From the head of the house to a maid.

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From the head of the house to a maid.

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Nurse Rachel Line had a miserable life. Her husband Joe regularly hit her. He refused to do housework and as Rachel earned enough money to keep them, both, why should he worry about work? Rachel had to work long hours and still do all the housework.

She often thought about leaving him, but where would she go? Fate took a hand that day when she went to the cafeteria. Rachel sat down at the only empty table in the room. She was miles away in her thoughts when a voice asked if he could sit there. Rachel was only too pleased for someone to talk to allowing her to take her mind off of her problems at home.

He introduced himself as Barry Roles. He is a hypnotist. They are experimenting today with hypnosis rather than using drugs. But he had finished for the day so had a bit of time to spare. By the time Rachel had to go back to work, they were talking like old friends. Barry gave her his card with his number on it and a couple of tickets to his show. Rachel didn’t think hypnosis worked, so it was doubtful if they would be there. “Who said it doesn’t work? Do you normally pick up strange men?” Rachel said it must be because she spoke to everyone as it is her job. “So do you tell everybody of your marital problems?” Rachel was shocked. She hadn’t realised. “Some people can be easily led into it, others take a little programming. You were easy. By the sound of your husband he might take some time and sessions. Bring him along and we will convince him” Rachel went back to work.

The next day Rachel was there with a bruise on her cheek. To her shock Barry was there. He asked what happened and she said because she didn’t get his dinner ready quick enough, he hit her. “That won’t do. Bring him along and we will see what we can do for you. What do you want out of him? Rachel said she just wanted him to do the housework. “I’ll tell you what. No man likes to think he could be beaten. Bring him to the show. Tell him to volunteer and it will take a few sessions. Tell him he could earn money by being my assistant. It’s for eight weeks five nights a week and I’ll only need him for a half hour a night. I’ll pay him thirty pounds a night if he agrees” Rachel said she could only ask.

At that point another nurse joined them. It was her friend Mary, a surgical nurse. “Oh blimey Rachel. Not again. Why don’t you report him” Rachel said she did but the police said it was a matrimonial problem. “Not when it comes to violence it isn’t” Rachel introduced Mary to Barry and he gave her a couple of tickets to his show. Mary asked why he was doing it. “To show my appreciation for you wonderful people” Rachel told Mary of the plan to get Joe to part of the show. Mary said she would know what to do with him. Barry asked what her answer would be. “I’d make him do all the housework like a maid” Rachel laughed. “I could just see him in a maid’s uniform” Barry said anything was possible.

The next day at work Rachel said to Mary, “Thank you for the laugh yesterday. I needed that. I can just see Jo working away in a nice smart maid’s uniform” Mary said that she should not forget the French Maid’s outfit. He could flounce around showing off his panties and petticoats to everyone’s amusement. Maybe we could get him a job here. Everyone knows how he treats you Rachel so would love to have him serve us all”

The first night of the show and Joe volunteered to be the stooge. He had to be at the show a half hour early so Barry could work on him. He asked why and Barry said he wanted to know if Joe could be hypnotised first. Some people can’t be treated. He need at least one to make the show. Joe agreed.

The first show and Joe and the others had to pretend they were chickens. The audience were in fits of laughter. Mary and her partner Susan joined Rachel in the audience. Rachel never realised about Mary. “Why should you know? I would rather live with a woman than be beaten by a man”. That was something Rachel could not argue against. Mary went on, “You could have both you know. A man and a maid” Rachel told her to stop it. She liked the laugh, but Joe would not wear a dress. “You’d be surprised how many men would love to be forced into a dress or skirt” Susan joined in. She too was a surgical nurse. She had a sister who had taken psychology. She had told Susan many men found them calming and relaxing.

The show carried on. All six volunteers had to be dogs, cats, men had to be women and women had to be traffic wardens chasing parking fees. The audience were in fits. After the first night, even Joe was easy to put under hypnosis. Barry and Joe spoke, Barry said he would write down a safe word so at any time, Rachel could say it Barry would be wide awake. The safe word he wrote down was Galaxy. If anybody said it, he would be wide awake. Joe was happy with that, especially when he was handed his first thirty pounds. He couldn’t believe it when they watched the video of the show. Even Joe thought it hilarious. “I don’t remember a thing” he said.

Next day in the hospital Rachel, Mary and Susan all agreed it was the funniest thing they had seen. Rachel said she would love to go back to the show again but she has to work every day and had no time for herself.

Over the weeks, Barry and Rachel grew closer. He turned up at the hospital every day. One day Rachel was late getting her break in. Barry turned up and asked Mary and Susan where Rachel was. “You think the world of Rachel don’t you” Barry admitted he thought he was in love with her. “She is so easy going, there is nothing to dislike. I feel sorry for her at the hands of that animal” Mary said “Well do something about it” Barry asked what she meant. Mary and Susan explained. Mary told her about the joke she had with Rachel. “So what are you saying?” he asked “Move in on Rachel. Get her confidence and gradually ease Joe out of her life as a man” Mary replied. “How?” “Do I have to spell it out? You saw how he acted as a woman. Imagine him as a maid serving you both” Barry thought about it. “Well, if I took it slowly over the last month, he would never know”. Mary and Susan said they would help. When he asked how they would help he was told, “You wouldn’t want to know. Just have him unconscious when we tell you. We want to pay him back for what he has done to Rachel.”
Rachel turned up and the four of them had a nice meal paid for by Barry. Rachel said that was the best meal she had had for a long time even though it was hospital food. But it was soon back to work.

