These Stories Happened In My BDSM Sessions

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These Stories Happened In My BDSM Sessions

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Suit Fetish For European Expat In Shanghai.

I like wearing suits so designing a suit fetish session is right up my alley.

I am 168cm with 49kg so you can imagine my slender figure in a business suit.

I designed below scenario where I play the female boss of a French man in Shanghai.

I ordered him to give me a shoulder massage but he did a lousy job so I said,” You kneel.” I then gagged him with his tie. I quickly pull out my brown leather belt to whip his butt right after I made him kneel with my long boots.

The rest is for you to create with your vivid imagination.

Hair Scenario For Scandinavian Expat In Suzhou.

I helped him to undress so that he was completely naked in front of me. I wetted my hair and ordered him to comb and dry my hair. I started to blindfold him so that he could concentrate on smelling my hair. I touched his face and then my fingers moved to his ass. I fingered him with enough lubricant. The rest is for you to imagine.

Whipping Punishment Scenario For Expat In Wuxi

I found a cigarette at my slave’s place in Wuxi today. I surprisingly learned that he is a smoker. I ordered him to hold the cigarette with his ass cheeks. I then lighted a cigarette but the smell was very obnoxious smell made me wanna puke. I immediately put it out smashing it on the pad on his butt. I got my leather belt to whip his butt after he bent over. The rest is for you to imagine.

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