Jack/ Janet Dawson.

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Jack/ Janet Dawson.

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I had no interest in women’s clothing or wearing panties. If I had, I might not be in the mess I’m in now. Little did I know how my life was about to change.

I sat in the coffee shop reading a paper in the hope of finding a job. I had trained in computer engineering, but after rowing with his parents he had moved out and am now 18. I needed a job at any cost. I even thought of bar work or anything, even waiting on people.

It looked hopeless until six gorgeous girls walked in. I overheard them saying they had to shut up shop as their computers had crashed. Plucking up the courage to speak to them. I told them I am a computer engineer and they phoned up someone called Sue. It turned out their regular call out engineer had quit. It would be a week before anyone could get to her and they have a lot of contracts to fill out.

I told the girls I would go along and see what’s wrong. After swallowing my coffee I went to the address the girls had given me. It took me ten minutes to resolve the problem. Sue was thankful so I asked her if she hears of any jobs would she let me know. She told me she couldn’t offer me the money I could get but she may be able to take me on in the office.

We had a coffee and I said as long as there is some sort of money coming in, I would be grateful. Sue said she would call me in a couple of days. That night I dreamt of being held captive by the girls and used for their pleasure. It got so bad I used to masturbate every night. I had to do something as I wouldn’t have enough energy to share among the girls. I bought a chastity cock cage. It felt strange at first and being able to see my cock but not able to touch was a torment. But if the girls want to use my body I needed to be ready for them, not clapped out. But although the girls were beautiful, there was something about them that put me on edge. I just couldn’t figure out what it was.

All went well for the two weeks until the Friday. Firstly I got a letter telling me I have to leave my flat in a month as the landlord was selling up. That put me in a bad mood for a start and I realised had I got up late. It was a shame the post came early that day, otherwise I would have gone to work as normal. As I was rushing out of the door I realised I still had my cock cage on. I grabbed the keys from the table and ran for my bus.

Sue and the other girls noticed there was something wrong. I was called into her office and I told her I had four weeks. Sue said she would find me a place and told me to go to the pub wither for a spot of lunch and we could discuss it. In the pub, we sat down with our drinks and looked at the lunch menu. Sue said she would pay for the lunch.

She sat next to me and put her hands on my knee to calm me but accidently knocked my crotch. She looked at me and asked why it was hard down there. I told her I was wearing it to protect the girls. “No one is looking so show me” I slid the zip down and she looked at the cage. “That is sweet of you. I love it. I bet the truth is because you masturbate and want to have your wicked way with the girls” I blushed. “Well, if it is to protect the girls, it would be best if I took the key, at least while you are at work. If it is only to give you a thrill, you have your own key holder.” I put the cage away and slid the zip of my flies up. Sue was holding her hand out. “You know it makes sense”

Begrudgingly I gave her the key. If I had been sitting opposite her I would have noticed the wry smile that came across her face. We returned to work and carried on as normal. At the end of the day, I asked for the key back and was told she had locked the safe and it can’t be opened for another sixteen hours. She had forgotten to take the keys out so she was afraid I would have to wear my cock cage until she could get the keys out. That night my cock did it’s best to get erect but the cage refused to budge. I had to admit that the thought of Sue controlling my urges was making it worse for me.

The next morning Sue was already in the office. The safe wasn’t open at the time. “Another thirty minutes to go” But there on a chain around her neck was my key. I said I wanted it back. Sue said she never realised it was on display and tucked it back inside her blouse. “You had the key all the time” Sue smiled back at me. “I felt a rush of power when you gave me the key. I knew I had the means to allow you to cum or not. It gave me a sense of elation and I had three orgasms last night, so if you don’t mind I’ll hang on to it”.

I argued but was told that if I didn’t shut up, she would destroy the keys. All that day, there was only one thing on my mind. Well two things really. My cock and the fact I only had a short time to find somewhere to live. But she did hand me the keys back.

