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Nowhere Man

Posted: 19 Aug 2021, 10:19
by MisterDirk
Hey Guys and Gals,

I have returned to the world of utopiastories after a longer hiatus, and I've been reading up on what was published in the last year or so. In the past I have published a few stories myself, under the name of 'Dirk', and I just updated one that I never finished before the hiatus began. Chapter 7 of 'Nowhere Man' should get published at some point in the next weeks.

Just like all humans, I evolve and see my viewpoints shift as I get older. Picking up that story and continuing it made me realize how much fun writing still is, but also that I am at a completely different place now then I assumed I would be. The story is one of my weirdest creations, feels very long, surely was tough for the readers to get into, still seems like a small mystery to myself.

I would like to encourage you to discuss it. I know my stories are very dark, some are repulsed by them. I respect that. For me, they are purely works of fantasy and do not reflect how I am in real life. Everyone who has the stomach for it: I would like to hear your opinions and views, either here or per private message, if that is preferred. Thank you.

Re: Nowhere Man

Posted: 20 Aug 2021, 02:26
by d3vious.g3nius
I went and read the story... I'll comment more after Chapter 7 is posted.

I'm curious now though... while he proclaimed himself in the beginning
as "nowhere man", will he now fall prey to Agatha have that become
his reality???

- d.g

Re: Nowhere Man

Posted: 20 Aug 2021, 09:13
by MisterDirk
Don't count on that. If you take a look at my, uhm, 'oevre', you can see that generally I tend to let aggressive and lustful males have a good time. It's a bit single-minded, but essentially I write stories that work for my subconscious, so what are you going to do? :roll:

So, I don't want to spoil anything, but the Nowhere Man is not going end up as someone's slave so soon.

Re: Nowhere Man

Posted: 20 Aug 2021, 22:03
by d3vious.g3nius
To be fair, your writing is what had me thinking like that :-P As Ben was himself questioning
his "future", per se, once he was trapped in Agatha's hideaway. But yes, more familiarity with
your stories would have clued me into this.

Funny re: " I write stories that work for my subconscious... " as I just kind of gave that advice
here recently.

One last note, it's hard for me to discern the degree of "darkness" in a story. I know that, it's too
dark, when I feel it invokes the primal urge that I simply want to kill the dominant in the story!!!
I haven't felt that way with your writing, cheers ;)

- d.g

Re: Nowhere Man

Posted: 04 Sep 2021, 15:12
by absolutist
Hi Dirk,

as a long time fan of your stories I'm thrilled to learn that you've taken up writing again! I look forward to the continuation of "Nowhere Man" which I consider to be a very original tale. Consequently, I have no idea where you'll take this story next and no compelling suggestion to offer. I trust that you have a plan in mind, though.
I've never minded tales exploring darker themes, it's only fantasy after all. If you really want to be horrified, just watch the news.
Of course, your remark that you're at a different place now than you'd assumed to be sounds intriguing. Since we're all getting older I think there might be a lesson in that ...


Re: Nowhere Man

Posted: 23 Sep 2021, 07:53
by MisterDirk
Hey Absolutist, how great to read you again. I hope all is well?

If there were more stories about bondage and kink on the news, I would definitely watch them more frequently :) And you are right of course. You're one of the people I hoped would enjoy the journey with the Nowhere Man. I know where it's supposed to get him, but the details obviously change while it's all getting written down.

The story was not yet updated, I assume due to corona/life/technicalreasons/too few actve authors. I'll read when when it's out in the open. Cheers mate!

Re: Nowhere Man

Posted: 09 Oct 2021, 08:35
by Barsoom
There are few good BDSM writers out there, and you are one of them, which is all the more appreciable as BDSM is waning.

Getting back to the story, this time around you introduced a smart girl, admired by Ben. The circumstances, a little far-fetched, bring him back to his usual role, reluctantly (not that much), and the figures are imposed, she must be a kind of slave.

He and she have to deal with this, Ben by making Ivy's situation more tolerable than his other victims, she by accepting the inevitable.

The example of Shiny shows her that this is not a game, that her future is definitely in chains and that it may be horrible.

Ben and Ivy may come to the conclusion that she must do the best she can in this situation, to survive in Agatha's clutches, and be proactive in her enslavement.

Endorse her new status, ask for body mods that will help her immerse herself in this new personality, a little dehumanization to avoid the total dehumanization of Shiny.

To be put to work, to have a reason for being, to be systematically chained, so as not to risk believing that another life is still possible, with the promise of never being released, to become totally involved.

And because the story is coded ponygirl, because ponyplay is the only bondage that allows extreme, movement and utility to be reconciled, it will therefore be ponygirl.

After some procrastination (which allows dialogues, twists and a bit of psychology), Ivy will ask to be tattooed from head to toe, to be marked, numbered, to have her temples permanently epilated and to wear a big nose ring to become, not a girl dressed as a horse, but the first member of a new species.

With strength and pride so as not to sink into depression.

And Ben will be beaten at his own game, having created a Frankenstein BDSM monster.

(English is not my native language)

Re: Nowhere Man

Posted: 21 Oct 2021, 12:21
by MisterDirk
Well, first of all: Thank you for that kind feedback, I really appreciate it Barsoom.

Second of all: I can't say that *all* your predictions are right, and I also don't want to spoil things for other readers. But your thoughts are very interesting to me, and I want to tell you that you are definitely thinking in the right direction.

Re: Nowhere Man

Posted: 23 Nov 2021, 09:29
by MisterDirk
At the moment, the update simply does not get posted. And I can see that essentially nothing is happening. Of course every person may have stuff in their regular lives to do, so that projects like Utopiastories have to wait. But does anyone know what is actually going on?

Re: Nowhere Man

Posted: 27 Nov 2021, 09:08
by Barsoom
Maybe you should go to Gromet's ?

The publication and archiving of BDSM stories has remained surprisingly artisanal, each site depending on an enthusiast, becoming a reference for a while (Leviticus, Sir Jeff, ...), then stopping, or even disappearing because of old age or illness.

This leaves hundreds of orphaned pages that time has covered and perhaps kept in the meanders of the internet.

And forgotten authors, who have perhaps themselves become tired of spending so much energy for so little recognition.

And by the exhaustion of their own obsessions, which make them go round and round.

You yourself, if I may say so, are exposed to this risk. Hence my suggestion to introduce consensuality to energize the story. But I'm not the writer...

Re: Nowhere Man

Posted: 30 Nov 2021, 08:49
by MisterDirk
You are quite wise. The danger - that a site like this just evaporates - clearly exists, and I too have witnessed things like that before. It would just be a shame, since I always liked utopiastories. We'll see what the future brings.