Joseph's robbery. Evil women story 1.

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Joseph's robbery. Evil women story 1.

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This is the start of a series of evil women. 5 out of 10 completed. This one is not so good, but sets the theme for the rest.

Joseph Target was quite a wealthy man He had a good lifestyle, plenty of money. A gorgeous wife who was visiting her sister in New Zealand, while Joseph stayed to make more money. As he said, “Once we have made enough, I’ll retire and we can stay out there as long as we like” They lived in a large house in the centre of a well to do town. 5 bedrooms all en suite. A large lounge, an ultra-modern kitchen, auxiliary room for the washing machine, dryer, steam press and all the gadgets.

His wife had been away for a week when Joseph phoned his usual prostitute. They made all the arrangements to meet. The night before they were going to screw each other, Joseph went to bed in his silk pyjamas. He’d had a couple of brandies so was well out of it when the bedroom door opened. Joseph stirred but before he could gather his wits, the three burglars rushed him. They put a hand over his mouth to silence him before he gathered his senses. He was gagged with a cloth shoved in his mouth with another around his head holding it in. Before he knew it he had his hands tied behind his back and his feet were tied together. Joseph struggled to loosen the bonds but it was no use. They had made too good a job of it.

The three burglars searched the house, taking all the cash, the TV, Hifi, all the handy cash then turned to the wardrobes. They looked at his suits, each other and then pulled them all out of the wardrobe. Then they turned their attention to his wife’s. Wow, some really glamourous dresses and skirts. Blouses, undies, they all went into a bag. One of the men held up a tennis dress. “I’d like to see her in this”. He was told to shut up and get one with it.
Three hours later and they had everything. The men walked out leaving Joseph tied on the bed. In the kitchen one said, “We can’t leave him here like that. Supposing nobody calls and if anyone of us phone the police they would know it’s us” He was right. A lot of people don’t realise that on file is your DNA results, fingerprints and a voice recording so it could be match if threats of blackmail came out.

The three pondered what to do. “Take him with us” “What” “I said take him with us with a bag over his head or blindfolded. We can leave him somewhere” That was agreed. They put a bag over his head and drove around in different directions to make sure he didn’t know where he was going.
After two hours they stopped. They had covered 75 miles. They pulled into a barn and unceremoniously heaved him out onto the hay. Leaving him there the three took the van outside. “I wouldn’t mind some pyjamas like those he has on” one said. “Well take them then” “And leave him naked?” “We’ll have to look for something to cover him.”

They looked and out came the tennis dress of his wife's and although they got it on him, it was tight, apart from the flared skirt part. Next was frilly panties, a bra, white T shirt, frilly ankle socks, more socks to fill the bra cups and his own white trainers. It didn’t take long for them to strip him and have him in his new outfit. Quickly they retied his hands behind his back and his ankles giving him a one foot stride. They guessed he would be able to wiggle the bag off of his head himself. Eventually he would be able to undo the rope between his ankles so he could walk normally. The three stood
there silently and watched him waddle straight into a post. He started to take the bag off so the three ran off, jumped in the van and drove off. The bag soon came off of his head. Joseph looked at the slowly lightening sky, fell to his knees and undid the ropes around his ankles. Very carefully he made his way along the path hoping there would be a farm house, but as yet it was still too dark to see anything properly. He waited only to find there wasn’t a farmhouse.

Ten minutes later found him at the main lane, but where was he? He couldn’t call out thanks to the gag. He started to walk towards the sun, “so that had to be east” he thought. The shadows grew shorter. The birds were singing, but at least it wasn’t raining. Joseph felt a right idiot, but fortunately there wasn’t anybody about to mock him. He struggle to get the ropes undone holding them together. Sad to say, the burglars knew their job and it was impossible. All the way he looked for something to cut the rope but couldn’t find anything. He was only glad he managed to undo the ropes on his ankles.
As the sun rose, the wind got up and he could feel the skirt fluttering in the breeze. Joseph turned a bend and could see the main road now. He had luck as he saw a house. He walked up to it and with his nose, rang the doorbell.

After a few moments a woman answered the door. She stood there speechless. Joseph tried to talk but the gag made it impossible. “Oh come in my dear. You are a pretty girl aren’t you! What are you doing out here on your own. You might have got raped” Again all Joseph could do was mumble against the gag. The woman removed the gag. “You look lovely in that dress” Joseph asked her to untie him. The woman said she would if she could be sure he wouldn’t attack her. Joseph said it seemed the other way round. The woman phoned the police who didn’t take long to get there. He explained what happened. They took him home and he was surprised to see everything back in place. Just then his wife walked in “I arranged it to wake your ideas to get an alarm and insurance. I know about your prostitute. In fact we became friends and hatched this plot between us”. Joseph grinned.

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Re: Joseph's robbery. Evil women story 1.

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Nice one. Enjoyable read with a nice twist

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