Two days later Sue said to me she had the perfect answer. Her house was too big for her so as she couldn’t afford to pay me the right money for computer technical work, if I stayed at her house, she could take the rent in lieu of the difference from what was getting to what I could be earning. I told her I would think about it. I wasn’t sure. But I had got two weeks to think about it. In the meantime, I was to lock myself in the cage and give her the keys. She would let me get relief from my frustrations when she felt I deserved it. My cock sprang to attention and Sue said she noticed the idea excited me.

So I agreed and moved in as a tenant. But of course I was to help with the housework. It was a few days later I thought the girls were talking about me as they kept shutting up when I got near them. I asked Sue. Sue said it’s because they had seen a shop along the road where all the girls wore a uniform and wondered what mine would be like. I shook my head. Black trousers, white shirt, tie with a logo and a black jacket no problem.

The girls were having knee length black skirts, a blue blouse with the logo on it and a black jacket. I thought that would be the end of it. How wrong I was. It started two weeks after I moved in. I asked for the keys to my cock cage and was told when I begged for them. I wasn’t going to lower myself to that level so ignored her request. Sue left the room and came back wearing the shortest and tightest pair of shorts I had ever seen. My cock tried to spring into action but was held back by the unrelenting cage. “Beg for the keys and I will help you to get relief”. I don’t care how strong a man you think you are, you would not be able to hold out in these circumstances. I begged for the keys. “Take your clothes off” I asked my. “I want to see the goods and I will remove the cage. Put your hands behind your back and I will help you” I did as I was told and she put a blindfold on me. “So you don’t see the number to the key safe.” Then I felt handcuffs being placed on my wrists. “So I have to undo your cage” Finally a strap went around my ankles and was strapped up tight. I heard her moving about and felt my cock being removed. It stood to attention. Sue told me to lie down on the floor. She removed the blindfold and I saw she had put a pillow on the floor. “You can hump the pillow” I argued with her. “You have ten minutes to get your orgasm and the cage goes back on even if you don’t have it”.
She helped me down and told me the ten minutes starts now. The pillow was too soft and I couldn’t get any friction between it and my cock. She sat directly in front of me so I had a good view of her sex even though she was in those shorts. I kept arguing so she gagged me. I noticed her hand had gone inside her shorts and she was frigging herself off. I was just about to cum when she said “Times up” and rolled me on my back. With the aid of an ice cube my cock shrank back into a flaccid state and she fitted the cage back on. Once I was secured, she put her hand inside her shorts again and in a matter of moments was crying with joy as her orgasm struck home. It must have been a strong one as she laid on the sofa exhausted. “That was so wonderful. Seeing you helpless like that really gave me a strong urge. I’m sorry you didn’t get one. Better luck next time eh!” She removed the gag from my mouth and I told her about the pillow being too soft. “A woman’s body is soft. That part is extremely soft, but of course a virgin you wouldn’t know would you”.

I had no idea how long the next time would be. Back at work, the girls kept looking at me. Now I was certain they were talking about me. Had Sue told them what she did to me? Did she tell them she has me locked in this cock cage? I didn’t know and the suspense was killing me. I tried several of them out but they gave no clues if they knew or not so I took it they didn’t.
A week later saw me again naked and handcuffed and again laid on the pillow. This time Sue put her stocking feet on my bum. Again I was about to cum when it was time up. “Sorry you didn’t have your orgasm. You must be sooo frustrated by now” Sue stretched the so out to emphasise it. “Next time. You can try something different”

In the office, the girls kept looking at me. Now I was certain they knew. Sue called us all into her office and told us the uniforms would be turning up at the end of the week. At least that should take the girls mind off of my state. Friday came and when we go home, Sue told me to strip. My hands were behind my back but there was an upright post as well. Straps went around my ankles, holding them together once more; my waist and my neck and the post. I was well and truly stuck. I asked how I was to get and orgasm like that. Sue said help would be coming. It was. I was gagged and blindfolded once more.

