Marie and Josie, Part 4 New Horizons.

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Marie and Josie, Part 4 New Horizons.

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John and Victor, (now Joanne and Vicky) had taken their holidays to run after Easter, so all the time they had could be in bondage. Josie had fitted the chastity cage back on Vicky because she failed to curtsy and thank her. Marie on the other hand had given Joanne a nice baby doll nightie and tied her hands to the head board of their bed. She spent ages pleasuring herself as Joanne was incapacitated. She loved running her hands over Joanne’s breasts. “I can see why men love them so much, but you need erect nipples to make them stand out more. I’d love to see you are enjoying yourself, even if you aren’t”

Joanne asked how she could go back to work with this wig glued to her head and the breasts stuck on her. “That is not my problem to figure out. I’ll talk to Josie about it in the morning” No matter how hard Joanne tried, she could not free her hands. Marie had been taught too well. Josie too was having fun. Joanne had been tied to the bed as well. Josie was using a vibrator on herself and had two tremendous orgasms in a very short time. “These are wonderful Joanne. I don’t think I need your sexual services any more, unless I get you a strap on dildo. These are far better. You can serve me better by literally serving me as a maid. Perhaps I’ll lose the key to that chastity cage tomorrow. Thinking about you locked away forever is making my juices flow” She put the chastity cage on Joanne and turned the key in the lock. “There, that’s your love life finished. No more worrying if you don’t satisfy me. Now you will do all the time”

Vicky started to moan; his cock was pressing against the resin cock cage. This was torture to him. Joanne went on talking, “I have been thinking. How about we do away with the ring behind your balls to let them swing free?” Vicky perked up a bit util she heard, “Yes, I think that we could just use the tube instead but smother it in superglue. That way it dries on you and becomes permanent. What do you think Joanne? You will still be able to use your tongue on me” Vicky never answered. “I’ll let you out for tonight for one final fling and if you don’t satisfy me, I mean it, you stay in it and remember this day for the rest of your life”

Josie undid the cage, and untied him. Victor was proving to be a man. Josie was soon screaming as her first orgasm slammed home. Two more followed. She fell asleep in no time. In the morning, Vicky woke her with her morning coffee and muesli. Vicky was in her black satin dress and white satin apron and cap. Josie smiled as she took them from her. “Thank you, Vicky. You have got the curtsy to perfection. You look very sweet today. But you have to put your other uniform on as we have a job to do”

An hour later, in Josie’s house, the two women were talking about their experiences last night. Josie told Marie what she had done to tease Vicky. “You are such a devil Josie; I didn’t know you had it in yourself” Josie replied neither did she but after having the most beautiful orgasms, she wanted more.

Marie told Josie how she got Joanne in a short baby doll nightie and had her hands tied to the headboard. “I massaged her cock really hard through the nightie pants and then said I was going to sleep. Joanne stared crying. I love it when she cries, just like a real girl. I untied her hands and ordered her to use her tongue on me. I know Joanne doesn’t like it, but three fabulous orgasms I was begging for more”. The girls agreed they were being treated better these days now that the men were concentrating on the women’s rather than their own pleasure.

Marie went home to collect Joanne and the satin bag. Josie picked her satin bag up as well. Both women thought their men would finish up in them that day. A further half hour went by and the four of them were on their way to Pain’s dungeon. Joanne and Vicky were rather quiet. They knew what ever will happen, they had no control over. Marie said that when she thought of Joanne being locked up in that chastity cage, she grew rather excited by the thought. He free to have all the sex she wants and Joanne unable to enjoy herself” Josie agreed. “Maybe we could get them some nuns costumes as they will be like a nun. Nun of this, nun of that and certainly nun of the other”

Marie laughed, “They are getting into bad habits aren’t they!” The women laughed while both the men were wondering how they got themselves in this state. When they got to Pain’s dungeon, they were told they had to get baby to bed and make sure it couldn’t escape. His wife was there to watch them do it.The man stood there fully clothed and Joanne and Vicky were embarrassed. “Well, you know what you have to do. Undress her, clean her up and put a fresh nappy on her” Pain shouted at them. Then in a quieter voice, “Men are such wimps. They don’t mind us ladies doing the dirty work but hate having to be near another man’s cock or even seeing it, if they are straight. Us ladies don’t have such inhibitions do we!” The other four women agreed.

It didn’t take long for Joanne and Vicky to have the nappy on the man. All four women were not happy with the fit of the nappy. The style was right, but it was too loose. The woman refastened it. It was ultra tight. “One punishment due for you today” Marie said. Josie joined in, “We were going to let you have your man clothes back today but we don’t think you have earned the right to call yourselves men”. Pain and the woman were grinning. Pain had taught the women well.
The pair soon got the baby dressed and tucked in bed and then returned to the lounge. Josie said they should polish all the woodwork of the lounge and dust everywhere. To hours went by and they had finished. Marie glared at them and the two men curtsied and thanked the women for letting them do the housework.

It was decided that for punishment, they would go back into the bags. Once in, the chains were tightened so escape was impossible once more. “We are going shopping, so you two maids wait until we come back” Josie told them. The four women left and Pain asked where they were going, “I don’t like leaving them too long” she explained. As it turned out they only had three miles to go. They were outside a depository warehouse. Josie explained that is where she stored John and Victor’s clothes. “My cousin works there. If she is in today, I’m sure she would love to see Vicky and Joanne” There were chuckles all round.

