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This is a sad story. My life is ruined. All because I fancied bondage. I decided to treat myself to a chastity cock cage. I bought the best there was. The idea being I could lock myself in it, do a little self-bondage and watch blue movies to frustrate myself. That way I could keep myself in suspense and tease myself and pretending it’s my future wife Barbra who has the keys and is teasing me. I never told her of my kink though, especially as we had met several times and she had even stayed overnight a few times. But it was her wish to be able to wear white when we got married. That’s what got me into chastity belts.

It went well for the first few days. Thinking about Barbra teasing me that she had the keys made my cock swell up pressing against the hardness of the metal chastity cage. I linked my feet together with a 25 inch chain so I could not run that easily or go down the stairs in a rush. I looped some rope around the headboard and fell asleep eventually with my throbbing cock trapped as it was.

To make sure I could not escape that easily, I left my keys along with some papers in the car in the road. Wish I hadn’t. It was stupid. The night in particular, as I was closing the car door my phone rang. It was Barbra going over the wedding once more. I told her to wait until we met again.

I don’t recall locking the car up, but usually I do it automatically and as it was pouring with rain in the storm, I had no wish to go out and check. I would have used the remote key, but it had stopped working so I had to lock the door manually.

Anyway, I went to bed. And fastened everything away. I lay there and fell asleep snug and secure all safely locked away. I awoke as the alarm went off. I had to get the keys before everyone got up as I couldn’t put my jeans on. I slipped the loops off of my hands and wandered to the toilet. Owing to the chains on my ankles, I could only take about a 10 inch step. I got back to the bedroom and took a look outside. The car was still there so I must have locked it.

I had a problem, although it was still early and not bright light, I still had to get out there naked from the waist down to retrieve the keys. After carefully descending the stairs, I made my way to the front door, picking my car keys up on the way.

I opened the door and listened to see if anybody was about. I was lucky. Silence. I opened the door further and leant forward to see the road was clear. I stumbled my way to the car and found my papers were missing. The door was unlocked. I searched for the keys. They were missing. As fast as I could, I made my way back to my house. I couldn’t stand there naked apart from ankle chains and chastity cage. I’d be sure to be seen and how could I explain what I was doing dressed like that?

Thinking about it carefully, I realised I had to get the ankle chains off. Struggling to my shed, I got a hacksaw and cut the chains. Now what was I to do? Finally I found the bolt cutters and cut the chain around my ankles so at least I could get my jeans on. I got dressed as quickly as possible, now I had to inform the police, but what do you know. My phone signal was dead,

I turned on my computer to see if I could report the theft by e-mail. There at the top was a new one. I opened it. “I have your papers and keys. If you want them back, do not inform the police and wait for my next communication. I found your e-mail address in the papers”. The e-mail address showed Jim.Smith77707 @ I was stuck. What was I to do? I could only hope the papers and keys would be returned. It was lucky today was Sunday.

An hour later another e-mail. “Well, well, looking through your Facebook profile, you are getting married in two weeks. What a predicament. How do you tell your blushing bride when she is all worked up to receive your body and your cock is all locked up? Oh yes, looking through you eBay account I can see what you have bought. I don’t think the fire brigade would cut it off for fear of harming you. As for the police, well, they will have a go at you for being so stupid and leaving the car unlocked with the papers and keys inside for everyone to see”
I replied “Who are you?” No response. I kept trying all day. Much later he replied “The man who has the keys to your cock cage”

I had to go out and get petrol but when I got back I found the papers had been posted through my letterbox, but no keys. I e-mailed again. “Thank you for the papers, but where are the keys?”
“I have them on my wall on a peg”
“What do you want?”
“I haven’t made my mind up yet. But if you tell anyone or don’t do as you are told, I will throw the keys in the river” Now I was stuck.
“Please. I’m begging you. Give me the keys”
“Oh no. I’m enjoying this. I wonder how my girlfriend will react when I tell her I have you locked away forever”
“No please. Let me have the keys. I must have them. I’ll do anything”
“Are you a virgin?”
“Then you won’t miss what you never had”
“Give me the keys, you bastard”
“That will never do calling me names and upsetting me. I’m going near the river later”
“Please. Let me have the keys”
“No. I can see just how kinky you are. I can check your eBay account so I know you will get what I tell you, or the keys get lost”
“Please. No. I’m begging you”
“I’ll think about it and let you know tomorrow”

I tried e-mailing several times but he had packed up for the night. The next morning “Wow. I told my girlfriend and it really turned her on to think that a virgin had his cock locked away forever. She suggested we buy you a monk’s habit. She really wore me out last night. I’ve never known her to be so randy. I like it. I don’t think I will ever let you out as it’s doing my sex life the world of good”
“Please, send me the keys”
“No. Speak later”

I had the week off so I was happy with that perspective. I work with some gorgeous girls including Barbra. I dreaded to think what my reactions would be to work with them.

Later I checked my e-mails again. There was one from him. “I’ve seen your girlfriend. She didn’t know I was following her. In the lunch break, the girls went to look at wedding dresses. The one she has chosen will look beautiful on her”

I was gutted, how he knew her. Oh, my Facebook account. Another input. “I can imagine her on your wedding night. What will she do? I suppose you could use your tongue on her. Or your nose. Maybe you should get her a vibrator as she won’t be getting it from you will she”
“Please. Stop it. This is not funny”
“Oh but it is for me. I’ve been looking. You will order a penis gag”
“Think of her lying on the bed in her brilliant white dress. You can’t give it to her, so think of you up inside her dress, pulling her panties off or to one side, her legs up over your shoulders and the penis gag deep inside her. She might help you by pushing your head backwards and forwards. Won’t that be nice for her while you are thinking it should be your trapped cock doing it for her?”
“No. Please. Give me the keys”

No reply but 20 minutes later, Barbra came so I had to shut the computer down. She asked what I would be doing that week. I told her I’d measure up the kitchen for new units. Then go and look for a suit. I’d decorate the lounge and order a new carpet for the bedroom while I was at it. She asked why I need a suit. Would I wear a kilt? I looked at her. “It makes for easy access for me” Oh god, this is making me feel rotten. Should I tell her or call the wedding off. I kept my mouth shut hoping to have the keys in time for the wedding. Barbra had to leave as she had to see someone.

