male multiple orgasm true story

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male multiple orgasm true story

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One of my partners favorite things to do is to have me have an intense make out session with her ass while she uses her favorite vibrator on herself.

This usually occurs about once every couple of weeks.

She will have me put a leather ball stretcher on my scrotum. It is about and inch and a half wide. Then using straps she ties my legs together at the ankles and above and below my knees. She cuffs my wrists to the top corners of the bed. Standing at the foot of the bed she will grab my ankles and pull down as far as she can. Then she runs a strap from my ankles to the end of the bed frame pulling it tightly so that I am stretched pretty tautly.

Smiling sweetly she pinches my nipples hard between her thumb and finger and says in her best Arnold voice, "I'll be back"

Returning with her vibrator she gets up on the bed and swinging a leg over me she sits down facing my feet positioning herself so that her anus is right over my mouth. Spreading her butt cheeks apart she sits down on my face nearly shutting off my air. Sweetly and with love in her voice she announced if you want to breath again get your tongue as far up my butt as you can.

I start kissing, licking, and french kissing her asshole and she turns on the vibrator. When her orgasms hit her leg muscles shift enough so that her weight presses my head into the bed and shuts off my air completely. Not for much more than a minute or so. But for that time I am completely at her mercy and feel very helpless. I am licking like crazy and pushing my tongue up her butt as far as I can.

I lose track of how many orgasms she has but the last time she did this she had three or four. After the last one she turned off the vibrator swung around facing me and inserted my very stiff dick into her vagina and started pounding away. As she came down each time she sat on my balls which were resting on top of my legs. My legs provided some padding and her soft bottom a little more. But when she sat down hard on my balls it hurt. It was right at that edge of being too much but not quite. She started coming again and that set me off. We both had violent orgasms.

After we both came she hopped off and smiling lovingly at me wrapped her fingers around my cock and started masturbating me. I was still very sensitive and begged her to stop. She looked down smiling and continued masturbating me. Surprising both of us, especially me, in a couple of minutes I came again.

Now I am only about half hard and really begging her to stop. Smiling lovingly she paid no attention to my begging and continued masturbating me. In a couple of minutes I came a third time. Now the sensations were so intense I could not even beg her to stop, which she did not. I was making incoherent noises part grunt and part moan. In a couple of minutes I came again making four orgasms in about 15 minutes. I just laid there breathing like a locomotive. Shivering and twitching periodically. Leaving me tied she laid down on top of me and started kissing me and laughing every time my body jerked. I was not aware that men could have multiple orgasms. It had never happened to me before. It was surprising, heavenly, and torture all at the same time.

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