Josie was in luck. Indeed, her cousin was in that day. Josie explained that two French Maids would be turning up. She should mock them as much as she wants. “Do you want to let them walk home dressed like that?” Marie and Josie said no, they would be nearby and come to their “rescue”. They picked up Pain and the woman, dropping them off at the dungeon finally they drove off home taking the men’s clothes with them. Back at home Marie and Josie locked the men’s clothes in their wardrobes, while back at the dungeon, Pain and the woman released Vicky and Joanne from the bags and told them they may make some coffee. The two women drove back to Pain’s dungeon which didn’t take long.

Pain, Marie, Josie and that woman told them to get the baby out of bed. It was time for her food, after that she goes into a play pen. As Joanne and Vicky went to get the baby, the phone rang. It was Josie’s cousin. “I’m leaving in an hour”
Vicky started to moan that she was fed up with being in skirts and wanted trousers as she didn’t want anyone looking at her legs any more. Josie told her “Tough. We love to see your legs”. Joanne started as well until Marie cut her off with, “You wouldn’t let me wear trousers. Skirts and dresses only. Now you know what it is like. I’m the one in trousers now, and don’t you forget it” Joanne asked how could she go to work in a skirt? Marie told her that was her problem.

Once Marie and Josie had taken them to the depository, Joanne started whining about going inside to get her male clothes. “Well, here is the number, you sign the book as either Joanne and Vicky and she will give you the key and open the door to let you into the lockup.” Josie told them. Vicky said she could not go in and get them. Josie told her, it was the only way they were going to get their male clothes back. Feeling scared, something Marie and Josie picked up on, the pair looked around and made a dash for the entrance of the depository, The door closed behind them.

Vicky went in first. The girl burst out laughing and pressed a button. Three other girls came out. “Oh. How sweet. They look really lovely. Very feminine indeed. Perhaps we can give them a job here. They would look lovely going up the stairs letting us look at their panties. We would be bound to get more people wanting to deposit their stuff here” one said. Another said they looked really sexy in those outfits and tried putting her hand up under Joanne’s skirt. Joanne pushed her hand away which caused all the females to burst into hysterical laughter. Josie’s cousin said she admired them for wearing the outfits; she couldn’t wear it. It was too revealing for her. More laughter ensued.

It embarrassed the men even more when they went to sign in and was told they had to sign in as Joanne and Vicky or they can’t be let in to the locker room. The last vestige of their manhood had been eradicated. They grabbed the key and rushed up the stairs to the locker with the girls looking up and wolf whistling at them. They got to the locker and Vicky removed the padlock and then opened the door. It was empty. The shock hit them hard. “What are we going to do?” Vicky screamed. The girls were right behind them and were laughing. “Looks like you are going home like that then, you sexy beasts” The two men went red and raced downstairs to find the doors locked. They had to wait for the girls to turn up to open the door by using the code set in the key pad.

The girls took their time getting to them and opening the door. In the meantime, Joanne and Vicky found their skirts being lifted. They also had their bums spanked. “Isn’t it lovely for us to get our own back on men?” One of them asked and the rest agreed. They were let out of the building only to find the car had gone. Before they had recovered from the shock, the girls grabbed them and fastened their wrists together with cable ties. “Off you go ladies. Mind you don’t get raped on the way” Again the girls laughed. Away the pair ran, and as they got around the corner, they found the car there with Marie and Josie waiting for them while laughing at their embarrassment.

At home the next day, there was a phone call and the men were told they were to go to work the next day as they had important news. The pair were stunned. “We have to get these breasts and wigs off if we are to go in” Vicky exclaimed. Marie and Josie agreed, but as soon as possible, they were to go back on again or the films of them would be sent to their friends and family. Of course, the pair agreed.

Marie phoned Pain and that sent her galloping to Marie’s house with the solution to remove the breasts. The hair would have to be removed by cutting their hair as short as possible and using white spirit they should be free of the wigs and glue marks. Four hours later and the breasts and wigs were removed. Marie said they had better come up with an idea for fixing the wig on next time. The men went to work the next day. Although they worked for the same company, they worked in different departments and never saw each other all day.

It came as a shock when they were called into their offices and were told the company was closing down to relocate so they were going to be offered a good redundancy payment, but if they transferred, the payment would be stopped and they would only get a half to tide them over until the new premises could be opened. Both took the generous redundancy package.

Back at home, the pair told Marie and Josie the bad news. Pain was there as well. All looked despondent until Pain came up with a solution. “I want to get into making films. If I give you all masks that cover your faces, you could model for me. Any voice sounds will be modified so no one recognises you” John and Victor said they couldn’t. Marie said she thought it was a wonderful idea. It keeps them occupied and with a percentage of every film sold, they keep the wolf from the door. After much discussion the two men agreed. “You get for free what other people would have to pay for” Josie thought it was brilliant. The Pain went on talking. “Well, I do need nurses and a couple of wicked women and you two are coming along like a house on fire. No one will see your faces either, plus your voice will be changed” Marie and Josie jumped at the chance. Joanne and Vicky were hesitant. What had they let themselves into? The future will find out. They knew that bondage would be the scenario, but how strict would it be? Would it be fun or would it be torture again? Would they like it or hate it.

Unbeknown to all four of them, Pain had been buying stuff. They were to be the guinea pigs.

To be continued?

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