When the blindfold was removed, there were all the girls in their shortest skirts they had. My cock struggled against the cage which caused merriment. “Come on girls. Put your names in the hat and you can get a chance to release it” Sue told them. Zoe won. She took her time looking at the contraption, then deciding whether to release my cock or not. In the end, she got on her knees and played with the lock. My cock was aching by now. She pulled the lock, flicked it and did everything with it except insert the key. “Now what do we do with this? Where does it fit? Should I throw it away? Oooh look. I see a slot. I wonder if this key will fit it. Should I try it? What sort of monster would it let loose?” All the girls were laughing. My aching cock that was trying to escape had now become flaccid in its prison. “Doesn’t it look sweet lying there in its inescapable prison? And I’m the only one who can release it or keep it trapped”

Sue told her to unlock the cage so they could see the fun. Zoe unlocked it and removed the cage. My cock sprang into action. “Right girls, now for the fun” Sue told them. I saw the inevitable pillow and after they released me from the pillar, they laid me on the floor face down with my cock once again pressed between me and the pillow. “You have ten minutes to cum, don’t waste your time. Get busy” As much as I needed to cum, with all these girls around me, I didn’t feel in the mood. “Get on with it” I started humping the pillow once more, but it was too soft. The girls were talking as if I wasn’t there. Eventually I felt I was on the way when “Times’s up”. The girls were laughing at my vain attempts to cum. By Sue telling me the time was up. I couldn’t carry on.

“Okay girls, bring your chairs round. Web have a nice soft foot rest”. This made it even worse for me when I felt all the stockinged feet on my body. The girls were laughing hysterically at my feeble attempts to cum. My cock had returned to a state where even its normal flaccid size would have been preferable. Sue put on a pair of latex gloves. I was rolled onto my back and my legs held wide apart by the girls after they had released my ankles. They took turns in shaving my pubic hair and used a depilatory cream to finish it off. It got hot and caused my cock to shrink even more in my imagination. Thankfully they had left the pillow under my back which lifted my body enough so the handcuffs didn’t hurt my back although my wrists were sore by now.

Once all the hair had been removed Sue took some Superglue and squirted it all underneath my cock. Then with her hand cupping it, she pressed my cock between my legs and tightly between my balls. After a couple of minutes she let go. I was pulled to my feet and fastened to the pillar again.

“Right girls. Your uniforms are here. Carol, show the girls what it looks like”. Carol removed her skirt and blouse and put the knee length black pencil skirt on and the blue blouse. They all agreed it looked very smart indeed. “What about him” Zoe asked. “I’m coming to that but we need to get rid of his hair. I was removed from the pillar and taken to a sink where the depilatory cream was used again on me. In 15 minutes I was as bald as a boiled egg.

I was sat on a chair and tied down. Zoe painted my toe nails. Carol plucked my eyebrows into a high arched feminine shape. Long eyelashes were glued to my eyelids. Then the fun for the girls began. They used a moisturiser and I heard them say they wanted to use a primer so my makeup would last longer. I couldn’t believe the fuss they were making. Thankfully they soon were applying the foundation and face powder.
Clip on ear rings were Superglued to my ears. Eye shadow and eyeliner, lip gloss, lip liner. Mascara. It all went on. Then the piece de resistance. Sue bought out a box. From that she took out a wig. She sprayed something on it and placed it on my head. She shuffled it about until she thought it was perfect before she styled it. I thought it was all over. I was wrong.

All the girls said I looked lovely. But they had a long way to go. I was released from the chair. A black bra was produced and fitted to me. My spirit had been broken so I didn’t resist any more. “There is something missing” Zoe said. Sue took out some huge breast forms from the box. “G size for our office junior” And she put them in the cups. I shivered as the cold forms were put in place.

