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Hostage - Chapter 5 (conclusion)

Posted: 29 Nov 2020, 17:29
by dsteve
The Hostage – Chapter 5
So, there we were, Wendy and I, hanging by shackles and chains in the dark. Did I forget to tell you that the girls turned out the lights as they left and shut the door. The dungeon was in total darkness so I could not see Wendy and she could not see me. She was against the wall, chained and shackled at the wrists with her arms spread and above her head. I, as you no doubt remember, was standing spread eagle in one of my favorite fetish outfits and resting after a thorough whipping. We had time to talk.
You might also be wondering about all the self bondage release mechanisms. Because we had been latched and locked in place manually, none of those devices were set. We were there until some human released us.
I told her how sorry I was she got chained up after defending me but she surprised me. She told me that this was a fantasy of hers, being chained up in a dungeon, and she had asked the other three to do this. She told me not to worry, they were just playing and she was enjoying the game. And, she told me she thought I looked sexy in my lingerie and leather outfit. After hearing this, we shared our fantasies and desires. She said she was confused because sometimes she imagined herself the damsel held captive and tormented and sometimes she imagined herself the captor with a man at her mercy. I told her that was me as well, that it was called being a ‘switch’. It turned out that we could be very compatible.
After a while the others returned. They unlocked Wendy, told her they had some news, and the four went back upstairs, leaving me their, chained in the darkness. It had been longer (I think) than I usually went in self bondage, and my shoulders and arms were starting to get sore. But, soon enough, they returned. They lowered my arms and unlocked the shackles. I was escorted to the cell and put inside. Ali told me through the grate in the door that the coast was clear and they were leaving. She thanked me for the hospitality and said I would have a reward when I got out. She pointed out that it would be imprudent to trust that I would not immediately call the police, even though she suspected that I would not want to explain everything to a detective. The cell had one of my timed locks on it which she said was set for 24 hours. They once more turned out the lights and left.
My cell had a rough mat, like the sort sold in pet shops for dogs, a bucket for a toilet, and a large bottle of water. I spent the time thinking about the activities of the past day, sleeping, and wondering what “reward” might they have left. Time went slowly, but eventually I heard the lock click open. I pushed the cell door open, groped my way in the dark to the room door, and started up the stairs.
There on the main floor, sitting in the living room, was Wendy. She had decided to stay. She told me she looked forward to learning to use all the devices in the dungeon, and more. She was my reward.
All of this was over a year ago now. Wendy and I have a great relationship. In my workshop I have built some devices that are custom fit to her. And, her imagination has helped me to build a few more devices. But, the good news is that we heard from the ‘gang’ last night. They are passing through on the way to another job, and asked if they could hang out with us for a day or two.
What do you think we answered?