It's dog's life.

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It's dog's life.

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Sharon Jones whilst she was at school and university, was a bully. She was born to a rich family so never had to worry about anything. If she wanted it, she got it and flaunted it. She had a group of friends who she bought. In reality, they didn’t like her but as they were given so much they were happy to hang around her.

For some reason, Sharon took a dislike to Jane Bushel. All through the days at school, Sharon got her friends to harass Jane at every chance they could get. When they left school and went to Universities, Jane thought that would be the end of it. Her heart fell when she found out Sharon was going to the same university. Hopefully she would be in different lessons. Sadly that was not to be and the bullying carried on.

In the last year at the university, Sharon’s parents were killed and she took over the company they ran. She could have left, but she was enjoying her bullying too much. Jane was sick of it and wanted to end it all. However, she had her sights set on her future and didn’t want to lose it. She just wish she was stronger, but how could she deal with six friends of Sharon’s?

Thankfully, Sharon had everything and couldn’t be bothered with leaning any more so dropped out of the university to tour the world and enjoy her life while she could. But she took every opportunity to make Jane’s life a misery, telling her how she had everything while Jane had nothing.

A few years went by. Both girls were now 25. Whereas Sharon led a carefree life, Jane had to work hard. Mind you, she progressed up to a high level in her company. She had met someone and thought they were going to get married, but he backed out. It was for the best as later she found someone who worshipped her and when Jane told him of the miserable time in her youth she had he told her if the opportunity comes, he would help her get revenge. Not that Sharon ever thought that would happen. However, miracles do happen. The only thing about Simon was he was a little kinky and loved fetish parties. Jane soon loved them as well.

It was only a couple of years later, Jane’s husband Simon had inherited a large farm. They grew cops there and with other local farmers each had a time share of all the tractors and other farm implements. One afternoon Jane went into town and saw Sharon, still as bossy as ever. She couldn’t wait to tell Simon. “”Do you remember your promise about helping me get even with Sharon?” He did remember it and said he would help her now. But somehow they had to find out about Sharon and how she was getting on. Jane said “She doesn’t know you are my husband. Chat her up” Simon said as long as she didn’t mind.

A week went by when Simon had a chance to tell Jane what had happened. Apparently, the business was doing better than ever and Sharon never went to the firm at all. Her money was drafted into her account. No one ever saw her. “That must be a relief for the staff” Jane said. Simon told her that Sharon had found out about the farm and said it would be lovely to let her pet dogs when she got some and her horses run free, again when she bought some. She thought she was perfect for the horsey set.

Jane asked what the next part of the plan was. Simon said he had told Sharon to meet him at the station. Have her bags ready, she could stay in the farm. Sharon was all for the idea. When Simon got to the station, Sharon was the only person there. The train had just gone taking everyone else with it.

At the farm, Jane had hidden herself while Simon should her the room he had set aside for her. While she was unpacking Simon made some herbal tea. Sharon drank it while she enthused about the changes she would make to the farm. What she didn’t know was that Simon had drugged the tea. A few minutes after drinking the tea, Sharon said she felt tired. Her eyes started drooping. Just before she closed her eyes, she saw Jane standing before her. But before she could say anything, Sharon crashed out.

Quickly Simon and H=Jane stripped her. Jane took one side and Simon the other. “What have you got in mind Jane?” “She treated me like a dog so it’s only fitting that I treat her like one” “What do you intend to do?” “I’m going to nip into town to that kinky toys shop. In the meantime gag her and tape her hands in a ball then tape her feet together”. That will stop her escaping.”

Jane went to town and Simon did as he was told. Sharon woke up to find herself immobilised. She couldn’t straighter her hands out thanks to the tape wrapped around her hands. With her feet taped together, Sharon was going nowhere. The gag in her mouth stopped her screaming for help.

After an hour Simon gave her a drink and something to eat. Sharon said she needed to pee so Simon carried her to the toilet and left her there for 20 minutes. After that he washed her down and put the gag back in her mouth.
Sharon writhed hopelessly trying to get the tape off of her hands. Simon was enjoying the show that Sharon was giving him. Had he not thought the world of Jane, he could have screwed Sharon there and then and there would have been nothing Sharon could do to have stopped him. Sharon on the other hand was not only struggling with the tape, she was struggling with the embarrassment of being naked in front of Simon.

