A night at the race (fanfic) pt.2

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A night at the race (fanfic) pt.2

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Once they posed their hooves on the ground, the girls marked 5 and 6 found they were not alone. Other “horses”, similarly attired, were coming out from other vans,
“What in the name of sanity, I’ve put myself into?” was again the thought that crossed Sidney’s mind.
The exposed breasts and the transformation in a horse were not the problem, the whole embarrassment was caused by the sheer fact that she was enjoying the situation. The constant penetration was getting to her, making it difficult to concentrate on the job at hand.
The men that were in the van connected some chains to their “tug chains” and pressed the two girls to prance on towards a nearby building.
The tug chains were, as a matter of fact, some chains connecting the collars fitted on the two, to the lower end of the pole that was fitted on a dildo stuck in their pussy.
Whatever fuss these two horses were planning to make, it would, as a matter of fact, be cut short by a pole stuck in their nether regions, tugged by a chain. The thing became apparent as soon as they pushed the chain for the first time.
If not for the gag, Sidney would have loudly yelped, as she felt the intruder pushing in her vagina.
As they walked into the party, Sidney was immediately conscious of the effect that simply moving had on her. The base of the dildo was connected to the lower edge of the corset around her torso, and the strings were somewhat elastic so, since there was a chain connecting their ankles to the lower end of the dildo pole, any step meant that the intruder was pushed down, just to be pulled up in position and then down again.
By her analysis, this prevented her from executing two actions: run away and concentrate with a rubber cock riding her pussy. And also, it was making her horny, and just the knowledge that she was in that moment conducted in the middle of a lot of people, while she was literally impaling herself, it was feeding her hornyness. It was a continuous discovery of the boundaries of her situation.

Around her, there were a lot of men, all dressed formally, and they all were looking at the parade of the horses. Sidney, with an expert eye, was trying to get a feel of the situation. They were led in a stable, and on the side of the room there were some stalls, each of the horses was conducted in one of them, and Sidney was surprised when they disconnected the tug chain from her collar, just to connect the d-rings on the side of the corset to a couple of carabiners hanging from above.
Then, she felt some tugging at the pole between her legs, and as she took stock of her situation she found that the pole had been connected to something that forced her to stay in the middle of the stand.
The motivation for this arrangement became sensibly more clear as the men she saw before, flocked around her bound body and started to appraise her, like a horse, obviously. With the corner of her eye, she could see that there were also women in the crowd, and that made her more conscious of her helplessness.
One man, a fat man with a goatee, used his hands to evaluate her breasts, weighing them. It was a breach of her personal space that enraged her, but as she started to move away, she found that this was not possible.
Her protests made him grasp her tits with his fingers, she felt a sharp pain but the bit, pushing down her tongue, let out just a little yelp.
“I like when they rebel. Hey, you all, she is feisty! You can bet on her.” The last part of the sentence had been shouted for all to hear. He spoke Russian.
She understood the situation and she was horrified, they were evaluating her like a horse.
It was humiliating and yet very sexual.
Sidney was conflicted for the signal she was receiving from her own body. Her arms were tensing, fighting against the armbinder that blocked them from action. In her crotch the situation was quite different, she felt the wetness seeping on her legs outside of her panties, she had never felt so aroused before.