“As Janet here is our office junior, I decided her uniform should be different from the rest of you.” Sue took a pair of black panties and I was made to step into them. The girls enthralled as my cock hardly showed, glued back as it was. A silky white camisole was put over my head and smoothed down on my body. Sue made sure the spaghetti straps were on my shoulders properly. A black suspender belt and very light 10 denier stockings were fitted on me. A white satin mini slip edged with lace came next and I was told to step into it.

A white cotton shirt type blouse and a black mini skirt was added. Zoe was amazed. “The petticoat doesn’t show but unless Janet is careful, her stocking tops will show. That will get the customers excited” All the girls laughed. False nails we put on to my fingers and painted with the same colour as my toe mails. It matched the lipstick.

My feet were lifted and some heeled shoes were fitted. Sue told me they were four inches and I had better get used to wearing them. In the mirror I could see there was just a hint of my black underwear. A black jacket was next and my name badge of Janet was already fitted.
I had to model the outfit for them. Carol said it was lovely that there was no male appendage showing at the front. Sue said that as it was late, they could come back tomorrow and teach me how to walk and talk. We all had a drink and the girls left.

Sue brought me a silky satin night dress to wear in bed. I asked why she was doing this to me. Sue huffed. “Haven’t you realised, all the girls are lesbians. I am and now you are my honorary lesbian partner” I asked how long this would be going on for and was told that we would be getting married so I had to choose a wedding dress. I told her I wouldn’t do it. I am a man. “A man. A man wouldn’t let us dress him like that. You have a complete wardrobe now. Your old clothes have gone. If you don’t like it you can take those off and leave now” “Naked?” “Naked. Or you can start your life as my wife”

I was beaten. I sat on the bed and removed my clothes before putting on the nightdress. I hung my clothes up in the wardrobe only to find a mass of dresses and skirts in there. Sue climbed into bed and told me to join her. It felt nice her running her hand over the back of the nightdress. We spent a lot of time kissing and cuddling.

I like my wife to be extremely feminine so in the morning you will wear a nice frilly dress and pinafore. I will choose it for you. I fell asleep after crying for some time. The next day saw me in a flared dress, but the bodice was tight. The petticoats made it flare out more. The pinafore was edged with flouncy material in a darker red while the main part was white with red roses. I had a matching scarf tied on my head.
I had to cook dinner dressed like that. After it was me who had to wash up. I had no time to think for myself. The girls put me through my paces on how to walk, talk and even think like a girl. Even my curtsy was to perfection by the time they had finished with me.
Next day in the office, I noticed just how care I had to be not to expose my underwear. The office was busy and all the make customers made a bee line for me. The girls were grinning every time. I had to direct the customers to one of the girls. I got asked for several dates which amused the girls no end.

Sue left and came back two hours later wearing a skin tight leather cat suit. She produced a leather belt with an attachment. “My wedding present for my bride”. It was a strap on dildo. I had to escape from all this. I could walk out, but dressed like this? What was I to do? I could be raped or beaten up. I could escape once we got home. As the day went on, I saw that my stocking tops were more exposed. But I had to admit, I was enjoying all the attention I was getting from the customers, especially the men.

Eventually I resigned myself to this life, but with the intention of one day escaping back to being a male. Now came the shock. Sue handed me a paper. She had gone and changed my name by deed poll to Janet. Now I was stuck.

Over the months I grew even more to like being a girl. Sue dropped me off at a wedding dress shop and I found all the girls there wanting to give me ideas what they thought I looked like in each dress. The woman in the shop was very helpful. How could I run out from the shop in a wedding dress?

The girls all said they would be my bridesmaids. Our honeymoon was set for in Thailand. I still wanted to run, but never had enough money to move on. Slowly but surely I was getting to be more feminine in my thinking. Should I run or enjoy my new life as a wife?
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Re: Jack/ Janet Dawson.

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Looks like you don’t have much choice. Thailand? You may return from that trip with some different anatomy…. Have fun, Janet

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