Two hours later Jane turned up. “I’ve thought what to do. There is a fetish show next week in town. I think we should take our little doggy to the show. We can have fun with watching her getting humped by another doggy, real or human” Even Simon had to grin. “That would make a good show”

Sharon was appalled at what she was hearing. Against the gag she tried asking how Jane could be so nasty. “You made my life a misery at school and uni. Now it’s my turn to make your life disgusting. The only difference is this will be for the rest of your life, you will be my little doggy. I can take you for nice long walks. I’ve got you a lead so you will be able to trot along behind me. Well, it’s time to get our doggy ready”

With Sharon flat on her back, Simon kneeling on one arm and helping Jane fold her other arm up to her shoulders Sharon was fighting with all her strength but was fighting a losing battle. Quickly Jane started wrapping her hand up to her shoulder with gaffer tape. Once she had finished with that one, the pair forced Sharon’s other hand up to her other shoulder. Once that was done, the tape wrapping her hands up was cut off and more tape was wrapped around her fingers leaving them straight. “That will save lumps being on display at the top of your paws”

Jane pulled out something that looked like brown furry bags. Jane took one and gave the other to Simon. They opened them up and pulled them up Sharon’s folded arms. A thin but strong strap joined the across Sharon’s back. When she looked, Sharon saw that at her elbows were the shape of dog’s paws.

Jane and Simon repeated the process on Sharon’s legs. Tape held her feet to her bum and when the similar looking bags were pulled up over her legs, she saw the same paw looking things at her kneecaps. She realised what Jane meant by calling her a dog. But they were not finished with her yet. Even if she tried to stand, she would still be on her kneecaps and wouldn’t be able to run fast and get away from Jane.

Two bowls were put in front of her. One was full of water and the other was beef stew. Jane emptied the bowls. Now she had to get rid of her waist. Jane put a collar on her, clipped the lead to it and lead her out of the house. Tying the lead to a long length of rope Jane told her that she would be left there While Simon and she went to town for a few hours. She could empty her stomach where she is. Jane left her and tears ran down her face. Surely Jane wouldn’t keep her like this for the rest of her life.

Many hours went past. Sharon had defecated and urinated and was now the furthest from that area the rope would let her go. Jane came back, saw what she had done and hosed down her exposed body. Simon brought out some wood and assembled a kennel for her. “My doggy stays outdoors. She can think of the luxury she used to have lying in satin sheets on a king sized bed. We have some fresh straw for doggy to lie on. Think of us, having to suffer the smooth silky sheets we have bought. But we did think of you. It might get cold so we bought you come covering”

Firstly a gag was put in her mouth that held her mouth open. All she could do was make a HUFF sound. A cover that looked like dogs hair was wrapped around her body and the small zip was pulled up. Under her stomach and the hair brushed over concealing the zip. The collar was removed and a dog helmet was put over her head and the collar put back on which covered the stud fitting at the bottom of the zip. Finally a tail was stuck on with Velcro. At least her pussy and anus were covered.

Jane and Simon said they hoped she liked her new home and left her. Sharon was still trying to break the gaffer tape holding her arms and legs in the cramped position they were in. Al week, all Sharon could do was walk on her elbows and knees. If she refused, one or the other one would smack her. “Bad doggy”. They never called her by name but by doggy.

The following week was the fetish show. Sharon was pushed into a cage and the door locked. Then it was loaded onto a pickup truck and she was taken to the show. Everyone was having a great time except Sharon of course, stuck in her cage. Now it was time for the fun. Sharon was straight but it was explained that another girl who is a lesbian would be mating with doggy. The other girl was bought out. Sharon could see the huge strap on dildo she had fastened to her. But like Sharon her arms and legs had been taped up.

The crowd edged forward, eager to see what was happening. Sharon’s head was held down while they used a vibrator to set up the lubricant that is produced naturally, then the girl known as Fido was eased forward and the dildo was plunged inside Sharon. Fido held onto Sharon’s body as tight as she could with her elbows. All Sharon could do was “Huff” thanks to her open mouth gag.

Jan heard someone say it’s a shame the dog’s tail didn’t wag as it was fucking the bitch. Jane laughed top herself. Everyone thought it was Sharon’s wish to be treated like this. Little did they know!

At the end of the night everyone said they had a great time and couldn’t wait for the next time to see Doggy being fucked by Fido once more. Jane as Simon was caught by surprise when someone wanted to by Doggy. Jane and Simon looked at each other and agreed the deal. The money offered was double the amount spent. But of course for Jane, it wasn’t the money, it was the revenge.

A year later on the TV, a program came on about people who wanted to be treated like pets. There, being led around some obstacles was Doggy. Still with her arms taped up and still huffing. “She has finally found her perfect place Jane” Jane laughed “Woof”
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