On a moment of clarity, she wondered where her partner was, and as the times went by she got the distinct feeling she was alone. There was no crackling sound in her earpiece, no connection.
This could end very badly.
In her stall she was surrounded by men touching her legs, even moving the dildo inside her vagina, and she found that the chains forced her to submit to their prodding, by design.
Finally she heard the sound, meaning that Michael's earpiece was near.
She moved around her gaze, hindered by the collar and the shutters at the side of her head, to find him, but he was not visible.
"Ok, guys, all hands are off, I have to prepare this one for the race."
Well, this was a voice Sidney could recognize anywhere. And it was not good.
As she moved in front of her, Sidney had a good look of Anna Espinosa, her Russian counterpart, all dressed in black leather, with a mask covering the upper part of her face.
Hopefully she did not recognize her, or so Sidney was hoping.
It was embarrassment that worried her, it was definitely the fact that she was completely powerless in that setup and she had no control over the situation. Meanwhile Anna seemed pretty much in control.
The Russian spy knelt down and started to work on her feet, Sidney felt that the chains connecting the pole to her ankles were pulled off leaving her room to wriggle her legs with a little more freedom. Then a sponge was passed on her upper legs, to clean all the fluids seeping from her pussy, the same sponge was then used to rinse her breasts from the saliva that her open mouth let fall.
She seemed so intense in her job that it was still possible that the Espinosa girl had not noticed her face.
Yet her touches were enough to make Sidney moan for the frustration of not being able to get off the pent up climax.
The Russian went to the end of the stall, out of Sidney’s viewing range, and got a contraption that she proceeded to install over the gag that kept her mouth open. It took a moment for the agent to understand what it was.
It was a harness for a cock sized dildo, the point of which rested exactly at the opening of the ring gag. There were some swivels on the side and as Anna connected the bridles to them, its purpose became clear.
When the bridles were pulled from behind the cock would be pushed down the horse’s mouth.
The situation was becoming way too uncomfortable to stand. Yet Sid was petrified by the fact that Anna did not flinch an eye at her, so she did not dare to make the slightest protest.
And the other girl proceeded to the nearby stand to obviously set another horse up.

While waiting for further developments, Sidney started to look around for Michael, and then she saw him. Or, at least she thought, she saw him.
One of the ladies attending the party was carrying around a man on a leash. He was covered in latex from head to toe, with a skintight one piece.
His mouth was sealed with a gag and his arms were encased in a pocket on the back of the suit. The only thing visible were his eyes and an erect cock, standing right at attention.
As soon as he got sight of Sidney and her situation, she seemed to appreciate some throbbing in his manhood. On the other side she felt a sudden desire to ride that massive erection.
It was pretty clear that the plan to communicate using the earpieces had been somewhat thwarted.

Appraising his predicament, she was trying hard to plan a viable way out of the situation when Anna returned and unchained her from the stall, meanwhile fixing a leash to her collar. Then, she pulled Sidney from the stall to the center of the stables where a cart had been prepared and proceeded to lock the arms of the cart to the sides of her corset.

Just like a horse.

At her core, Sidney was feeling the whole embarrassment of the situation. There, in the open, with a dildo up her pussy and a cock down her throat. If they were operating within the Agency, they would have a field day to put all of that in the paperwork. And her colleagues would have a field day reviewing it. Lucky for her, there was no one she had to write down the situation they both were stuck in.
Yet, the reality was that she was there, linked to a cart, with an enemy agent that was conducting her to what could be certainly defined as a horse track.
The only luck that she could see, was that said agent did not seem to have recognised her so as to take advantage of her helpless state.

As she trotted forward, Sidney could see that also the other girls were being attached to carts and also they had that special dildo gag that was not so promising.
As she studied the situation, she understood that the gag would be the way in which the driver could control their walk.

At the side of the track there was a sort of terrace, overlooking the circuit, full of people, and Sidney thought she had spotted Michael shimming behind his mistress.
Then, all of a sudden, Anna passed nearby and leaned towards her, just to whisper in her left ear.
"I know who you are, Sidney." Finishing her sentence with a swat on her butt.
Definitely no luck tonight.

