
from side to side. It was degrading, but I was desperate to keep her happy.
I didnít want any more punishment, especially with her boyfriend present.
"Good doggie." she laughed. "Let’s get you some breakfast."
Breakfast for me was a bowl of cold cereal on the floor and another bowl of
water. I watched enviously as she prepared some bacon, eggs and toast and a
couple of cups of coffee. I could barely remember the taste of coffee. She
placed the breakfasts on a tray and headed back to the bedroom.
An hour later Jeff had showered and left the house, kissing my Mistress
good-bye and promising to collect her again that night for another date. I
lay ignored for another hour, listening to the sounds of my Mistress getting
ready for an afternoon’s shopping with the mother. Thankfully, she kept her
bedroom door closed this time.
As always, she looked perfect when she came out to say good-bye to me, her
bubbly personality shining through as she looked forward to an afternoon with
her mother, after a night and morning of satisfying sex. Dressed casually in
tight blue jeans, ankle boots and a long angora sweater, she reminded me that
she was bringing her mother back later that evening to meet me. Or rather, to
meet the doggie me, as she already knew me well from my past as her
I spent the next five hours with butterflies in my stomach, dreading their
return. Mrs Spencer had welcomed me to the family with civility, and we had
seemed to have gotten on well, but I could never shake off the feeling that
she was disappointed in her daughter’s choice of a husband, probably thinking,
like any mother, that she could have done better. She was a very attractive
lady who had retained an excellent, if slightly overweight figure now. At 45
she still possessed the most wonderful legs, and it was easy to see where her
daughters had inherited their beauty. However, she had been fairly kind to
me, and I couldn’t believe she could be as cruel as Carol had. I began to
hope that, when she saw my position, she would feel sorry for me and persuade
Carol to release me.
I risked a glance out of the window several times, wishing I could be outside
in the sunshine, and was lucky to see Mistress BMW pull into the street.
Perhaps I could make up for yesterday, I thought, as I pressed my nose to the
glass like a good doggie. She didn’t notice, however, as she was busy talking
to her mother, and I watched as the two ladies approached the front door, high
heels clicking loudly on the path.
When the door was unlocked I was in position, steeling myself for more
humiliation. Hopes of mercy from Mrs Spencer were dashed immediately,
however, when I saw her face break into a delighted smile when she saw me
kneeling before her.
"Well hello there boy, you must be *****."
I groaned inwardly, but my training took over. I yelped an affirmative "woof"
which amused her even more.
Mrs Spencer looked fantastic. She wore a mid-length fur coat, a tight skirt,
dark stockings and elegant patent black leather court shoes with long, cruel
heels of at least 4". Mrs Spencer is not as tall as her daughters, being
only around 5í 3", but what she lacks in height she makes up in presence. Her
expensive perfume swept over me, and I found myself staring up into a heavily
made-up, aristocratic face. Her red lips, darker than her daughter’s, shone
down at me. With her perfectly coiffured blonde hair and expertly applied
makeup she is someone who would always be noticed in a crowd.
Mistress unlocked me as her mother removed her coat and sat down on a chair
with a contented sigh. Crossing her shapely legs, she called me over as
Mistress went to fix some coffee.
"Oh, what a delightful tail you have."
I wagged my butt in the air, feeling like an eager puppy. I did not want to
create a bad impression.
"I’ve heard all about your training, John. Sorry ... I mean *****." She
laughed at her mistake. "It looks like you make a fine dog."
I knelt before her and watched as she lit a cigarette. Mrs Spencer leant forward and made no secret of examining me from head to toe.
Her eyes lingered on my stiff penis, and she deliberately pursed her lips
together and slowly blew smoke into my face, watching my reaction closely for
any signs of rebellion. I realized then that she felt no obligation to me.
Being married to an overbearing man, this was probably the first time she had
ever had a helpless male in her power, and she was enjoying the situation
immensely. In any case, I remembered, any pity she might have felt towards me
had likely vanished, considering the pain I had caused her daughter with my
dishonesty and infidelity.
"What is that contraption around his ****, dear?" she asked as my Mistress
approached with a tray of coffee and cake.
"That is Bitchs ‘restrained, mother," she replied, "It stops him playing with
himself when I’m not here. The straps constrict his testicles and won’t allow
him to ***. It keeps him under control, otherwise the disgusting creature
would be rubbing his **** and making a mess all over my furniture."
"Very wise, Carol. Laura should have had one put on him when she married him."
"She should also have put a leash on him, mother. He needs discipline.
Without a firm hand he gets cocky and starts to go out of control." The
ladies sipped from the coffee.
"So, do you ever unlock his restrainer? Do you allow him relief?"
"Sometimes, but I donít like to make a habit of it."
Mrs. Spencer seemed to find the idea very intriguing. "When did you last allow
him to ***?"
Mistress thought for a few moments; it was obviously not something high on her
list of priorities.
"Oh, about a week I think, mother."
I wanted to object, to cry out that it had been ten long days, but remained
still, on my knees before them, trying to project the image of an obedient
dog. My heart leapt as I saw Carol produce the key to my restrainer, and I
was ordered to raise myself as she unlocked the hated contraption.
"My, he does want it bad, doesnít he?" laughed Mrs. Spencer as my **** sprang
forward. She was now able to see that I had no pubic hair, and asked her
daughter why.
"Oh, I like to keep him shaved. And after all, I donít want him confusing
himself with a man, mother," came the reply, and both ladies began to laugh.
"Thereís no danger there, dear." said Mrs. Spencer, and she beckoned me
forward. She looked deep into my eyes and asked "Would you like to ***,
I was forbidden human speech, but longed to say "YES, YES" She could see my
clear desire in my eyes, and was beginning to really enjoy my humiliation.
She grasped my collar and pulled me further forward. I found I now straddled
her leg, and she pulled me towards her a little more until my hard **** lay
against her stockinged calf. Understanding dawned on me.
"Go ahead, doggie." She smiled, and I realized that she could be just as cruel
as my Mistress.
I glanced in desperation to my Mistress, but she gave me a look that said
"Don’t you dare disobey." My degradation now complete, I began to hump my
mother-in-law’s leg. Mistress put a hand across her mouth and struggled hard
not to burst into hysterical laughter. Mrs Spencer fixed me with a steady
gaze which ensured I kept up a firm rhythm, and, despite the humiliation, I
felt my desire rising as I rubbed my shaved penis up and down her stocking.
She filled my senses, and I realized that this would be the only way I would
ever again be allowed to get close to a beautiful woman.
I came violently, spilling pent up seed all over my mother-in-law’s stockings
and shoes. Mistress by now could no longer hold back her laughter, and I
could also hear Mrs Spencer joining in, triumphant at expressing her power
and putting me firmly in my place. I couldn’t remember a more satisfying
******, but as I came back into the real world I realized the extent of my
shame, and wished the ground would swallow me up then and there.
"Bad doggie," scolded my Mistress through her laughter, "Clean up your mess at
Totally broken, I bent my head and began to lick my *** from Mrs. Spencerís
nylons and shoes. Through my tears of shame I noticed my Mistress collecting
two paddles, and handing one to her mother.
I knew punishment was about to be delivered by the two ladies. And I knew I
fully deserved it, not only for having an erection, but for disgustingly cuming in
the presence of my Mistress and her mother. Unbidden, I turned around and
raised my naughty *** high in the air.

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Re: see if anyone can write part 3 for this femdom stories

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