That night at the start of the show, before the rest turned up, Barry put Joe under the spell. His instructions were, “When you get home after the show, you must tell Rachel that you want to wear satin knickers”
The next day Rachel told Mary of the shock Joe had given her by telling her, he wanted to wear satin knickers. “Okay. Let him. It will be your secret. Go along with it”
The next night he wanted to do the washing up and cleaning. The third night, he wanted a bra and filings. The fourth night was a corset and hip pads. Fifth night was stockings and suspenders. Sixth night was Rachel had to leave cooking for him to do, but she would have to show him how to cook. This was shocking Rachel who was wondering what had happened.

Rachel was passing all this back to Mary who told Susan. Susan on the other hand told Barry to be ready for stage 2. Joe had to ask to become a maid. But before that happens, Barry has to move in on Rachel. Over the following two weeks, Rachel was beginning to fall in love with Barry.

Why did she want to stay with a cross dressing moron who loved to hit her. Maybe at present he wouldn’t but then again he might slip back to his old ways. Finally it did it when he said he wanted to be Rachel’s maid and wanted a uniform to show it.

Rachel told Mary who in turn called Susan. The three of them sat round talking. Rachel had no idea what to do. Susan said if it were her, she should forget Joe and let him become the maid he wanted to be.

Mary and Susan went along to see Barry and told him it was time. Barry had to make his move to catch Rachel and they want Joe to go to Mary’s house for two weeks and when he gets there he was to sleep for 12 hours after which he must be instructed he must not leave the building. At the end of the two weeks he must go home and forget where he had been. While he would be there, he had to obey every instruction given to him by Mary and Susan.

Mary took her annual leave to go and see her family over in Ireland. Something that she would be glad of as they knew what Joe was like. They hated him and they gave her every support when she told them about Barry. They told her to divorce Joe and marry Barry. That put her in Ireland for the two weeks Joe was at Mary’s.
Barry, in the meantime had completed another house purchase next door to his house. He had already made his house larger so leaving this one alone would make sense if he wanted to rent it out. It had recently been decorated so no work was required.

Joe was hypnotised for the last night and instructed to report to Mary’s house. Once there, he had to obey every instruction. He didn’t want to, but he couldn’t help himself.
Mary and Susan had him strip and lie on the bed with a rubber sheet under him. They spread eagled him to the bed, gagging him just in case, and put on latex gloves. Over the next few hours they massaged him and completely emptied his balls. Now Susan massaged his balls back into his pelvis. “We will make a nice lesbian of him” she joked. Mary was serious. Now they got some rope and tied his legs spread wide apart and to the top of the wardrobe doors.
With some surgical instruments, local anesthetic, surgical needles and thread, they cut into his cock phrenum and his perineum. They pushed his cock back and stitched the two parts together with dissolving stitches that would take a couple of weeks to heal. But then Susan said it didn’t look good enough. She sliced carefully into the sides of his cock and the top of his now empty ball bags and stitched them together. By the time she had pulled the stitches tight, his cock could hardly be seen.

At the end of the two weeks, the day before Rachel came home, they got Barry to go to Mary’s house. There he saw Joe dressed as a maid. They told him what they had done and got Joe to lift his dress and show Barry. Barry said he would hate to upset them two. “Well treat Rachel well and you won’t have to worry”. By now the stitches had dissolved and the wounds healed up together. His cock was held right back giving him a flat front. He was instructed to think he was a female and forget about sex as a male.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked. “We want you to put it to him that his name is Josephine. He is a girl and has to talk with a feminine voice. She must love her uniforms and housework and of course she must want her ears pierced plus walk in a feminine way” Mary told him. Susan said they had got a lot of uniforms for him of all different colours and styles.

“Now propose to Rachel and get her to divorce Josephine and move in with you. Josephine will be most offended if Rachel touches the housework” Barry grinned. He could see that keeping their house clean would be hard work, especially for a busy nurse like Rachel.

Barry picked Rachel up at the airport and said he would like her to give her opinion of his house. She loved it. “Could you live here?” “Yes, but it will take a lot of hard work keeping it clean” “I have a maid coming soon so all housework will be taken care of” “Oh lovely. You are so lucky” “You could be too. Divorce Joe and marry me” Rachel thought about all the beating she had received from Joe and accepted. She would move in straight away. He took her home to pick up her clothes and say goodbye to her old rented house. Before he started the journey back he phoned Mary and told her to bring the maid over.

Once they got to his house, Rachel put her clothes away. Barry told her not to worry. She should dump them as he would be buying new ones for her. A few minutes late Mary, Susan and Josephine turned up. Barry said “Rachel, this is your maid Josephine. She will do anything you tell her. ”

Rachel couldn’t believe what they had done to Joe. Josephine curtsied and thanked Rachel for her lovely uniforms. She especially loved the short French Maid’s outfits. Barry ordered her to make tea for everyone. Then stand in the corner to await further orders. She had to clasp her hands in front of her over her white apron. Rachel couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She went to pick up the cups and Josephine rushed over “Please madam. This is my job to take away the dirty crockery and wash them up. I love my housework” With that she curtsied to Rachel. “Thank you madam”

Rachel knew then that she was going to lead a life of luxury while Josephine will have a life of drudgery, but she will love it. “The only thing is, satin knickers are not right for a maid. She should wear bloomers unless she is in her French Maid’s outfit, then its frilly panties time. They are too upper class for a mere maid ” Mary and Sue asked if they could get them as they would take great pleasure in picking the worst ones they could get. Rachel agreed. From now on, Josephine is going to suffer for what she did to Rachel, but thanks to hypnosis, she would enjoy the drudgery.

As they were leaving Susan asked Barry how he got Rachel to accept his proposal. "Hypnosis works every time" Rachel went to see the girls off at their car. She kissed them both goodbye but before they drove off Rachel said, "Barry thinks he had me under hypnosis all the time" Then she winked at them. Mary and Susan both chimed in with the words, "You crafty cow. See you at work. "
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