While Sidney was still coming to terms on how difficult it would be to escape from that situation, some men came along the carts. They were dressed as gentlemen riders, with white pants, jackets. They went around the horses to evaluate the strength and the shape of the girls.
Sidney tried to wince away when again the hands of one of them roamed on her body, weighing her bulging boobs, using fingers to understand how open her mouth was.
It was a humiliating and demeaning situation. But, she got that the men were Russian and they spoke Russian among themselves.
"Look, that's my money's worth!"
The one that was pinching Sidney's nipples was apparently happy of her.
"The broad is good looking, but can she run?"
Was the reply for the other one.
"Well, if you remember, she is not the same one I drove last time. She had an incident, she is going to walk funny for a while."
The implication was serious, and it was quite clear that the money they had promised was also going to cover some medical expenses.
This time, she and Michael had put themselves in a very dire situation, and they could not even think to ask Anna for help.
With a dildo ready to jump into her throat, asking was certainly out of the question.

As they pulled the carts on their place on the track, Sydney’s driver took the reins in his hands and tried to pull the cock. The agent reacted, arching back until she could no more and tasted the point of the thing touching the rear of her mouth.
She fought against the gagging reflex and forced herself to fight it, using the tongue.
It was an unfair match, and she ended up forced to follow the movements as she was jerking her head to the left and to the right.
She was lost in her thoughts, dealing with this, when suddenly Anna came at her side, starting to tighten her restraints.
"It would be better if you could arrive first, I'd hate to see one of them break one of your legs. And, besides, I have other plans for you, tonight. You will thank me later."
So much for taking it easy.

Under her driver's direction, Sidney was finally in position to start. She could feel all eyes on her bound body and she could definitely feel the dildo moving around into her sex. In that very moment, she needed to focus, the threats Anna had told were definitely possible and the simple fact that there were Russians betting their money on the race meant that the existence of angry Russians losing money was a certainty.
At first, she thought that the collar forcing her head straight ahead would be a hindrance, but she quickly found that, along with the covers fitted on her harness, it helped her to get the track in focus without distractions.
Just like a horse, one might add.

Surprisingly, the hooves in her boots got a good traction on the gravel in the racetrack, and Sidney was really very in shape. Besides missions, she submitted herself to a strict training regimen. On the other side, while she was running she could feel her intruder slide up and down her pussy, enough to distract her from the chore of pulling the chariot.
Yet, Anna's words still resounding in her ears, she had to push through the feelings she got from the whole setup and continue pounding her legs on the ground.
Her arms were straining in their bondage, because her natural sense was to use them to power the run, but the armbinder was unforgiving and all the movement resulted in tilting forward her shoulders to get more momentum.
Then there was the harness and the collar that forced her head forward, so she could not see where she was in regards to the other girls racing with her.
She faced the revelation that, if she was able to spot one of the others, that girl would be so far away that it would be impossible for her to reach and outrun. So no one in sight was good.

On top of that, she had no idea of the position of the finish line, so she forced herself just to push and push without sparing any energy. Just like a horse.

In hindsight, she was stuck in a surreal situation, dressed like an equine animal, forced to race other girls stuck in the same dresses, with no way to free herself. Her partner, from what she could understand, was stuck in a similar situation, and, to tie the bow, the only life line she could see was in the hands of one of her strongest adversaries.
And she was pounding her legs to the ground with all the force she could muster, while impaled by a dildo stuck in her crotch and another between her open lips.
Speaking of which, she was torn from her reverie by said dildo shoved suddenly in her mouth, until it pushed the back of her tongue.
She stopped on her toes, still moved forward by the cart's inertia, wondering if she had done anything wrong, if she was to be punished by her driver.

All of a sudden she was surrounded by people and Anna, appearing at her side, got ahold of her reins, and started to pull her in the stables' direction.
Behind her, she could hear the driver speaking in Russian.
"Lucky for her, this bitch has won her life!"
Sidney was still processing his words, when Anna told her, under her breath.
"See, do as I say and nobody will get hurt. Do you understand me?"
With the dildo still stuck in her mouth, she could only moan her agreement.

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Re: A night at the race (fanfic) pt.2

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Interesting continuation. Will Anna play with Sidney later? Her situation seems not to be too unpleasant to Sidney. Let's see where it goes... ;)

Hope you continue soon. And faster than this time. :D

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