No more e-mails that day but next morning, there it was. “I see you haven’t ordered the items”
“I won’t do it”
“Okay, then it will cost you £500 for the keys”
“That’s blackmail”
“It most certainly is. So order what I told you to get. While you are at it you will need two strap on didoes and a panty girdle”
“One is for you to service Barbra with and the other is for her to use on you”
“Why the panty girdle? Barbra doesn’t need it”
“She doesn’t but you do. It will hide the bulge in your pants. Can you imagine what girls would think?”
“I won’t do it”
“I’ll give you 24 hours. See you tomorrow”
Next morning, I was up early. There it was “Well? Have you thought about it? You have less than two weeks now. Maybe I could auction the keys”
“Stop it. Give me my keys back”.
“No way mate. I’m enjoying your suffering”
“I’m not”
“I don’t suppose you are. That is not my problem”
“Give me the keys back”
“No way mate. Looking through your links, I see you are into kinky stuff. Well, you must be obviously as you are I the chastity cage. Why any normal person would do that I don’t know, but it has made my sex life a lot better”
Give me the keys”
“Have you ordered those things?”
“Okay. That will be £1000 you can send me”
“It was only £500 yesterday”
“Ah yes, but my sexual activity has improved, so I need the money for the loss of an exciting sex life”
“Stop it”
“Not long now and your wife will be really frustrated with not having sex. Maybe she will tie you to a chair so you can watch another man screw her? It might even be me”
“I want the keys back”
“Please. I’m begging you”
“Oh no. My sexual appetite has increased so I look forward to being the one to screw your wife in front of you”
“Stop it. I can’t stand it”
“It might be she will want a big black cock. You know what they say about them don’t you”

Tears were running down my face. Then he sent another e-mail “It might be she will want you to get him worked up so he is nice and firm for her. What are you like at blow jobs?”
“Shut up. I’m not gay”
“That is what is making it all the better for me, knowing you are straight but may have to work on other men. Maybe she will want a man to fuck you”
“Oh my, we are losing it aren’t we. Buy that stuff by tonight or I am going to France in the morning and will throw the keys halfway across the channel”
“Please. You would ruin my life for a bit of fun?”
“No. You locked yourself in it so I’m extending your pleasure permanently”
“Okay. I surrender and will order those things”
“I’ll be able to see you do. I’ll talk tomorrow before I leave. I’m having thoughts of Barbra tying you over a table and pounding your arse with the strap on”
“Please. I’m not gay. Give me the keys”
“No. I’m thinking that as Barbra will need to treat you like a girl, will she want you in a miniskirt that she can lift to enter you? Tied over a table and unable to stop her”
“You’ve had your fun. Now give me the keys”
“Oh no. My fun begins when Barbra finds out about your predicament. Perhaps she will let you wear her wedding dress. I bet you would look lovely in it”
“I am not a cross dresser”
“I bet you will be. Little white silk thong, suspender belt or corset. White stockings and heeled shoes. You will make a lovely bride. With that thought, goodnight. I will look in the morning to make sure you have completed the order”

Now what do I do? Cancel the wedding? Tell Barbra and hope she understands? My mind was in a turmoil. Then the phone rang. It was Barbra. “I have been thinking. Would you wear a kilt?” “Why?” “Well knowing what is worn under the kilt, makes it easy access for me”

Oh God. She would have to come out with that. “Barbra. There is something I have to tell you” “I’m going away for the week so tell me when I get back. I can’t wait to make love to you. I love you. Goodnight”

I had one week to go at work before the wedding. All the girls, who were normally dressed had decided as it was hot, that would wear mini skirts and dresses. They would do. It added to my frustration. Two days before the wedding and Barbra came to work. She was wearing tight leather hot pants. Oh shit. I’m screaming silently as my cock hit the end of the cage.

I took Barbra to the pub that night and bought her a few drinks. “Barbra. I have something to tell you. I will have to cancel the wedding” “Why?” So I told her the whole story. She said. Never mind. We can work something out”

I said it was best if we dropped the wedding. Barbra opened her bag. She took out the keys. “I had them al along. It was me who sent the e-mails” “Why?” “For not telling me of your kinky side. But I love it and can’t wait to tie you to the bed” I went to take the keys but she said. “Oh no. You have been in the cage long enough to get used to it. You have them when I see a photograph of you in in your wedding outfit”

“How did you get the keys from the car?” “Easy. I phoned you when you were putting the papers and keys in it. But I had the spare keys in case you locked the car up. I put them back when I visited you”

The next morning I went to the wedding suit shop to find that Barbra had paid for my outfit rather than hire it. When he got it out it was a kilt. She had changed it. I phoned Barbra. “No kilt, no keys” and she put the phone down. Okay I put the outfit on. My best man checked to see if I was traditional. He took a photo and sent it to Barbra. I was commando. He then gave me the keys. “Barbra told me what she had done and I thought it was hilarious. Now you have your freedom go do your duty”

The wedding went ahead and Barbra looked beautiful and I told her so. She said I looked fantastic. At the reception I whispered “What are we going to do with all those thing I bought?” She replied, “We’ll think of something. What are your thought on wearing a wedding dress?” With that, she laughed.
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A really nice story. F/m isn't normally my cup of tea. Well done.

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